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dipisildipísilSpadj difficultIna na tawo dipisil pakiupudan.That person is difficult to-get-along-with.synlisod difficultmagdipísilv [c4] MAG- exp; -ON pat. become difficultNagadipisil an iksamin tuig-tuig.The exam is-becoming-more-difficult every year.
dipisladj difficult
diprinsyan Variantdipirinsya 2difficulty
dipuntadipúntaSpadj deceased female personNadumduman ko si dipunta Fe Amor san nakita ko ikaw.I remembered the deceased Fe Amor when I saw you.cfdipuntodeceased male person
dipuntodipúntoSpadj deceased male personAn lubong ni dipunto Jose ginakahadlukan.The tomb of-the deceased Jose is-feared.cfdipuntadeceased female person
diridíriadv no, not. This is an alternate form of dili and is not frequently used in the population of north and central Masbate. It is used mostly in the southern part of the provinceDiri ina na tawo nadudutlan sin sundang o bala.That man could not be-harmed by bolo or bullet.cfdili notVariantdili no
diritsodirítsoSpv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accmagdirítsov go straight on, directly, go straight aheadNagdiritso siya pagsulod sa akon kwarto.He came-straight into my room.Variantderitsodurudirítsoadj unswervingly straight ahead, continue straight aheadBaga'n durudiritso la gayod an iyo lakat.Your traveling is really as-though unswervingly-straight-ahead.
dis-okdís-okv [c2] MAG- actmagdís-okv interpose, insertsyndaisog kulikag insert
disgrasyadisgrásyaSpn accidentAn disgrasya nalilikayan.Accidents can-be-avoided.madisgrásyav [c2] 1MA- exp. have an accidentNadisgrasya sinda kahapon.They had-an-accident yesterday.synaksidintiaccident2be disgraced, be deflowered, be ravished, be ravagedNadisgrasya ni Juan si Lucia.Lucia was-disgraced by Juan.cfgaba1 destroyeddisgrasyádaadj disgraced womanDisgrasyada si Julieta.Juliet is a disgraced-woman.cfkuha
disidirdisidírSpv [c3] MAG- act; -AN patdisidiránv decide, resolve, determineGindirisidiran ninda na an aluhipan amo an magmasid.They decided that the centipede would-be the-one to-watch/stand-guard.
disintidisíntiEngadj decent, nicepandisintiadv decently, nicelyKinahanglan na may magbado didi sa aton sin pandisinti.It is necessary that there-be-one of us here who-will-dress nicely.
disinwebedisinwébeSpadj nineteen
disiotsodisiótsoSpadj eighteen
disiplinadisiplínaSpn disciplineWara sin pulos an imo disiplina.Your discipline is useless.disiplináhonv [c6] disciplineDisiplinahon mo an imo sadiri.Discipline yourself.magdisiplínav MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. discipline, train, control, chastise, instructNano an labot ko magdisiplina sa imo?What is my responsible to-discipline you?disiplinádoadj disciplined, regimented, closely controlledDisiplinado an mga bata ni Macario.Macario's children are well-disciplined.
disipulodisípuloSpn follower, disciple, devotee, adherentIkaw ba disipulo ni Kristo?Are you a follower of Christ?Variantdisipulos
disipulosn Variantdisipulofollower
disisaisdisisaísSpadj sixteen
disisyitidisisyítiSpadj seventeen
diskansodiskánsoSpn restAn may sakit kinahanglan sin diskanso sa mapuyo na lugar.The sick-one needs a rest in-a quiet place.synhuway restmagdiskánsov [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. restMagdiskanso ka anay antis magkarigo.You rest first before taking-a-bath.diskansúhann resting placeMatahom an inda balay diskansuhan.Their resthouse is beautiful.diskansádoadj rested, at restDiskansado ako sa akon trabaho.I am-rested from my work.
diskargadiskárgaSpv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/bendiskargahónv be unloadedDiskargahon mo an tanan na kargaminto.Unload all the baggage.antkarga loadkargádaadj unloadeddiskargáhonadj cargo to be unloadeddiskargáhann unloading zone, unloading dock
diskarnediskárneSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagdiskárnev butcher, slaughter. Refers to the butchering of animals for foodMaaram ka magdiskarne sin baboy?Do you know-how to-butcher a pig?diniskarneadj butchered, slaughteredAn diniskarne na baboy dinara sa merkado.The butchered pig was-brought to-the market.
diskumpadon doubt
diskumpyadodiskumpyádoSpadj distrustful, no confidenceDiskumpyado ako sa imo tuna pa sa katuna-tunai.I was distrustful of you from the very-beginning.cfdiskumpyar duda duha-duha
diskumpyardiskumpyárSpv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagdiskumpyárv distrustNagadiskumpyar siya sa akon.He distrusts me.diskumpyarónv be disappointedDili mo ako diskumpyaron.Do not disappoint me.diskumpyádoadj distrustful, no confidence
diskursodiskúrsoSpn speechAno an tima san imo diskurso?What is the theme of your speech?synsurmaton word