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dasokdasókCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagdasókv throng, crowd tightly, jam, cram, flockGindarasok san tawo an palabas ni Dolphy.The people thronged Dolphy's show.dasukónv be packed tightly, be compressed, be squeezed. Refers to completely filling a container with a dry compacted substanceDinasok mo an lata?Did you fill the can to-the-brim?synbus-okpacked tightlysiksik1pack tightly
dat-ogdát-ogCebv [c12] -AN goal; I- accdat-úganv place on top to weigh downAn iya bado gindat-ugan san plantsa.Her dress was-weighed-down by-the ironing-iron.cfpatong1variety of bambootungtong idát-ogv use something to weigh down somethingAyaw pag-idat-og an bato sa imo tiyan.Don't use the stone to-weigh-down your stomach.
datidátiadv previously, used to, formerly, earlierDati nagabisita siya sa akon uruadlaw.Previously he was-visiting me daily.adj usual, regular, former. As for example, a former generation; the usual fare on a busAn dati na iskidyul ala singko san hapon.The regular schedule was five of-the afternoon.cfdaan1
datilesdátilesTagn red berry fruit. Refers to the fruit of the datiles treeMuntingia colabura
datodátòCebn chief, ruler
daug-daogdàug-dâogv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patmagdaug-dáogv oppress, mistreat. Refers to taking advantage of another without regard to feelings or rights thru words, deeds or actionscftalaw pagdàug-dàúgonv be oppressedcfdaog
daw1lex part it is said, it is reportedAn sabi daw maabot si Markos.What was-said, it was reported, is that Markos will-arrive.synkunoreportedly
daw2part uncertain, doubtful, dubious, puzzled. The word is frequently used in questions to emphasize the uncertainty of the answerNano daw an amon kakaunon?What puzzled will our food be?Nano, mamunundo daw an mga abay sa kasal?What-about-it, will doubtfully the attendants in-a wedding be-sad?
daw3adv please, politelySumati daw niyo ako manungod sana.Please report-to me about that.
dawadáwaCebn milletAnihon mo an dawa.You harvest the millet.An biko na dawa manamit.Glutinous millet-dessert is delicious.
dawidáwin fish hooksynlawi fish hookVariantlawi fish hook
dayadáyàv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagdáyàv cheat, deceiveDili ka magdaya.Do not cheat.dayâonadj cheaterSi Juan dayaon.Juan is a-cheater.Variantmadáyà
dayawdáyawCebv [c7] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accdayáwonv praise, exalt, worship, adoreDayawon ta an kamatuudan.Let us praise the truth.synumaw pagdayawn praise, praisingAn pagdayaw niya sa imo palabas lang.His praising you is just for-outward-appearances.
dayodáyon stranger, foreigner, alienSi Juan isad na dayo kaya tagaan naton sin madayunan.Juan is a stranger so let us give him a temporary-dwelling.magdáyov [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. go, come. Refers to going to a place for a special purposeNagdayo ka lang didi sin pakiawayYou just came here to-quarrel.
dayondáyonadv immediately, right awayMakipagkita ka kuno kan Maam. Kadto dayon.Maam says she wants you to-see her. Go right-away.magdáyonv [c9] MAG- act; I- acc. reside temporarilyAda kami nagadayon kanda Noe.We are-residing-temporarily with Noe-and-his-family.magpadáyonv [c15] MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- acc. continueMagpadayon kita pagsimba sa Dios.Let us-incl continue worshipping God.padayúnonv invite in, welcomePadayunon ta an aton bisita.Let us invite our visitor to-come-inside.gindayúnann temporary residenceAn amon gindayunan ada sa Nursery Street.Our temporary-residence is on Nursery Street.Variantdayúnan
dayúnann Variantdayon temporary residence
dayupakdayúpakv [c2] MAG- actmagdayúpakv clapsynpakpak1 1clap
deSpprep ofPabantayan an kada padre de pamilya san iya pamilya sugad sani.Have every father of a family guard his family like this.
Decapolisn Decapolis. The name of a region of Palestine
delatadelátaSpn canned goods. Derived from Spanish de and lata meaning 'from a can'Mas gusto ko an dilata na suriso kisa prisko.I much prefer canned sausage to fresh.
delikadoadj dangerousVariantdilikado1 dangerous
demandan Variantdimanda accusation
demonstrasyondemonstrasyónSpn demonstrationNagtuna an mga estudyante sa mga demonstrasyon.The students began the demonstrations.
demonyon Variantdimonyo demon
depekton Variantdipikto defect