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balig-angbalíg-angn black cherry fruit, black cherry tree. Refers to the black Java plum tree whose fruits are dark purple and oval like cherries, thus sometimes called black cherriesGusto mo magkaon sin balig-ang?Would you like to-eat a black-cherry?Syzygium cumini
balighotbalíghotCebn knotHubadon mo an balighot.Untie that knot.balighutónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. tie a knotBalighuta an punta san pisi.Knot the end of-the rope.balighútonadj tieable. Refers to something which can be tiedbalighútann place to tie
baligyabalígyàn merchandise, goods for sale, products, produce, stock, commoditiesNano an iyo baligya?What is your merchandise?mabalígyav [c9] MAG-, MA- ag; I- acc. sell retailMabaligya sinda sin alahas.They will-sell jewels at retail.cfpakyaw1
balikbálikv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbálikv 1returnNagbalik an gurang.The old-one returned.synbwilta returnuli 2go homeMagbalik ka sa probinsya.Go-home to-the province.balíkann return trip, roundtripibálikv return something, take backIbalik mo an bata sa doktor.You return the child to-the doctor.
balikutotbalikútotv [c8] MA- exp; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- accmabalikútotv be rolled up, be curled up. Refers to rolling something up into a rollNabalikutot siya pagkatulog.He was-rolled-up while-sleeping.balikutútonv be rolled upBalikututon mo an banig.Roll-up the mat.cfligid synlikid roll uplukot roll upbalikutútanv roll something up for someoneBalikututan san pisi si Juan.Roll-up the rope for Juan.
balimbingbalímbingn starfruit, balimbing fruit, balimbing tree. This is an oblong green juicy fruit with 5 ridges running the length of the fruit which, when cut crosswise, reveals a star shape. It is also the name of the tree which bears the fruitVariantbalingbingAverrhoa carambola
balingbingn Variantbalimbingstarfruit
balinghoybalínghoyn cassavaAn bibingka na balinghoy manamit.Cassava cake is delicious.balinghúyancassava fieldNagaguna si Juan sa balinghuyan.Juan is-weeding the cassava-field.Variantkabalinghúyan
balinsasayawbalinsasayáwTagn swift. A medium-sized bird with a forked tail that flies very swiftly
balintokbalíntokv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbalíntokv somersault, overturnNagbalintok an bata san mahulog hali sa ikaupat na iskalon.The child somersaulted when he fell from the fourth floor.cfbaliskad
baliskadbaliskádCebv [c6] MAG- exp; -ON pat; I- accmagbaliskádv invert, turn upside downNagbaliskad an dyip.The jeep turned-upside-down.synbalintok
balitawbalítawexclam really, is that so?, that is so
balitebalíteSpn mahogany treesynhamurawonmolave tree
balkonbálkonSpn porchLinisan mo sin maayo an balkon.Clean the porch well.synpantawkitchen porch
balo1bálon widow, widowerNagatangis an balo.The widow is-crying.synbiyudawidowbiyudowidowerkabalúhann widow group. Refers to widows and widowers as a groupnabálov [c14] MA- exp. be widowedNabalo siya sa edad na baynti dos.She was-widowed at-the age of twenty two.
balo2balôn swordfishAn parapangisda damo'n kuha na balo.The fisherman caught lots of swordfish.mabalôadj lots of swordfishMabalo sa inda lugar.Their place has lots of swordfish.kabalùánadj place of many swordfish
balod1balódCebn sea waveNagadaragko an balod.The sea-waves are-getting-big.adj wavy, curlyBalod an buhok ni Petra.Petra's hair is wavy.magbalódv [c6] MAG- exp; -ON pat; I- acc. become turbulentDili na kita malarga kay nagabalod na.We will not leave-on-our-trip because the-sea-is-becoming-turbulent now.pabaludónv be made wavyPabaludon ko an imo buhok.I will-make your hair wavy.mabalódadj MA- exp. turbulent, blustery, inclementMabalod an dagat.The sea is turbulent.
Balodbálodn Balod. A town in Masbate Province
balonbálonn lunch, trip food supply, provisionsIgwa siya sin balon para sa duha.She has a lunch-for-the-trip for two.balunánn lunch boxHugasan mo an imo balunan.Wash your lunch-box.balúnonv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- ben. make lunchBalunon mo ini na longanisa.You make-lunch-from this sausage.magbálonv bring lunchMakarigo kita sa Bituon Beach pero magbalon ka.We will-bathe at Bituon Beach but bring-a-lunch.pabálonn something used for lunch on a trip, provisions, food supply
balorbalórSpn worth, valueSalapi lang an balor san imo onor.Your honor is only worth fifty-centavos.synbali broken
balosbálosv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmagbálosv respondWara pa si Maria magbalos sa akon surat.Maria did not yet respond to my letter.cfsabat1 answermabálosv revenge, retaliateDili ako mabalos san imo ginhimo sa akon.I will not retaliate for-what you have-done to me.makabálosv repayWara pa siya makabalos san iya utang na buot sa akon.He has not yet repaid me his debt of gratitude.
balubuanbalúbùann stagnant water, cesspool
Balud2Báludn Balud. The name of a town in Masbate.cfBalodBalod town
balyenabalyénaSpn whale
balyobályov [c8] MAG-, MA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmabályov transfer, moveMabalyo sinda sa iba na lugar buwas.They will-transfer to another place tomorrow.balyuhónv exchange, barterGinbalyo ninda an inda isda sin kamute.They bartered their fish for a sweet-potato.cfliwan2 parabályon barterer, exchangerNagbalyo kami san amon humay sin bistida sa parabalyo.We exchanged our unmilled-rice for a dress from the barterer.