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Cadena de amorkadéna de amórSpn Cadena De Amor flower. This is the name of a flowering vine. Literally it means "Chain of love"
CamiakámiaSpn Camia flower. An ornamental white, sweet-smelling, ginger flowerHedychium coronarium
Cataingankatáingann Cataingan. A town in Masbate Province
Cawayankawáyann Cawayan. A town in Masbate Province
Claveriaklavérian Claveria. A town in Masbate Province
creel basketn fisherman's basket
CV reduplicationvb affix action in progress. The CV here represents the initial C(onsonant) and V(owel) of a verb stem which are reduplicated and prefixed to the stem to indicate action in progress. This is an alternate for the a- prefix used to also mark action in progress. For more information, see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. 5.24.Iba ini san mga gulay na nababakal sa lungsod.These are-different from-those vegetables which are-being-sold in action in progressVarianta-3 was being chased