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gumagúmaadj rubberIgwa ka sin guma na sapatos?Do you have some rubber shoes?n 1rubber thongHigutan ta ini sin guma.We will-tie this with-a-rubber-thong.2rubber tire, wheel. Refers to the tire of a car, motorcycle, wagon, etc.An aton guma kupos.Our tire is flat.gumáhanv [c14] -AN goal. be rubberized
gumamelagumamélan hibiscus. Refers to a flowering bush which grows up to 18 feet tall. There are varities of red, white, orange, lavender and yellowMaghimo sin pagmiskla san dahon kag burak san gumamela.Make a mixture of-the leaf and flower of-the hibiscus.Hibiscus rosasinensis L
gumokgumókadj tangled. For example, as thread gets tangled uppagpagumúkav [c2] MAGPA-..-ON act. entangle somethingAyaw pagpagumuka an bola-bola kay malisod iuli.Don't let the thread get-entangled because it is difficult to-untangle/restore-it.
gunEngn goon. Refers to members of criminal gangspl.gunz
gunagúnaCebn short bladed machete, field knife. Refers to the short, square-ended, bolo or machete used for cutting or digging weeds from a yard or gardenAn akon guna mahabol.My bolo is dull.cfsundangbolotalibong1 synginuntingwork bolobunglay square ended bologunahónn weeds to be cutDamo sin gunahon an aton palibot.Our-incl surroundings have-plenty of weeds-to-be-cut.gunáhann weedy place, place to be weededv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. weed with a bolo, cut down weedsDidto ako sa gunahan.I was-there at-the place-to-be-weeded.Gunahan mo an amon natad.Weed our-excl yard.
gunitgúnitv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmaggúnitv grasp, hold firmlysynbuknit hold firmly
guntinggúntingn 1scissors, shearsHanapa an gunting.Look-for the scissors.2haircutMatahom an imo gunting.Your haircut is beautiful.guntíngonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. cut with scissorsGuntingon ko ini na karton.I will-cut this cardboard-box with-scissors.ginúntingn long bladed machete
gunzpl. ofgungoon
guolgùóladj tired, tiresomesynkapoy tiredhapo1tiredpagal1 tiredn tiredness
guragúran visored cap, hat
guramaygurámayn toe. Refers to the toe of an animate beingKun magpipirit ka sin paglakat martilyohon ko an imo mga guramay.If you insist on walking, I will hammer your toes.
guranggúrangadj old, agedAn gurang na babayi nakalog.The old woman fell-down.n elder-people, aged one, adult, mature beingAtamanon naton an mga gurang.We should-take-care of-the elder-people.maggúrangv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. age. Refers to aging of animate beingsNagagurang ka na, Jose.You are-aging now, Jose.magúrangadj oldest siblingkamagurángann group of older siblingsMalipay gayod sinda Inay pati an akon kamagurangan.Mother-and-all including my older-siblings were-really happy.
gurongúronv [c2] MAG- actmaggúronv shell corn. Refers to removing the kernels of grain from the corncob
gurotgurótCebn 1slice, loafPira an gurot san imo pan?How-much is a loaf of your bread?2crease, foldKlarado an mga gurot sa imo liog.The creases on your neck are apparent.gurútonn thing to be slicedparagurótn slicer. Refers to a person whose regular work is slicing somethingSi Juan an himuon naton na paragurot san mga sibuyas.Juan is the-one we will-make slicer of-the onions.gurutáv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc. slice somethingGuruta na an sibuyas.Slice the onions now.cflahod tadtad tigbas syngiad slice
gusokgusókn ribAn aton mga gusok takod sa aton taludtod.Our ribs are attached to our spinal-column.
gustogústoSpn choice, preferenceDili ina an akon gusto.That is not my choice.anthabo refusev [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. want, likeGusto siya magbiyahi.He wants to-travel.anthabo magustuhánv MAGPA- act; MA-..-AN pat. be wanted, be desired, be pleasedKuha lang san magustuhan mo.Just take what you want.gústo sabíhonn meaningDiri ina an gusto ko sabihon.That is not what I meant.
gutgotgutgótn cut. Refers to the piece cut from something else, usually with reference to butcheringmaggutgótv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN - sou; I- acc. cut off. Refers to cutting with a sawing or slicing motion in butcheringcftigbas syngulgol
guto-guton spine
gutobgútobn boundaryAmo ina an gutob san amon duta.That is the boundary of our land.Variantkutob 2as far asadv from now on, beginning nowGutob yana, habo na ako magkita san imo pamayhon.From now on, I do not want to see your face any more.
gutokgutókadj crowded, chockfullDamu-damo sin tawo an nagkadto kaya gutok na gayod san mga miron.Many people went there so the place really was crowded with onlookers.anthaluag loosegutuk-gutókadj very tightIni na bado gutuk-gutok sa akon.This dress is very-tight for me.maggutókv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. become crowded, be tightened, be chockfullNagagutok na san tawo an balay.The house is-becoming-crowded with people.pagkagutókn tightnessSubra an pagkagutok sani na pantalon.These pants are extremely tight.anthaluwaglooseVariantkagutok
gutomgútomadj hungryGutom na an bata.The child is hungry already.antbusog satiatedn hunger, famineAng ikinamatay niya gutom.The cause-of his death was hunger.magútomv [c4] MA- exp; -ON pat. hungerNagugutom na ako.I am-hungering already.
gutu-gutogutu-gúton spine, spinal column, backbonesyntaludtod spine
guwaguwâBkln outside, outdoorsAdto siya sa guwa.He is there on-the outside.antsulod 1insidesynlabas outsideluwas outsideVariantgowaoutsidemagguwâv [c8] 1MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. go outside, bring outNagguwa siya kagab-i.He went-outside last night.2winguwàónv -ON goal. go entertain, go out toGuwaon mo an mga bisita.Go-entertain the visitors.pinaguwâv be released, be sentPinaguwa na si Jose sa prisohan.Jose was-released already from the prison.Variantpaguwaonmaginuwâv go in and outMaginuwa an mga eskwela sa inda klase.The students are-going-in-and-out of their class.guwâann exitv exit throughDili ko aram an guwaan didi sani na balay.I do-not know the exit here in-this house.Amo ina na portahan an ginguwaan ko halin sa sulod.That doorway is the-one-through-which I exited from inside.iguwâv bring outIguwa na, Raquel, an kinuha mo na kamatis sa merkado!Raquel, bring-out the tomatoes which you got at-the market!
guyabanoguyábanon soursop tree/fruitsyngwayabanosoursop tree/fruitmanabasoursopAnona muricata
guyodgúyodv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmaggúyodv pull, drag, tow. Refers to pulling something along by a tetherAn hilig ko na kanam pagguyod san turutrak.My favorite play was pulling a toy-truck with-a-string.synbatak pullbutong1