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aninawanínawv [c2] MAG- actmag-áninawid.see dimly, see obscurely. Means to see dimly as though through a piece of opaque glass. As, for example, a blind person can sometimes distinguish light from darkness even though he cannot see clearly
aninoanínon shadowNakikita san mga hamtik an anino san salampati.The ants see the shadow of-the dove.
anisanísn anise herb, fennel. Usually used for flavoring foodAn kalamay na ginbutangan sin anis kaya matahom.The brown-sugar-brick which has-anise-in-it is very-good.anisánv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. add aniseGinaanisan niya an iya linuto na dulsi.She is-adding-anis-to her sweet cooked-food.
anitánitn leather, dried animal skinAn anit san sawa ginahimo na bag, paha, kip..The dried-skin of a snake is-being-made into a bag, a belt, etc..mag-ánitv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. skin an animalNag-anit siya kahapon san kanding.He skinned the goat yesterday.
anitoaníton evil spirit. Refers to beings who, some believe, live in trees, rocks, etc.Damo ina siya sin mga anitos na ginasunod.That person has-many evil-spirit-beings that obey-him.anitúhanspirit dwellings. Refers to places where evil spirits are believed to liveSiya an anituhan na tawo.He is the person in-whom dwell-evil-spirits.
anklaánklaSpn anchorGinhulog na an ankla san barko.The anchor of-the ship has-dropped already.
anoanóinterr prn what?Ano, patay na si Juan?What, Juan is dead already?synnano what?ánhoninterr prn what is the purpose?, what do with?Anhon mo ina na lubi?What-do you intend-to-do-with that coconut?Anhon mo ina, Migo, na kalayo?What is your purpose-with that fire, Friend?pàánhoninterr adv how can?adv unfortunately, out of luckPaanhon niya an pagkabig san iya asawa pakadto sa balay?How-can she accomplish the bringing of her spouse to-the house?Paanhon ta la na kumupos an aton guma.We-incl are-out-of-luck since our-incl tire has-flattened.sing-ánointerr prn to what?Sing-ano kahidalom an akon bubuhuon?To-what depth shall I dig-the-hole?
anodánodCebn current, flow, driftSigi an anod sa iya.The current-pull on him continued.cfsulog currentanúdonv [c6] MAG- exp; -ON pat; I- acc. borne on current, carried awayAnudon ka san sulog kun dili ka maghali dida.You will-be-carried-away by-the current if you do-not get-out of-there.Gin-anod siya san balod palawod.He was-carried-away by-the undercurrent/waves out-to-sea.cfawas agay1 flowpàánodv be carried by the currentNagpaanod na lang kami.We-excl were just carried-by-the-current.
anokánokadj heatedAnok na ba an luto?Is the rice heated now?magpa-ánokv [c14] MAGPA- ag; -ON pat; IPA- acc; PA-..-AN goal. heat somethingNagapaanok pa si Boy san iya ginsapna na luto.Boy is still heating his cooked rice.anúkonv be cookedsynsapna luto1 cook rice
antaántaBkladj scorched. Refers only to scorched foodmàántaadj scorchedMaanta an iyo linuto kay napabay-an.What you cooked is scorched because it-was-left-unattended.mag-ántav [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN loc. scorch, burnNagaanta an linuto kay subrahan kalayo.The cooked-stuff is-being-scorched because it-was-on the fire too-long.
antabayantabáyBklv [c2] MAG- actmag-antabáyv help, aid, lend a handPakatapos sana an iloy nag-antabay sa iya anak.After that the mother helped her child.synbulig2 help
antadántadn spacecfangtad spaceVariantangtad space
antibayotiksantibayótiksn antibiotics. Refers to anti-bacterial medicineDili maggamit sin antibayotiks kun wara man sin iba na dagdag na sakit.Don't use antibiotics if there isn't another additional illness.adj antibioticDapat bulungon sin antibayotik na panlahid.You must treat-it with antibiotic ointment.
antimanoantimánoSpadv earlyAntimano pa siya kun naabot.It was still early when he arrived.cfaga morningsynatab earlymag-antimánov [c2] MAG- act. start early
anting-antingánting-ántingCebn charm, amuletIgwa ako sin anting-anting kontra sa mga aswang.I have a charm-for-protection against witches.cfbirtodcharmbugnamascothapin amuletsangodamulet
antiparaantipáraSpn eye glassesAn antipara niya degrado.His eye-glasses are for-correction.mag-antipárav [c7] wear eye glassespàantiparáhonv have someone wear eye glassesPaantiparahon ko si Jona kay may dipicto an mata.I will-have Jona wear-eye-glasses because her eyes are-defective.antiparáhanv MAG- act; PA-...-ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. correct with eye glassesAntiparahan ko ini na akon mata.I will-correct-with-eye-glasses this eye of mine.
antisántisSpconj beforeHali dida antis igwa sin grabe na mangyari sa imo.Get-away from-there before something terrible happens to you.Nadugay kami didto antis kami naglakat.We-excl were-there a-long-time before we-excl journeyed-on.kàantisánadj ancient, long-agoSan kaantisan pa siguro na panahon ina na baol mo.Perhaps that garment-trunk of-yours is from ancient times.
anumananumánindef prn whatever, anythingAnuman an ihatag mo sa akon pasalamatan ko.Whatever you give me I will-thank-you-for-it.cfano what?
anunasanúnasSpn anunas tree. Refers to both tree and fruit which are similar to the atis, the sugar appleAnona reticulata
anunsiyaranunsiyárSpn announcementMaliwanag an anunsiyar ni Mayor.Mayor's announcement is clear.cftanda signkaratula signboardsynpaaram noticeabiso noticepasabinoticepasabot noticekamangnonoticenotisya news
anyoányoSpn yearTresi anyos pa lang siya.She is still only thirteen years-old.syntuigyearpl.anyos
anyospl. ofanyoyear
ap-apáp-apCebn skin fungussynalap-ap acneadj skin fungusDaraha didi an ap-ap na bulong.Bring the skin-fungus medicine here.
apa1ápan lumpia wrapper, cup/cone for ice cream. Refers to a thin wrapper made of rice flour used to wrap vegetables and ground meat for deep frying. Also used as a cone for ice creamDamo sa merkado sin baligya na apa.There-are-many in-the market who sell lumpia wrapper.apahánv [c14] -AN goal. wrap food in a lumpia wrapperGinaapahan niya an karne na iya lutuhon.He is-wrapping the meat to-be-cooked in-lumpia wrappers.
apa2apâadj mute, deaf, dumbAn apa na bata nahulog sa kanal.The deaf-mute child fell into-the canal.n deaf mute personAn apa dili nakasurmaton.A deaf-mute cannot speak.kàapàánn deaf-mute groupAda na an kaapaan.There come the deaf-mutes.mag-inapâv [c7] MAG- exp; -AN goal; I- acc. pretend to be deafNagainapa si Juan.Juan is-pretending-to-be-deaf.