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huthot2húthotv [c2] MAG- expmaghúthotv drip phlegm, drip mucous. Refers to dripping phlegm from the noseNagahuthot an sip-on san bata.The phlegm of-the child is-dripping.
hutib-hutibhutib-hutíbv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalhutib-hutibónv mutter, mumble, murmur, speak softlyAram ko na igwa siya sin ginahutib-hutib pero dili ko nabatian.I knew that he was-muttering-sommething but I did not hear it
hutikhutíkn whisperDili ko masyado naintindihan an iya hutik.I did-not much understand his whisper.synhingawwhisperhuring whispernguro-ngurowhisperngusngos maghutíkv [c9] MAG- act; I- acc. whisper
huwadhuwádCebv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accihuwádv 1pour, cascade, pour large quantity, dumpIhuwad ina na maati na tubi sa dram.Pour-out that dirty water from the drum.synipis pourbu-bo 2discard, throw away, dispose of, dumpGinhuwad ninda an basura sa tambakan.They threw-away the garbage at-the dump.syntapok1 punga1 dump
huwashuwásCebv [c2] MAG- ag; MA- pat; MA-..-AN expmahuwásanv be recuperated, be recovered, be convalesced, be relieved from pain/fever. Refers to recovering from illnessNahuwasan na siya san kalintura.She has-recuperated already from fever.
huwayhúwayCebv [c6] MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- accmagpahúwayv restNagpahuway siya kay ginkapuyan.He rested-himself because he felt-tired.pahúwayn restWara siya sin pahuway.He has-no rest.pagpahúwayn restingpahuwayánn resting place, resthouseAdi an pahuwayan, kadi na.Here I a resting-place, come here.
huwishuwísSpn judge, magistrate. Refers to a judge or magistrate in a court of law. Also refers to a justice of the peace.Istrikto ina na huwis.That judge is strict.synparahusgarjudge
huy-abhuy-ábv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmaghuy-ábv yawnPiraw na an bata. Nagaparahuy-ab.The child is sleepy already. He is-continually-yawning.synhakay yawn
huyophuyópCebn blowingMakusog an huyop san hangin.The blowing of-the wind is strong.huyupónv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. blow something away. Refers to blowing away something with the mouthHuyupon mo an ati sa sirong san makinilya.You blow-away the dirt under the typewriter.
huyothúyotadj holdingMay mga lalaki puros may huyot na barahe.There-were men who-were-all holding playing-cards.n something heldNano ina na imo huyot?What is that being-held by-you?maghúyotv [c7] 1MAG-, UM-, MANG-, act; -AN, goal; I-, ben. hold, grasp on, grab hold of somethingSi Elias nagahuyot pa sa palda san iya iloy.Elias still is-holding-on to-the skirt of his mother.cfbuknit gapot himil1 kapot synhawid tagal1 2supervise, take charge, manage, administer, overseehuyútanv hold on to somethingInhuyutan mo ba si Baby san magtabok kamo sa kamino?Did you hold-on-to Baby when you-pl crossed the street?ihúyotv hold for someoneIhuyot man anay ako, Pedro, sani na hambag.Pedro, please hold this handbag for me for awhile.paghúyotn hold, holdingSala an iya paghuyot san ilawan.His holding of-the lamp is wrong.parahúyotn holderIkaw an parahuyot, Roly, san hambag kay kami an parapudo.Roly, you-are the-one-who is the holder of-the handbag because we-excl are the fruitpickers.
HwebesHwébesSpn Thursday. Refers to the fifth day of the week
hwegohwégoSpv [c2] MAG- actmaghwégov gamblecfkugadorgamblerhugadorgamblersynsugal gamble