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bakal1bakálv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbakálv buy something, purchase, procureNagabakal ako sin mangga.I am-buying a mango.mabakálv be boughtIba ini san nababakal sa lungsod.This is different from-the-ones being-bought in town.bakálonn merchandise, goods, waresNagamahal na niyan an mga bakalon.The merchandise today is-becoming-expensive.bakalónv buy somethingpabakal-bakaln buying, tipping. Means to be giving someone a tip for his service to you
bakal2bákaln iron, steelNakaabot sinda sa bakal na pwertahan.They reached the iron gate.synlansang iron
bakasbákasv [c5] MAG- act; -ON ; -AN goalmagbákasv do together, partnerMagabakas kami.We-excl will-do-it-together.synbagat do togetherbakásanv be shared, be divided, be proratedBakasan ta ini.This will-be-shared by-us-incl.bakásonv be shared, contribute a shareAn aton puhunan bakason ta.We-incl will both contribute-a-share for our-incl start-up-capital.kabákasn partner, shareSiya kabakas ko sa amon negosyo.He is my partner in our-excl business.
bakasyonbakasyónSpn vacationNag-agi an duha ka bulan na bakasyon.The two vacation months passed.magbakasyónv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc/ben. vacationMagbakasyon ako didto sa San Julyo.I will-vacation there in San Julyo.ibakasyónv vacation to benefit somethingIbakasyon ko anay sin mga pira ka adlaw ini na akon ginbatyag sa lawas.I will just rest for a few days to-get-over this ill feeling I have.
bakbakbákbakv [c7] MAG- exp; -AN goal; I- accmagbákbakv peel off, shed. Refers to peeling off of the bark of trees or peeling of skin from the bodyMainitan ka san adlaw para magbakbak an sa luwas na panit.Let yourself be-heated by-the sun so-that the outer skin will-peel-off.
bakhobakhôv [c2] MAG- actmagbakhôv sob, weep strongly, blubber, bawlNaghali si Pedro kag nagparabakho gayod.Peter left and really sobbed-and-sobbed.
bakidbákidCebn three bushel dry measure, sack. This is equivalent to 25 gantas or 75 liters. It is commonly used in reference to a sack of ricesynkabanthree bushel dry measuresako burlap sack
bakilidbakilídn side of something, hillsidecfkilid side
baklabaklâadj homosexual, effeminate, lesbian
baklagbaklágn putrid odor, stench. Refers to rotten food or flesh
baklawbáklawn braceletbaklawónv [c14] -ON pat. be made into a bracelet
baklaybakláyv [c2] MAG- actmagbakláyv go on footcfbagtas synbaktas
baktasbaktásv [c2] MAG- actmagbaktásv go on footsynbaklay go on foot
baktin1baktínn piglet, offspring of a pigAn amon anay may upat na baktin.Our sow has four piglets.
baktin2baktínn profit, gain, earnings. According to some speakers the term urig is the more popular term for profits from business. That seems to be a colloquial use of the word urig "female pig"synurig2profitganansiyagain, profitbinta1 1profit
bakukangbakúkangn rhinoceros beetle, Japanese beetle, June bug
bakulangbakúlangn head pad. Refers to a loop of cloth placed under things carried on the head
bakulawbakúlawn ugly faced supernatural being, ogre. This one is said to abduct small children
bakulkolbakúlkoln snare. Refers to a noose snare for catching wild fowl
bakunabakúnaSpn vaccineAn mga bakuna makasalbar sa mga kabataan sa inda pagtios.Vaccines can-save children from their suffering.pagbakúnan vaccination, inoculation, immunizationAn mga pagbakuna ginahatag sin libre san gobyerno.Vaccinations are-given free by-the government.mabakunáhanv [c2] MAG- act; MA-..-AN pat. vaccinate, inoculate, immunizePakatapos mabakunahan an bata magabatyag sin dyutay na sakit kadali.After the child is-vaccinated it will-feel a little sick for a short-while.
bakyabákyàn wooden slipper
balabálan bullet, spent shell casingAn samad na nalapos san bala magakaigwa san pagdugo sa sulod san lawas.The penetration wound of-a bullet will-result in bleeding on-the inside of-the body.
balabagbalábagadj babbling, incoherent, rambling, disconnected. Refers to either speech or reasoning.
balag1balágCebadj baritoneBalag an bosis ni Nardo.Nardo's voice is baritone.synbalagunhonbaritone voice
balag2bálagadj out of tune, off key