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gawasgáwasadj outsidesynluwas outsidemaggáwasv [c2] MAG- act. go out, exitkagawásann freedomGintagaan sin kagawasan an usad sa aton.One of us was-given freedom.
gaway1gáwayn gabi, root vegetable
gaway2gáwayCebn 1tentacle, feeler. Refers to the strings of squids and tentacles of octopus and jelly fishAn mga gaway san bukya dilikado sa aton panit.The tentacles of jelly-fish are dangerous to our skin.2subordinate, follower, goon. The octopus and its tentacles are used as a metaphor for the leader of a criminal gang and his men (goons)Nagatayo an kugita pero nagahiwag an iya mga gaway.The leader is-hiding but his goons are-active.
gaway-gawaygaway-gáwayCebn gaway-gaway tree, tanning tree. The sap from the inner bark of this tree is rubbed on fish nets to tan and preserve themMatagaan mo kaya ako sin pisog san gaway-gaway?Can you really give me a seed of-the gaway-gaway-tree?Sesbania grandiflora
gawgawgáwgawn corn starch, starch for clothes. Note that gawgaw is the corn starch used in the process of armidol, the starching of clothes, however the traditional source of starch was from the plants arrowroot and cassavaGinagamit namon an gawgaw sa yamit.We-excl are-using corn-starch on-the clothes.
gawi1gáwìv [c2] MA- actmagáwìv pass by, happen to pass by, drop byMaayo kay nagawi ka didi. Kun wara, dili mo ako makilala.Good that you happened-to-pass-by here. If not, you would have not known me.synagi 1pass by
gawi2gáwìn destination, direction, goalPakain an imo gawi?What is your destination?
gawi3gáwìCebn 1deed, acts, behavior, attitude, conductWara na idto sa iya na maraot na gawi.Those bad deeds are-no-longer with him.2practice, custom, procedureMaayo na gawi an pagpakaladkad san tubig para sa mga kabataan.The boiling of water for the children is a good practice.pagagáwìdoing, deeds, actsAn pagtuod nakikita sa kabag-uhan sa pagagawi san tawo.Faith can-be-seen in-the goodness of-a person's deeds.gawi-gáwibehavior, actions, conductMaayo an iya mga surumaton pero an iya gawi-gawi maraot.His language is good but his behavior is bad.
gayodgayódexclam really, trulySarawayon gayod ini si Angelito.This Angelito really is mischievous.cfgalisuprisinglysynngay-an reallyganiindeedVariantgadreally
GetsemaniGetsémaniSpn Gethsemane garden, garden of Gethsemane. A garden near Jerusalem in Palestine which Jesus Christ frequented
giadgìádn slicemaggìádv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN source; I- acc. slice somethingcflahod tadtad tigbas syngurot 1slice
gibanggibángadj ragged edged, nicked. Refers to the blade edge of a knife or scissors or such
gigilgígilv [c2] MAG- actmaggígilv grit the teethsyngulu-gulo
gigis1gigísn little fingerAn imo abilidad ni sa gigis lang ni Juan.Your ability can not even equal Juan's little-finger.cftudlo1finger
gigis2gígisn pinky lamp, small kerosene lamp. Refers to a small lamp usually used for a night light in the home
gihagíhàn sub-section, rib cage. Refers to sections of fruits, tree rings, ribsAn giha nagalubong kun nagaginhawa pasulod.The rib-cage contracts when breathing in.
gihapongiháponadv 1again, alsoMakadi gihapon kami.We-excl will-come again.2at lastSalamat sa Dios, nakatapos man gihapon kami.Thank God, at-last we-excl have-finished.3stillMasakit gihapon siya.He still is sick.
gihaygíhayn midrib. Refers to the central vein of a leafAn mga gihay ginahimo na silhig.Midribs are-used-in-making brooms.
gilinggílingv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. mill, grindmagpagílingv have something ground, have something milledNagpagiling kami sin humay.We had our unhusked-rice milled.gilingánn grinderIgwa sinda sin gilingan san karni.They have a meat grinder.paragilíngn millerMakadto kita sa paragiling san kapi.We will-go to-the coffee miller.
giliwgíliwTagn darling, dearest, belovedKaprisko ko batyaga sa pagturog mo, akon giliw.Feel my coolness in your sleep, my darling.
gimatagimatáBkln new mooncfbulan
gin-vb prefixaction completed. Inflects verbs for completed action. For more information see Grammar Sketch, sec. 5.2.2gin(sabi)'said'Ginsabi ni Angelito na dili man gayod siya sarawayon.Angelito said that he is not really mischievous.syn-in-action completedin-action completedni-action completed
gina-gína-vb prefixprogressive action. Marks action in passive verbs as begun and in progress. For more information see the Grammar Sketch, sec. 5.2.3gina(samúk)an,'was disturbing.'Ginasamukan niya an mga Propeta nga nagapangadyi.He was-disturbing the Prophets who were-praying.synina-continuing verbal action
ginat-anginat-ánn coconut candy. Refers to candy made from the meat of a young coconut and coconut milk and sugarcfgata coconut juice
gindayunangindayunánn temporary residencecfdayon immediately