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durogdúrogv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmagdúrogv 1sleep togetherNagadurog pa siya sa iya iloy.He is still sleeping-with his mother.2cohabit, have sexual intercourseKinahanglan makasal na sinda yana kay nagdurog na.They ought to-marry now because they have already slept-together.pagdúrogn sleeping together, cohabitingcftakin side
durondúronn locustDuron kag dugos san putyakan an iya pagkaon.His food is some-locusts and honey of bees.
dus-ogdus-ógv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagdus-ógv move something aside, attack, rushcfduso1 dusmog synduksol buksol rushdasmag
dusadúsaBklv [c2] MAG- actmagdúsav undergo punishment, suffer, grieveNagadusa siya sa prisohan.He is-undergoing-punishment in prison.mapadúsav punish, make sufferAn Dios an mapadusa sa mga naghimo sin sala.God is the-one-who will-punish those-who commit sin.padúsan 1punishment, penalty, chastisement, sentenceNano an gusto mo na padusa na ihatag ko sa imo?What is the punishment you want me to-give you?synkastigo punishment2dowrypagdúsan suffering, pain, anguish, miseryDako gayod an pagdusa ni Erning sa prisohan.The Erning's punishment in prison was very great.
dusiadj twelve
dusmodusmôv [c2] MAGPA- actmagpadusmôv cause to stumble, cause to fallNagbutang sinda didto sin bato agod magpadusmo sa mga tawo.They put a stone there in-order to-cause people to-stumble.madusmôv be tripped upNadusmo sinda sa bato.They were-tripped-up on the stone.ikadusmôv make to stumble ; be trippedAmo ini an bato na ikakadusmo ninda.This is the stone by-which they will-be-tripped.cftumba
dusmogdusmógv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmagdusmógv attack, assault, rush against, assaildusmugánv 1be attacked, be assaultedGindusmugan siya san liyon.He was-attacked by-the lion.2be crushedGindusmugan siya san kadamuan makakita lang san palabas.He was-crushed by-the crowd just trying-to-see the show.cfdus-og duksol
duso1dusôv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- accidusôv 1push, shove, thrust, ram. Means to push with forceIduso an lamisa. Sigi, duso pa.Push the table. Come on, push more.syndus-og 2urge
duso2dúsòn gas painMay duso si Marian.Marian has a gas-pain.dusûonv [c14] -ON pat. be pained with gas, have a gas painMaghabol ka agod dili ka dusuon.You use-a-blanket so-that you will not have-gas-pain.cfsakit1
duta1dútàn earth, soil, groundAyaw pagkanam sin duta.Do not play with-the soil.kadutâanland, property, territoryWara kami sin kadutaan.We do not have any land.mapilít na dútàclay, mud. Translated literally it means, 'sticky soil'synsadiripropertykamutangansituation
duta2dútan quarrel, fightcfribok noisesynaway fight
dutakn fight (slang)
dutdotdútdotn touch with a fingerAn iya dutdot makapangyarihan.His touch is powerful.dutdútann touch place, place of touchdutdutónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be touched, lay hands onDili mo siya dutduton kay turog.Do not touch her because she is sleeping.cfduldol tuslok syndupa2 touchkamrot touchtandog touchhikap touch
duunandùunánn press. Refers to an object used for pressingcfduon
duyandúyann cradle, hammockAdto an bata sa duyan.The child is there in-the cradle.magdúyanv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. swing in a hammockNagaduyan an kabataan.The children are-swinging-in-a-hammock.
dwindidwíndiSpn troll, fairy, goblin, imaginary beingsynmunganshort fellow
dyamantidyámantiSpn diamondadj diamondNailawan an madulom na kwarto san kintab san iya dyamanti na singsing.The dark room was lighted with the brilliance of her diamond ring.
dyarion newspaper
dyaryodyáryoSpn newspapercfdiaryonewspaperVariantdiaryonewspaper
dyinEngn gin, alcoholic drinkPadanlugi siya sin usad ka botilya na dyin.Bribe him with a bottle of gin.
dyipEng; Engn jeep. Refers to the jeep vehicle used by the US Army in World War II, but now converted to use as a mini-bus in MasbatePira an kantidad san imo dyip?How much did your jeep cost?cfawtocarkotsecartrak truckdyípnilarge jeep. Refers to a jeep with an extended chassis used as a small bus
dyisSpadj ten. Used only for time and quantities of moneyUrhi ka sin dyis minutos.You are late by ten minutes.dyísonten each. Means each of the items are worth ten units of moneyDyison lang ini na ipit.This hairclip is only worth-ten-centavos.synnapulo tenVarianttigdyisten each
dyisonadj Varianttigdyisten each
dyotadj smallVariantdyutay smalldyut-dyótadj very smalldyut-dyutónv [c14] -ON pat. make very small, be frugalDyut-dyuta niyo an iyo pangabuhay.You make your style-of-living frugal.
dyutaydyútayadj small, little, fewDyutay lang an nag-atindir san kompirinsya.Only a few attended the conference.antdamo multiplyantdamo manyantdako bignessantdako bigVariantdyot smallmagdyútayv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. become small, become little, become fewMagadyutay an tawo kun dili siya magkaon.A person will-become-small if he does-not eat.dyut-dyútav be frugal, be thrifty, be spartan. Refers to living economicallyDyut-dyúta an iyo pangabuhay kay masakit sana an paghanap.Let your way-of-living be-frugal because earning-it is painful.dyutáyanv make smaller, reduce in size, reduce in number, reduce in quantity, decreaseGindyutayan san paratahi an akon pantalon.The tailor reduced the size of my pants.indyutáyanadv almostIndyutayan siya maligis san trak.He was almost run-over by-the truck.