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bampirabámpiraEngn vampire
bana-banabana-bánàBkln speculation, estimationmagbana-bánàv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. speculate, considerbana-banâonv speculate about something, considerBana-banaon ko kun maupod ako.I will-consider if I will-accompany-them.
banaagbanâagCebn rays (of sun), glow (of fire)Nagtutuna na paglabas an banaag san adlaw.The rays of-the sun are-beginning now to-appear.cfbanag daba-daba blazing
banababanabán banaba species of tree. This refers to a timber producing tree which is also cultivated for its large light purple or pink flowers. The leaves are used as a tea for kidney and stomach illnessLagerstroemia speciosa
banagbánagCebv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbánagv morning dawns, sun risesmamanag-bánagv dawns, dawn breaksNamanag-banag na an kaagahon.The morning is-dawning already.cfbanaagrays (of sun)
banaganbanagánCebn lobsterSadto igwa ako sin ginprisirbar na banagan.I once had a preserved lobster.cfhiponsmall shrimp
banalbanáladj holy, divineDili ako banal.I am not holy.kabanálann holinessNagatuod ka ba sa kabanalan san Dios?Do you believe in-the holiness of God?
banatabanátaCebn pole bundle. Refers to bundles of poles which are used to hold up the nets of a fishtrap in the waterKulang ako sin tulo ka banata para sa akon bunsod.I lack three bundles-of-poles for my fish trap.
banda1bándaadv in that directionMagkadto ka banda didto.You go in-that-direction over-there.
banda2bándaSpn band, marching band. Refers only to a musical bandAn banda san MNCHS makabulig sa katapusan na iskutinyo.The MNCHS band will-help in the final counting.
bandidobandídoSpn banditMadulom na kaya madilikaduhan kita san mga bandido.It is dark already so we will-be-endangered by bandits.kabandidúhanbandit bandsyntulisanthief
bandihadobandihádoSpn platterIgwa sinda sin duha na bandihado na luto.They have two platters of boiled-rice.
bandilyobandílyoSpn advertisement, announcementPangkomirsyo ina na bandilyo.That advertisement is a commercial.magbandílyov [c2] MAG- act. announce a meeting, convene a meetingparabandílyon town crier, announcer
bandobándoBkln public meetingmagbándov [c2] MAG- act. attend a public meetingmagpabándov call a public meeting
bandoriyabandoríyaSpn stringed musical instrument. Refers to an instrument which looks something like a banjo but may have from four to eight strings which are plucked
bandyobándyoEngn banjo. Refers to a stringed musical instrument. The strings are either plucked or strummed, or a combination of both
bang-ogbang-ógCebadj foul smell. Refers to anything which stagnates because of poor storage conditions and then produces a bad foul smellsynbaho stenchmabang-ógsmelly, reeking, malodorous, fetid
bangabangân clay jarsyntapayanclay jugtibodlarge clay jartadyawclay jar
bangá<Not Sure>
bangagbángagn coconut beetleGinakaon kuno san mga Ilokano an bangag.Coconut-beetles it is said are-being-eaten by-the Ilocanos.
bangdaybángdayadj overlap, lying partly on another
banggabanggâCebv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbanggáv crash, bumpAn dyip nagbangga sa puno san lubi.The jeep crashed into-the trunk of-the coconut tree.synbunggo bahura crashtupa crashmagbanggàánv quarrel with each other, several persons clash in argumentSi Pedro kag an amon prinsipal nagbanggaan.Pedro and our principal clashed.
banggitbánggitTagv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagbánggitv mention, allude, suggest, tellibanggitv mention somethingNano kay ginbanggit mo ina na bagay kan Jake?Why did you mention that matter to Jake?cfunabi1 synsambit hunambit mention
bánggitv mention
bangkabángkaTagn outrigger canoe. Refers to a small fishing canoe with outriggers. At one time these were made by hollowing out logs, but today are made from boards or plywoodGinpundo ninda an bangka sa Lagundi.They had-anchored the small-fishing-canoe at Lagundi.