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अउक🔊N1मतली आने की अवस्‍था या क्रिया illness2nausea of pregnant lady2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.6.3.1Pregnancy
अउकौ🔊N1off season2expiry
अंऊकारə̃ukɑɾsp. var.अंउकारNThe OM syllable

अंकə̃ŋk🔊N1number8.1Quantity8.1.1Numberunspec. comp. formअंकपळाई2Lap4.1.8Show affectioncomp.अंकमाळ3Luck4Sign5issue of a magazine or newspaper3.5.9.3Newspaper6alms7Stain
अकठ🔊Nfemale animal whose milking is very difficult

अकड़🔊N1convulsion7.1.9Move a part of the body2proud3obstinacy4stiffness5price
अकड़णौ🔊V1to behave defiantly2to shiver3to insist4to be arrogant5to be obstinate6Proudly7Extort8Persist
अकड़बाई🔊Nkind of gastric disease
अकड़ाटNdis humility
अकडोडियौ🔊NFruit of a desert plant locally known as Aak

अकडोडियौFruit of a desert plant locally known as Aak

अंकड़ौə̃ŋkəɽɔ🔊N1hook2curved implement3Brave
अकढ🔊1not extracted happen2unheated raw milk
अकढियौAdjunheated raw milk
अंकणौə̃ŋkVassessder.अंकाणौto get assessto get markedHaving weighedMeasureBoundary