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buriburíBkln buri palm. Mats are woven from the fronds of the buri palmBanigon ko ini na buri.I will-make-a-sleeping-mat-of these buri palm-fronds.
Buriasburíasn Burias. A town in Masbate Province
buringburíngBkln skin dirt, soot, carbon. Usually refers to dirt on the skin which can be rolled offLuguda an buring sa akon likod.Rub-off the dirt on my back.cfati filthhigko dirtburingónadj dirtyNano kay buringon an bado mo?Why are your clothes dirty?
buriringburíringCebn puffer fish, rat fish. This is a large bellied fish which is seasonal and resembles a butiti puffer fishsynbutitipuffer fish
buritburítv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc.buritónv be lanced, be cut openBinurit an iya hubag.His boil was-lanced.pagburítn caesarean section
burobúroCebn salted fishmagbúrov [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. salt something, sprinkle dry ingredients
burokbúrokn leukoderma. This is a disease which appears as white spots on the skinMalisod bulungon an burok.It is hard to-cure leukoderma.
buronbúronn sewing spoolAn pinakabarato na bula-bula piso an buron.The cheapest sewing-thread is one-peso a spool.cfbula-bulasewing thread
burongbúrongv [c4] MAG-, MA- act; -ON patmabúrongv wonder, ponderNaburong ako kun diin ko binutang an lapis.I wondered where I placed the pencil.makabubúrongadj wonderfulMay nakita siya na makabuburong na bagay.He has-seen a wonderful thing.synribongwonderfullipong1 wonderful
burudsanburudsánn concubinecfbudos pregnant
burutonburútonadj boastfulBuruton ina na tawo.That man is boastful.cfhambog pailaostentatious
bus-okbus-ókCebadj packed tightly, compactcfsiksik1pack tightlysyndasok Variantbas-okpacked tightly
busabúsàCebconj then, so thereforeKun dili kamo gusto na maliwanan si Mrs. Caliente busa magpitisyon kita na didi lang siya.If you do not want Mrs. Caliente to-be-replaced then we will-petition that she just stay here.syntadi1 intonsisthen
busalbusálSpn muzzleHain an busal san akon kabayo?Where is the muzzle of my horse?magbusálv [c4] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. muzzle something, put on a muzzleNagabusal siya san kabayo.He is-muzzling the horse.
busaybusáyn waterfall, spring of waterNagbisita siya insigida sa busay na nagaagay.She immediately visited the flowing waterfall.
businabusínaSpn vehicle hornMay busina an akon kotse.My car has a horn.magbusínav [c7] MAG- act; -AN loc; I- acc. blow a hornNagabusina siya bisan wara sin tawo.He blows-the-horn even-though there-isn't anybody-in-the-way.ibusínav blow a hornIbusina mo an imo busina agod libre kita sa disgrasya.Blow your horn so-that we-incl will-avoid an accident.
buskad1buskádv [c2] MAG-, -UM, MANG- expmagbuskádv bloom, open, unfold. Refers specifically to flowersNagabuskad na an burak.The flower is-blooming already.cfbuklad bumuskádv openedBumuskad an burak san nainitan.The flower opened when heated-by-the sun.
buskad2buskádv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc.magbuskádv untieSi Carlos ba ina na nagabuskad san higot san silhig?Is Carlos that-one-who is-untying the knot of-the broom?pakaburubuskádadv untie being untied ; untied, after being...Hinigot mo naman liwat ini na pakaburubuskad ko pa la sani.You again tied this after I had-just-untied it.
buskagbuskágadj freshcfbaskagburst open
buslotbuslótCebv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalmagbuslótv make a hole
busobúsoSpv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmagbúsov dive, plunge, plummet, nose-diveDili siya magbuso sa tubig.He must-not dive into-the water.busúhonv dive to get somethingGinbuso niya para makuha an mga lawas.He dived in-order to-get the bodies.
busogbusógadj satiated, full. Refers to being full from eatingantgutom hungrybusug-busógvery satiatedBusug-busog na kami san magbalik sa plasa.We were-very-satiated when we returned to-the plaza.synlukop2full
but-olbut-ólBkln corncobcfpuso1water pump
but-onbút-onn willMakapangawat ako kun but-on ko.I can-steal if I want-to.cfbuot1 will
butabutáBkl; Cebadj blindNano, an bata mo buta?What, your child is blind?butáhonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. blind, make blindButahon ko ikaw.I will-blind you.