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bunot1bunótn coconut huskAn bunot matahom na pambuhay sin kalayo.A coconut-husk is excellent for-starting a fire.mabunótv [c8] MAG-, MA- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. husk floor, skate the floor, polish the floor. Refers to using half of a coconut husk as a brush to scrub and polish a floor by means of stepping on it and skating back and forth with it. Usually only one husk is used at a timeMabunot ako san salog.I will-husk the floor with-a-coconut-husk.magbunótv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- ben. dehusk. Refers to dehusking coconutsNagabunot siya san lubi.He is-dehusking the coconut.ibunótv dehusk for s.o.Ibunot anay ako sani na lubi kay ako an makagod.First dehusk this coconut for-me then I will-scrape-it-out.
bunot2búnotv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbúnotv uproot, pull upNagabunot sinda sin kugon para iatop.They are-uprooting cogon-grass to-use-for making-a-roof.cfhukad hulbot synbuynot gabot pull out
bunsodbunsódCebn fish corral, fish pen. Usually made of poles stuck into the mud bottom of a lake or bay then strung with netssynbunuanfish corralVariantbungsod fish corralmagbunsódv [c2] MAG- act. make a fish corral
buntog1buntógv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmagbuntógv soak, blanch, immerseibuntógv be sunk. Refers to sinking something into deep water with an anchor or stoneMaayo siguro ina na parapatay ibuntog sa lawod.It is better, I suppose, for-that killer to-be-sunk into-the sea.cflumos lunod syntunod sinklubog2 sinkunlod 1sink
buntog2búntogn stone anchor. Refers to a homemade anchor consisting of a stone or some other heavy objectsynbatubatoanchor
buntog3buntógn epilepsyAn buntog dili nakatapon.Epilepsy is not communicable.buntugónadj epilepticSi Juan buntugon.Juan is epileptic.
buntolbuntóladj dumb, dull, dull headed, dull mindedantdunong intelligentsynbubo1fish trapbulok2dull mindedpulpollacking intelligencemagbuntólv [c2] MAG- act. deceive, fool, lie, concoctcfdununganfool, deceive
bunuanbunûanCebn fish corral, fish pen. Specifically a fish pen of bamboo or wood poles strung with a net and jabbed into the sand on the sea or lake bottomKinawat ninda an isad sa akon bunuan.They stole one of my fish-corrals.synbunsod fish corral
bunyagbúnyagn baptismAn bunyag pagahimuon buwas.The baptism will-be-done tomorrow.mabúnyagv [c3] 1MAG-, MA- ag; -AN goal. sprinkle something, water somethingSi Petra mabunyag san sibuyas.Petra will-water the onion-plants.synsaribo budbod sprinklesaboy 2baptizeMabunyag an ministro sa bata ni Chona.The minister will-baptize Chona's child.parabunyágn 1someone who watersMahigos an amon parabunyag.Our-excl waterer is industrious.2baptizerHain na an parabunyag san mga bata?Where is now the baptizer of-the children?
buogbûogn ear pus. Refers to pus-like discharge from the ear and it usually has a bad odorPan-o an pag-ataman san buog?How is the treatment of ear-pus done?
buongbùóngv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON goal; I- accbùungónv 1break, shatter, splinter. Refers to breaking pottery or glassNano kay ginbuong mo an pinggan?Why did you break the plate?synrangka pusa1 broken2dishonor, besmirch, defameGinbuong niya an onor san amon pamilya.He besmirched the honor of our-excl family.
buot1bùótn will, decisionAmo ini an buot san Dios.Thi is the will of God.magbùótv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. decide, will, desireMagbuot ka san gusto mo.You decide what you want.Variantpagbuothústo sa bùótadj normal, rationalIna na bata dili husto sa buot.That child is not rational.hudók sa bùótadj sincereDili hudok sa buot an imo pag-agda.Your invitation is not sincere.bút-onn willMakapangawat ako kun but-on ko.I can-steal if I want-to.kabubut-onn will
buot2bûotadj compassionatemabûotadj kind, gentle, well behavedMabuot si Lita sa klasi.Lita is well-behaved in-the class.magbûotv [c4] MAG- act; -AN goal. be gentle, act compassionately, become kind, behaveNagabuot siya sa iya mga iskwila.He is-kind to his students.
buot3bùótCebv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmagbùótv make air tight
bura1burâCebn bubbles, suds, foam. Also refers to foam or bubbles at the mouth as happens in convulsionsAn bata nagakanam san bura san sabon.The child is-playing-with the soapsuds.magburâv [c2] MAG- act; MA- pat. foam, bubbleNagabura an iya ba-ba.His mouth is-foaming.
bura2búrav [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalburahánv be printedBinurahan an akon kobrikamahon.My bed-sheet-material was-printed.
burabodburábodBkln 1springNagahubas ba an mga burabod san tubi?Do springs of water dry-up?2sourceAn Ginoo an burabod san pagkamuot.The Lord is the source of love.
buradoln Variantburador kite
buradorburadórSpn kiteMas matahom an akon burador kisa sa imo.My kite is prettier than yours.Variantburadolburadúronn kite materialBuraduron ko ini na papil.This paper is my kite-material.magburadórv [c2] MAG- act. fly a kiteNagaburador si Pepe sa Social Center.Pepe is-flying-a-kite at-the Social Center.
burakbúrakBkln flowerGusto ko an burak san fosal.I like the flower of-the fosal. magbúrakv [c2] MAG- exp. bloom, blossom, flowerNagaburak na an akon rosas.My roses are-blooming already.synbuskad1 bloom
buraraburáràCebadj careless, irresponsible, indiscreet, tactlessHabo ako sin burara na kaupod.I do not want an irresponsible companion.
buraratburarátadj popeyed, eyes wide openmagburáratv [c2] MAG- act. open eyes wide
burawburáwBkln mackerelAn buraw ginahimo na sardinas.Mackerel are-made into sardines.
burda1búrdaSpn embroiderymagbúrdav [c3] MAG- ag; -AN pat. embroider somethingburdáhanv be embroideredBinurdahan niya an akon kobrikamahon.My bed-sheet-material was-embroidered by-her.parabúrdan embroidererVariantbordaembroidery
burda2búrdav [c3] magbúrdav MAG- ag; -AN pat. hit, box. A slang word used to express the idea of boxing someonecfsuntok