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atayatáyCebn liverKatursi pisos an kilo san atay san baka.Beef liver is fourteen pesos a kilo.
atay-atayatay-átayn instep of foot, sole of shoe, shoe soleNatunok san pako sa atay-atay gayod.The nail really pierced the instep-of-the-foot.cftamakansole
atemoyaatemóyan atemoya fruit. Refers to a fruit similar to anonas and the guayabana or sour sop fruitAnona sp
atiatîn filth, dirt, junk, litter, trashHalion mo an ati san imo sapatos.Remove the filth from your shoes.synhigko dirtmàatîadj dirtyMaati an aton salog.Our floor is dirty.atìánv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. dirty somethingDili mo atian an akon lamisa.Do not dirty my table.atîann things to be dirtiedatìónadj abhors dirt. Refers to a person who does not want to see dirt around their place.
atindiratindírSpv [c2] MAG- actmag-atindirv attendatindídoadj attentive, pays attention, listens carefully, all ears, alert, focused, attends well to responsibilitiesMaayo ini na bata na lalaki kay atindido sa klasi.This boy is good because he is attentive in-the class.
atinsyonatínsyonSpn attentionAn alahas nakaimbitar san atinsyon san mga isnatsir.Jewels can-invite the attention of snatchersomethinghieves.
atipuyongv dizzy
atisátisn sugar apple, sugar apple tree. Refers to a small fruit less than the size of a man's fist which is divided into minute sections and looks something like a small light green grenade. The fruit is full of seeds but the milky white flesh is very sweetPara sa bulong, bayuhon an tunga sa tasa na pisog san atis.For medicine, pound 1/2 cup of sugar-apple seeds.cfanunasanunas treeAnona squamosa
atoátov [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmag-átov fightKaraot san ugali sana na bata kay nagaato sa iya ama.How-awful is the character of-that child because he is-fighting his father.atúhanv fight someone, challenge, defyGin-atuhan siya san iya manghod.His younger-brother fought with him.ìátov oppose, compete, contendIato ko sin pariha ini na akon kabayo.I will-have this horse of-mine compete in-a race.màatóadj fearless, fierce, brave, fights backDili ina na bata mahuruhadlok kay maato.That child cannot be-frightened-away because he is fearless.
atomátomadj MA-, -ANmàátomadj diligent, carefulMaatom ini na bata sa iya pag-adal.This child is diligent in her studies.kàátomn 1diligenceAn iya kaatom an naghatag sa iya sin maayo na buhay.His diligence is the-thing-that gave him a good life.2persistentKaatom sini na tawo sa pagsunlog sa bata.How-very-persistent is this fellow in teasing the child.
atonátonpers prn 1our. Refers to the first person inclusive plural referential pronoun indicating possessionNagaabunda na an aton pagkaon.Our-incl food is becoming-abundant.2us. This word is used here as the object of a prepositionPara ini sa aton.This is for us-incl.3us. The pronoun aton also functions as the agent of a passive verbHimuon ko an ilustrasyon kag aton estudyaran.I'll-make an illustration and we'll-study-it.
atopatópCebn roofAn amon atop nagaturo.Our roof is-leaking.mag-atópv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. roof somethingNagaatop si Pedro san inda kusina.Pedro is-roofing their kitchen.ìatópv use something to roof withIatop ko anay ini na imo sim.I will first use this corrugated-metal-sheet of-yours to-roof-with.
atrasatrásSpv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-atrásv back up, reverse, move something backwardsPagkita, kay nagaatras an trak basi ka maatrasan.Look-out, because the truck is-backing-up you might be backed-into.atrasónv be backed up, be moved backwardsAtrason mo an dyip.Back-up the jeep.ìatrásv back up somethingIatras ini na kotse kay nakabara sa agihan.Back-up this car because it is-blocking the way.atrasádoadj last, final
atrasádoadj last
atrasoatrásoSpv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmag-atrásov delaySigihon ta an aton trabaho. Dili kita mag-atraso.Let us-incl continue our-incl work. Let us-incl not delay.ìatrásov be delayedIn-atraso la niyo an akon trabaho.You-all have-delayed my work.
atsaraatsáran pickles. Made of shredded unripe papaya, vinegar, salt and pepper. Other firm vegetables can be cut into slivers and pickled in a similar mannerManamit an atsara na dabong.Pickled bamboo-shoots are delicious.atsaráhonv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be pickled, be made into picklesAtsarahon ko ini na kapayas.I will-make this papaya into pickles.
atubangatúbangCebn front partAdto siya sa atubang san balay.He is there at-the front of-the house.atubángann presenceNagpirma siya san dokuminto sa atubangan san mga testigos.He signed the document in-the presence of-the witnesses.kàatúbangn 1opposite member, facing partner, opponent2companionSi Juan usad san mga kaatubang niya.Juan is one of his companions.atubangánn sex organs, genitals, private partsAn imo atubangan nakikita.Your private-parts can-be-seen.mag-atúbangv [c6] 1MAG-, MANG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. face towardHabo siya mag-atubang sa akon.He does not want to-face me.2have heart to heart talk, have a serious talkmangatúbangv take chargeSiya an nangatubang pagpangayo sin pagkaon para sa grupo.He was in-charge-of soliciting food for the group.ìatúbangv present, introduceIatubang sa akon an imo subrino.Present your nephew to me.Variantatubángan
atubangann presence
atubánganv Variantatubang present
atukayatúkayn white parrotIni na mangga an hurunan san amon atukay.This mango-tree is the perching-place of our-excl white-parrot.Variantabukay noisyVariantabukay white parrot
autoridadautoridádSpn authority, policesynpulispolice
awexclam oh!Aw, dili gad kami nagapangita sin karabaw.Oh, we are not really looking for water-buffalo.
awa1áwàn envyAn awa nakakasira sa buhay san tawo.Envy can destroy a person's life.kàáwàn greed, envyAn kaawa amo an nakaparaot san imo pagkatawo.Greed is what ruins your character.pagkàáwàn envyingawâanadj envious, full of envyAwaan ina na babayi.That woman is envious.màáwàv [c2] MA- exp. envyNano kay naawa ka sa iya?Why do you envy him?
awa2áwaCebv [c2] MA- expmàáwav amaze, surprise, astonishNaawa ako san kalit niya na pagpakita.I was-amazed at his sudden appearance.cfngarat ngalas ngawa lasansurpriseusa2 ugmadmarvel
awasáwasCebv [c8] MAG-, MA- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmàáwasv overflow, flow slowlyKun puno na an banga an tubig maawas.When the water jar is full, the water will-overflow.cfagay1 flowbuhos bulos1 flowanod currentapaw awásanv be overflowedawasánn overflow place, spillway