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bunga1búngan fruitAn bunga san santol ninda maaslom.The fruit of their santol-tree is sour.magbúngav [c2] MAG- act; MA- exp. bear fruitNagabunga na an amon mangga.Our mango-tree is already bearing-fruit.búnga'n-bálhasn heat rash, prickly heat. Literally means, "sweat fruit"An akon puto damu-damo sin bunga'n-balhas.My youngest-child has-a-lot of heat-rash.
bunga2búngan betel palm. Refers to both the betel tree and its fruit. A betel-chewer chews buyo leaf with betel nuts, tobacco and limeAn bunga kag an buyo kinahanglan san paramama.Betel nuts and buyo leaves are-needed by a betel chewer.
bungabongbungábongn feather lure. Refers to a long feather from around the neck of male fowl which is used as a lure in fishing
bunganbalhasbúnga'n-bálhasn heat rash, prickly heatcfbalhas sweatbunga1 fruit
bungangabungángaCebv [c2] MAG- actmagbungángav open widesynbungatngat
bungatngatbungátngatCebv [c2] MAG- actmagbungátngatv open wide. Refers to opening something wide by spreading sides apart as a pocketbook, weeds to make a pathsynbunganga open wide
bungawbungáwCebadj absent minded, forgetful
bunggobunggôCebv [c7] MAG-act ; -AN goal; I- accmagbunggôv bump, crashmakabunggôv able to crash ; accidentally crashMay nakabunggo na napapatay an iba na pasahero.There-was-an accidental-crash in-which some passengers were-killed.synbangga crash
bunghayagbungháyagCebn voluntary aid
bungibungîn harelip
bungisngisbungísngisCebn giant. Refers to a tall, hairy, imaginary supernatural being with a wide grin laughing boisterously
bungkagbungkágv [c7] MAG- act -ON pat; I- accbungkagónv be scattered, be dismantled, be taken apart, be broken upGinbungkag niya an gatong.The firewood was-scattered by-him.
bungkalbungkálv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbungkálv dig, excavateTapos na kami magbungkal san garardinon.We-excl have-finished digging the garden-area.bungkalánv dig into somethingNano ini na ginbungkalan mo kay may patay na sana?What is this-that you dug-into because there-is-something dead in-it?cfgudak
bungkogbungkógCebn tailbone at the end of the spine, end of the spinal column
bungkolbúngkolCebn knuckle, ankle bonemagbúngkolv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. hit with the knuckle, hit with the ankle bone
bunglaybúnglayCebn square ended bolobungláyonv [c14] -ON pat. use a square-ended bolobunglayónn weeds to be removed with square ended bolocfguna short bladed macheteginuntingwork bolotalibong1 sundangbolo
bungobungôTagn skullNapugsa an bungo san bata.The skull of-the child was-crushed.synalimpatakan 2skull
bungogbungógv deafen, stun by loud noisemabungógadj MA-. deafened, stunned
bungolbungóladj deafBungol kag apa siya san matawo.She was deaf and dumb when born.
bungotbúngotn 1mustache whiskers, cat whiskers. Also refers to other animals whiskers which are similar to the cat's2pubic hairsynbulbolpubic hairbungútonadj 1having a full mustache2mischievous friendsynbigutigoatee beardbrutsa1mustache
bungsadbúngsadn stairway landing
bungsodbungsódCebn fish corral, fish penVariantbunsod fish corralmagbungsódv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. make a fish corral
bunguranbungúranBkln species of banana. This word refers to a banana which is green when ripeAn bunguran bisan hinog na berdi lang gihapon.A bunguran banana is still just green even-though it is ripe already.cfsaging banana
bunobunôv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbunôv throw, hit by throwing, stabKun may magbuno sa imo sin bato, balusi sin tinapay.If someone-hits you with a stone, retaliate with bread.bunûanv throw to someoneAmo ini an tama san binunuan niya sa akon.This is actually the way he threw to me.synitsa throwlabay2
bunosbúnosEngn bonus, cash reward. Usually refers to additional wages for good performanceIgwa sin bunos an mga magtutukdo.The teachers have a bonus.magbúnosv [c2] MAG- act. earn a bonuscfsuhol hire