lalaꞌnInability (to do anything significant). [A derogatory term always followed by a possesive pronoun. “Kalalaan” is often used interchangeably with “lalaꞌ”].Æ lalaꞌ nu, kau palagi maat lalla, san aku mahap lalla niyaꞌ du ku kinaromanan.Even though I’m a good looking man she doesn’t desire me, much less you an ugly man with all your inabilities.Bong meꞌ kalalaan nu, daa na ko mmeꞌ pa Sabah. Yaꞌ du ko nammu usaha.With all your inabilities, don’t go with (them) to Sabah. You won’t find any employment.synonymlakutoverlapping synonymdagboslakutcf.lepetsynonymlakut