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basang-basangv [c2] disparage
basarbasárSpv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbasárv base on, check onAn tanan ko na idiya basar sa Bibliya.All my ideas are based-on the Bible.synbasi1 based on
basbasbasbásBkln performance of a rite
basi1básiSpadv based on, accordingBasi sa layi ni Mendel, magkakaigwa ka sin moron na anak.Based on-the law of Mendel, you will-have a mentally-deficient child.magbásiv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. base on, found, establishsynbasar
basi2básìconj 1so that, in order thatMagamit kita sin abuno basi magtaba an aton tanom.We will-use fertilizer so-that our plants will-be-robust.2perhaps, maybe, probably. Implies some doubt or uncertaintyBasi mag-abot sinda yana.Perhaps they will-arrive today.Paghimat basi mabitik ka san pisi.Be careful, you might be-trapped by-the rope.
baskabáskaadj cooked dry. Refers to cooking corn or rice until it is dry and fluffy so that the grains are separated
baskagbaskágadj burst open. Refers to vegetables or flowers which are still in the freshness of their bloomKolor kag kabaskag imo makikit-an.Color and freshness can be-seen by-you.synbuskagfresh
baskitbáskitn basket. This is borrowed English word is a generic term for basket in MasbatenyoLusbot na an akon baskit.My basket is-worn-out already.
baskitbolbaskitbólEngn basketballMakakanam ka sin baskitbol?Can you play-with a basketball?baskitbólann basketball courtHamos kita sa baskitbolan.Let us go to-the basketball-court.magbaskitbólv [c9] MAG- act; I- acc. play basketballAdto sinda nagabaskitbol.They are there playing-basketball.
baskogbaskógn strengthDili ko malabawan an iya kabaskog.I could not surpass his strength.mabaskógadj strong, firm, resolute, inflexibleMabaskog pa ina na gurang na lalaki.That old man is strong still.baskugónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be encouraged, be strengthenedBaskugon mo an imo pagtuod sa Dios.Strengthen your faith in God.cfsarig synpasarigonstrengthen trust
basnigbásnigv [c9] MAG- act; I- accmagpamásnigv net fish. Refers to netting fish in deep seasNagapamasnig sinda sini na bulan.They are-netting-fish-in-deep-seas this month.basnígann fishing boat. A large launch with outriggers and inboard engineBaradiro an basnigan.The fishing-boat is being-tossed-about.
basobásoSpn drinking glassLita, paglabas sin unom na baso.Lita, bring-out six drinking-glasses.
basolbásolv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbásolv repent, regret, lament, be sorryMagbasol ka san imo mga sala.Repent of your sins.synhinulsol repentbasúlonv blameDili mo ako basulon kun nano an mangyari sa imo.Do not blame me for whatever may-happen to you.pagbásoln repentanceAn pagbasol pirme sa urhi.Repentance always-comes at-the last.barasúlonn faultfinder, critic. Refers to one who frequently criticizes others
bastabástaSpconj even if, as long asBasta magtuod ka lang mahihimo an tanan.As-long-as you just believe, all-things can be done.
bastardobastárdoSpn illegitimate child, bastard
bastonbástonSpn walking cane
bastosbástosSpadj lewd, vulgar, rude, licentious, bawdyLumayas ka, bastos.You get-away-from-here, lewd-person.bastusónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. someone be treated lewdlyGinbastos si Maria san tawo.Maria was-treated-lewdly by-the man.kabastúsann lustpirme lang kabastusan an ginaparaisip mo. Udunga ina.You always are-thinking of lust. Stop that.pagbinástosn lewdness, lasciviousnessWara mapatawad san korti an iya pagbinastos.The court did not forgive his lasciviousness.
basurabasúràSpn trash, garbage, slopAyaw pag-itapok an iyo basura didi.Do not throw your trash here.cfhigko dirtsynati filthbasurahánn trash container, junk yard, garbage pailHain an iyo basurahan?Where is your trash-box?ibasúrav [c9] MAG- ag; I- acc. discard trash, put trash into a containerIbasura mo ini na mga papilis.You trash these papers.
basyobásyon #10 can. Refers to an empty #10 size can usually used for canned foodKapitirahon ko ini'n basyo san Nido na gatas.I will-make this empty Nido milk can into-a-coffee-pot.
bat-awbát-awn string beansMamudo ako sin bat-aw buwas.I will-pick string-beans tomorrow.
bata1bátaSpn robeHalaba an iya bata.Her robe is long.Variantbatan-ónbáta de bányobathrobe
bata2bátàn child, offspringWara sinda sin bata.They have-no child.batán-onadj young, youthfulMay batan-on na lalaki sa pwertahan.There-is a young man at-the door.kabatâann children, youth groupHain an mga kabataan?Where-are the youth?Variantbatan-ónbata-bátan ragdoll, doll, muppet. Refers to a doll or make believe childMahimo kita sin bata-bata.Let us make a ragdoll.synbata-bataayragdoll
bata-batan ragdoll
bata-bataaybata-batâayn ragdoll, muppetsynbata-bataragdoll
batad1bátadv [c2] MA- expnabátadv be exposed to sun heat