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daan1dâanadj 1old, former, decrepit, obsoleteAn iya sapatos daan na.His shoes are already old/decrepit.cfdati previously
daan2dâanexclam indeedDidi la nga daan sa Masbate naobserbaran ko an mga batan-on.Just here indeed in Masbate I observed the young-people.
daba-dabadaba-dabáadj blazingmagdaba-dabáv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. blaze, flame, flare, burn fiercelyNagadaba-daba an kalayo.The fire is-burning-fiercely.padaba-dabahónv PA-..-ON pat. be set ablaze
DabidDabídn David. The name of a person
dabokdabókn firewood, wood fuelmadabókv [c4] MA-, MAG- ag; -ON pat. ignite, kindle, make a fireMadabok ako sin kalayo.I will-ignite a fire.syndagkot ilop1 sindi Variantmagdabok
dabongdabóngCebn bamboo shoot. Masbatenyos, like most Filipinos, boil young bamboo shoots for foodadj immature, young. Refers to children, unripe fruits or untempered metal
dagahaydagaháyCebn gurgle of stomach gasmagdagaháyv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. gurgle
dagangdágangCebn corncob hot pad. Refers to the use of corncobs to make a hot pad to place under a boiling pot just taken from the fire
dagdagdágdagHlgadj additional'Baga ka gayod an nagkarigo san imo balhas,' an dagdag na surmaton san tagbalay.'You are really as-though one bathed by your sweat,' the additional word of-the homeowner.magdágdagv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. add to, includeMagdagdag ka sin duha ka pudyot na asin.You add two pinches of salt to it.dagdagánv be added toPwede mo dagdagan sin tanang na saging an iya pagkaon.Some ripe banana can be-added by-you to his food.syndugang additional
daginotdagínotCebv [c2] MAG- act.magdagínotv be frugal, use sparingly, conservesynikonomiyabe frugal
dagkotdagkótCebv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- inst/benmagdagkótv ignite, light a fire. Refers to setting fire to kindling for cooking or to burn the trashed trees and brush in a new garden area in a forestsyndabok igniteilop1 sindi
dagmokdagmókCebv [c9] MAG- act; I- acc/benmagdagmókv litter, strew, scatter, disarrange, mess up. Refers to carelessly discarding things no longer needed as, for example, candy wrappers, empty tin cans, etcidagmókv litter, use something to litter with
dagomdágomn needle. A general term which refers to needles for sewing, medical, mechanical and various other purposesGinagamit niya an dagom na gingamit na san tawo na may AIDS.He is-using the needle which was-used by a person who has AIDS.dagumánneedle pad. Refers to the pad in which needles or pins are stuck for safe keeping
dagpaldagpálCebv [c9] MAG- ag; I- inst/benmagdagpálv plug, caulk, stop, cork, bung, block
daguhobdagúhobn rumbling sound, roaring sound, thundersyndalugdogthunderdinagúhobn rumblingMangingirhat sinda san dinaguhob san kadagatan.They will-be-very-frightened by-the rumbling of-the seas.magdagúhobv [c9] MAG- act; I- inst. make a rumbling sound
daguldulandaguldúlanCebn slipmouth fishsynsapsap2slipmouth fishLeiogmathus spp
dagumandagumánn pad for needles and pinscfdagom needleaguhaheavy duty sewing needle
dahondáhonn leaf, foliageDili ako maaram sina na dahon na ginbubulong.I do not know-about that leaf which is-being-used-for-medicine.magdáhonv [c2] MAG- act. grow leaves
daisogdàísogv [c2] MAG- actmagdàísogv interpose. Means to interpose oneself in a crowded/narrow placecfkulikag syndis-ok interpose
dakaadv Variantkadakaperhaps
dakal-dakaldakal-dakálCebn gravel. Refers specifically to gravel taken from the sea bed or river bed to be used in construction
dakmol1dakmólHlgn blanketsynhabol3
dakmol2dakmólHlgadj thickmagdakmólv [c2] MAG- act. thicken, make thickMagtiklup-tiklop sin yamit para magdakmol.Fold a cloth over-and-over in-order-to make-it-thick.kadakmóln thicknessMaghimo sin bilog na dyis sentimetros an kadakmol na guma.Make a circle of foam-rubber of a thickness of 10 centimeters.antnipis thincfdakmol1blanket
dakodakôCeb; Hlgadj big, large, huge, immense, vastInabot siya sin dako na kaalo.He was-overcome/arrived-at by immense shame.antdyutay smalldagkôadj bigger, largerdaragkôadj big plural, large plural, huge pluralDaragko an mga ilipanti.Elephants are huge.daragkùónadj large kindDaragkuon an inda baboy.Their pigs are a-large-kind.madaragkôv [c3] MAG-, MA- exp; -AN pat. can grow bigMadaragko pa ini na kababuyan.This herd-of-pigs can-grow-bigger still.magdaragkôv enlarge, become larger, become biggerNagadaragko an balod.The waves are-becoming-bigger.dakùánv enlarge something, grow bigger...segun sa kaugalian san gindakuan ko na relihiyon....according to the tradition of-the religion in-which I grew-up.kadakûann bignessantdyutay small
dalagandalágann runMasulog an dalagan san tubig.The moving/run of-the water was-a-strong-current.pakadalágann runningHalhal gayod siya san iya pakadalagan.He really was-panting from his running.magdaláganv [c2] MAG-, UM- act. run, rush, speed, dashNagdalagan si Maria pakadto sa tabok san kamino.Maria ran there to-the other-side of-the road.dumaláganv run suddenly, suddenly runKaya lang si Pedro dumalagan sa suba.So Pedro suddenly-ran to-the river.