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bubongbubóngn roof ridge, roof peak, ridgepoleAn pinakamaayo na bubong dili anahaw kundi sim.The best roof-ridge is not anahaw-palm-leaves but-rather galvanized-tin.bubungánv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. install a roof ridgeGinabubungan niya an inda balay.He is-installing-a-ridge-roof-on their house.
bubotbubótn rear, buttocks, rump. When in a context of persons the word refers to the buttocks, but for other things, like a motorcycle seat, this word refers to the rear part of themNag-ingkod siya sa may bubot san sarakyan.He seated-himself at-the rear of-the vehicle.cfpugtotbuttocksVariantbubutan
bubutann Variantbubotrear
budbodbudbódv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accbudbúdiv sprinkle, broadcast, spread, sow. Refers to sprinkling dry things, not liquidsBudbudi sin dyutay na asin an isda.Sprinkle a little salt on the fish.cfsaribo bunyag baptism
budlaybudláyadj tiresome, tiring, feeble, frailsynkapoy tiredbudlayánv [c10] -ON pat; -AN exp. become tiredGinabudlayan ako sa pagsaka sa bukid.I was-becoming-tired in climbing the mountain.
budongbúdongadj dim witted, moron, dull. Refers to the mental ability of animate beingssynmoronmentally disabled
budosbudósadj pregnantSinuntok niya an iya budos na asawa.He struck his pregnant wife.n pregnantAn budos dili makasayaw sin bali.A pregnant-woman cannot dance the ballet.magbudósv [c9] MAG- exp; I- acc. become pregnantGusto siya magbudos otro.She wants to-become-pregnant again.pagbudósn conceptionnabúdsanadj pregnant but unmarriedcfanakánpregnant but unmarriedburúdsann concubinecfkabiyohousematesynsambay concubinekabit2concubine
budyongbúdyongn conch shell, helmet seashellantsigaycowrie shell
bug-atbug-átCebn weightAn bug-at san akon kargaminto binti kilos.The weight of my luggage is twenty kilos.mabug-atadj heavyantgaan light in weightadv severely, heavily, harshlyMabug-at an imo bag.Your bag is heavy.Ginsilutan siya sin mabug-at.He was-punished with severity.
bug-osbúg-osn whole, solid
buga1bugáBkl; Cebv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmagbugáv 1exhale something, breathe outNagabuga siya sin hangin.He is-exhaling wind.2expel from the mouth, expectoratebugahánv blow onBugahan mo siya agod mahimasmasan.Blow on him so-that he will-regain-consciousness.ibugáv 1blow away somethingIbuga mo an aso.You blow-away the smoke.2expel somethingIbuga mo an gatas.Expel the milk.
buga2búgàn scrub stone. Refers to a soft stone used for cleaning soot or carbon from kettles
buganabugánàadj abundantBugana sinda sa pagkaon.They have abundant food.synabunda abundantmagbugánav [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. aboundNagabugana an inda ani.Their harvest is-abounding.
bugaongbugâongCebn jarbua fishTherapon jarbua
bugasbugásn milled grain. Refers to milled grains of rice, corn, wheat, etc., but most usually means riceNakaubos kami sin tulo ka sako na bugas sa duha ka bulan.We-excl consumed three sacks of milled-rice in two months.cfhumay
bugaw1búgawBkl; Ceb; Hlg; Tagv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagbúgawv shoo away, drive away. Refers to shooing or driving away animals or people
bugaw2búgawBkl; Tagn go between in courtship, matchmaker, pimp. Refers to a person who acts as a go-between in courtship and, by extension, to a person who solicits clients for a prostitutemagbúgawv [c2] MAG- act. proposition someone for a prostitute, facilitate a romance, arrange to court, pander. Refers to the act of mediating romantically between a man and a woman
bughatbughátCebn relapseAn bughat malisod bulungon.Relapse is hard to-cure.mabughátv [c2] MA- exp. be relapsed, recurNabughat an iya sakit.His illness had-relapsed.mabughátonadj prone to relapse
bugnabúgnàn mascot, good luck charmcfanting-antingcharmbirtodcharmhapin amuletsangodamulet
bugnotbúgnotCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accpagbugnutónv snatch somethingAyaw pagbugnuta an akon rilo.Do not snatch my watch.ibúgnotv grab, grasp, seize, clutchNano kay ginbugnot mo an iya butkon?Why did you grab his arm?bugnutónv pull, extractDili mo bugnuton an akon bug-ang.Do not pull my molar.cfagaw synbutong1 hulbot
bugokbugókBkln stale eggs, rotten eggs
bugonbugónn lump, goitersynbukol2lumpludog lump
bugoybugóyn vagabond, vagrant, drifter, wanderer, joblessAn bugoy masayon magin amigo san kawatan.It is easy for a vagabond to find friendship with a thief.mabugóyadj MA-. aimless, purposeless, directionless
bugsaybúgsayCebn paddle, oar. Refers to a paddle for a canoe or small boatPahurama man kami san iyo bugsay.Lend us your paddle.bugsayív [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. paddle something, oar, rowBugsayi an imo baruto.Paddle your fishing-canoe.bugsáyonadj paddleable, can be paddledcfrimo oar
bugsokbugsókv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- ben .ibugsókv thrust, jab something into the groundIbugsok an kahoy sa duta.Thrust the stick into-the ground.bugsukónv be stuck inSi Pablo nagaluho san duta na bubugsukon san poste.Pablo is-making-a-hole in-the ground where the post will-be-stuck-in.cftusok injectiontulsok