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hapuhaphapúhapCebv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalhapuháponv be stroked, massage lightly, feel by handHinapuhap niya an inda mata.He felt their eyes by-his-hand.maghapúhapv stroke gently, caress, fondle. Refers to the usual practice of women to comfort a child in order to put it to sleep
hapuonhapùónadj asthmaticcfhapo2 asthma
haragtingharagtíngn tinkle, ring, dingle, pingMay mga tawo na malisod pagtawagon, pero kun batianan haragting san plata kag kutsara matulin pa sa alas kwatro.There-are people who are-difficult to-be-called, but if a tinkle of plates and silverware/spoons is-heard they are faster yet than at 4 o'clock (quitting time).magharagtíngv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. ring, jingle (of coins). As when metal is struckharagtingónv be rung, be tinkledcfbagtingringing of bells
harakhakharakhákn guffaws, raucous laughs, howls of laughter, gales of laughtercfhakhak1 guffawVarianthakhak1 guffaw
harampangharampángn gathering. Usually refers to a gathering of people sitting around talkingmagharampángv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. gather aroundAn kabataan nagaharampang sa palibot san lamisa bisan wara sin surot.The young-people are-gathering-around the table even-though there-is-no food yet.cftipon savings
haranaharánaSpn serenadeparaharanáserenaderWara an daraga magtangbo sa paraharana.The young-lady/marriageable-girl did not lean-out-the-window-to-see the serenader.
haranghárangadj MA-, MA-..-ONVariantharángmahárangzesty, spicy hot, tangy, pungent. This word occurs primarily as a descriptive of foodAn maharang na sili nakapagana pagkaon.The spicy pepper makes food appetizing.maharángonpungentMaharangon ina na sili na nabakal ko.That pepper I bought is pungent.synanghangspicy hothangahang2 spicy hotkarang spicy hot
harángadj Variantharang
harangdonharangdónadj honorable, honored, high rankedcfhalangdonhonorableVarianthalangdonhonorable
haraniharaníadj near, close, nearbyIna na balay harani lang sa may plasa.That house is just near the plaza.synlapit nearapiki nearmagharanív [c2] MAG- act. draw near, go near
harapharápadj weak eyed, poor sightedSi Misis harap na tungod san iya katarak.Misis is weak-eyed now because of her cataract.maharápweak eyed
harasharásCebv [c5] MAG-, MA- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmaharásv cut cogon grass, trim shrubberyMaharas kami kun bayadan kami sin baynti pisos an adlaw.We-excl will-cut-cogon if we-excl will-be-paid twenty pesos a day.hinarásn cuttings, cogon grass cuttings. Refers to the cut off pieces of grass or shrub resulting from the trimmingTipunon mo an imo hinaras.Gather your cuttings.parahárasn cogon cutter, cutter of cogon grassWara kami makakuha sin paraharas.We-excl have not been-able-to-get a cogon-grass-cutter.
harayoharayôadj farAn amon balay harayo sa iskwilahan.Our house is far-from the school.Varianthirayofarmagharayôv [c5] MAG-, -UM- act; -ON ; -AN . go far from, depart fromNano kay nagaharayo ka sa akon?Why are you moving-far from me?pagharayôn departure, going far awayAn iya pagharayo nagpasakit san akon kapuso.His going-away made my heart ache.cfkalayo2 distancehágrayòadj far apart, plural. Describes a plural subjectAn mga balay sa uma hagrayo.The houses on the farm are all-far-apart.Varianthigrayohagrayûonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- ben. place far apartHagrayuon mo an inda ingkudan.Place their seats far-apart.antapiki nearanthalapitnear
hardinhardínSpn garden, vegetable garden
harihárìTagn king, ruler, sovereign, emperorVarianthadi kingginharìánruling territory, kingdom, realm, sovereignty, empireDili siya makasulod sa ginharian ni Juan.He will not be-able-to-enter the kingdom of Juan.kaharìánkingdomDili gayod siya makakadto sa kaharian ni Gomer.He really cannot go to-the kingdom of Gomer.
harigiharígin 1house post, house columnAn amon balay igwa sin dosi na harigi.Our-excl house has twelve posts.2chief, organization headharigìónpost materialHarigion ko ini na hamurawon.This molave tree is my material for a post.
haroghárogv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalmaghárogv play togetherAn duha na dyutay na bata na lalaki san estudyante kag ni Dudong sigi lang harog.The two small boys of-the student and Dudong just play-and-play-together.harúganv play together with someoneHarugan mo an bata agod dili magtangis.Play-together-with the child so he will not cry.
harokharókn kissPambihira an iya harok.Her kiss was excellent.magharókv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. kiss, smoochMagharok ka sa agtang san imo ama.You kiss the forehead of your father.
haros1harósv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalharusónv be prepared. Refers to preparing food as in preparing malunggay for cookingHaruson mo an kamalunggay.Prepare the malunggay for cooking.synpreparar preparehanda preparehimay
haros2hárosadv almost, nearly, just aboutHaros maligsan san trak an bata.The child was almost run-over by-the truck.synindyutayanalmost
haros-harosharos-harósadj carelessHaros-haros ina na tawo.That person is careless.Habo ako san haros-haros na trabaho.I don't like careless work.
harsiyaharsíyaCebn guy wire, quay wire or rope. Refers to wire for an antenna pole or cable or rope tied to anchor, pier or boat, or guy wire steadying the mast of a boatAyuha an harsiya san aton sakayan.Fix the guy-wire of our boat.
harukhokharukhókn gnatDamo sin harukhok sa kadlagan.There-are-plenty of gnats in-the woods.harukhúkonv [c14] -ON pat. be attacked by gnats.Ginharukhok kami san kahulat sa iyo.We-excl were-attacked-by-gnats while waiting for you.
haruphopharuphópv [c8] absorb plcfhuphop
hasanghásangn fish gillsAn hasang san isda ginaluto anay antis ibahog sa baboy.The gills of-the fish are-cooked first before they are-fed to-the pig.