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hasokhasókn plantationSing-ano an imo hasok na mais?How-big is your corn plantation?synhasyindaplantationmaghasókv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. sow seed, broadcast seed. Also refers to transplanting rice plants from seed plots to a paddyMagahasok kami sin mani.We will-sow some peanuts.parahásokn planter, sowerIgwa kita sin duha na parahasok san mais.We have two corn planters.
haspeháspeSpn jasper gem stoneHaspe an pader san balay.The wall of-the house is jasper-gem-stone.
hastahástaSpadv 1untilAdi ako didi hasta buwas.I will-be-here in-this-place until tomorrow.2includingInuritan sinda hasta ako.They, including myself, were-reprimanded.hásta na langforeverAdi siya maistar hasta na lang.She will stay here forever.
hasyindahasyíndaSpn plantation, haciendasynhasok plantation
hataashatàásadj tall, highMas hataas ako sa imo sin usad ka pulgada.I am an inch taller than you are.maghatàásv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. grow tallNagahataas pa si Lucia.Lucia still is growing-tall.hatàasánv heighten, make tall, make highHataasan mo an imo padir.Heighten your concrete-fence.cftaas
hataghátagCebv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmaghátagv giveAn pag-ampo amo an naghatag sa iya sin kalipay.Prayer that is what gave him happiness.tagâanv give something to someone. This word is an abbreviated form of hatagan Tagaan mo ako sin duha ka dosina na itlog.You give two dozen eggs to me.ipanhátagv I- acc; -AN goal. distributeIpanhatag ini na mga dolsi sa kabataan.Distribute these candies to-the children.paghátagn givingparahatágn distributor, agent, donorIkaw an parahatag san sura?Are you the donor of-the entree?mahinátagonadj charitableSi Alma mahinatagon na bata.Alma is a charitable child.Variantmahinatagcharitable
hatawhátawv [c2] MA- expmahátawv appear, break out. Refers frequently to the appearance of rashesMahataw an mga labak sa dughan.The red-spots will-appear on-the chest.cfmagluwasappear, go outmaglabasappear, go outbutwa ulbo lutaw
hatodhatódv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmaghatódv deliver, take, bringsynduhol deliverdul-ong deliverdara thing broughtihatódv be deliveredIhatod ini kan papa mo na kalo.You take this hat to your father.
hatolhatólv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmaghatólv deliver somethingsynduhol deliverdul-ong deliver
hatsahátsaSpn axe, hatchetMangangol an amon hatsa.Our axe is dull.synwasayaxeparahátsan axe wielder, wood chopper. A person who regularly uses an axeIgwa kita sin paraalog pero wara sin parahatsa.We have a water-carrier but we do not have a wood-chopper.hatsahónv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. be axedHatsahon mo an tuod.You axe the stump.
hatsinghatsíngBklv [c2] MAG- actmaghatsíngv sneezeNakatapon ini sa iba paagi sa hangin kun nagahatsing.This can-be-spread to others through-the air when one-sneezes.synsigma sneezesikma sneezesunga sneeze
haw-asháw-asCebv [c2] MAG-, MAKA- act.makaháw-asv 1come up out of, come through a crisisPaano ka nakahaw-as sa bubon?How did you come-up-out-of the well?2disembarkNakahaw-as na sinda sa sarakyan.They have already disembarked from-the boat.haw-ásonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc. be lifted out, be removedHaw-ason mo an sulod san baol.Remove the contents of-the garment-trunk.synhuklas paraháw-asn remover, extractor. Refers to one who regularly removes contents of somethingSi Jose an parahaw-as san sulod san karton.The-one removing the contents of-the carton is Jose.
hawakháwakCebn waist, waistlineAn sukol san akon hawak binti otso pulgadas.The measurement of my waist is twenty eight inches.makapamalinhawákv [c2] MAKA-. stand akimbo. That is, standing with hands on hips and elbows pointed out away from the bodyNakapamalinhawak si Rosalia.Rosalia is-standing-akimbo.
hawanháwanCebn weeded areaAn hawan niyan san mga tawo haglapad.The people's weeded-area is now quite-large.magháwanv [c7] MAG-, UM- ag; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. cut grass, weed a lawn, clear the ground. Refers to pulling or digging out weeds or cutting grass in a yardMaghawan san dinghot sa natad kay hagtaas na ina.Cut the grass in-the yard because it is tall already.cfharas iháwanv cut grass for someoneIhawan daw ako niyo sani na parti didi san uma.You-pl must cut-the-grass here in-this part of-the field for me.hawánonn grass to be clearedDamo pa kamo sin hawanon.You still have-plenty of grass-to-be-cleared.hawanánn place where grass is to be cut, weeding placeUrupod sinda pagkadto sa hawanan.They went-together to the weeding-place.cflinis be cleanedparaháwann weeder. Refers to the one in charge of weeding, one in charge of clearing grass/weedsIkaw, Joselita, an parahawan sa natad naton.You, Joselita, are the weeder of our yard.
hawayanhawáyanEngadj Hawaiian. Refers to anything connected with the islands of HawaiiDaragko kag matam-is an hawayan na pinya.Hawaiian pineapple are big and sweet.
hawidháwidv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN pat; PA-..-ON goalhawídanv 1grasp, hold onHawidi ini na alambri kay akon ihigot sa harigi.Hold this wire because I will-tie-it to-the post.cfgapot synhuyot holdingbuknit hold firmlykapot tagal1 2dissuade, touch gently, mediate between persons. Means, for example, to invite a guest to stay longer, or to try to persuade someone not to leavecfhimil1 magháwidv supervise, control, take charge ofSiya an nagahawid sa pinakahamubo na siksyon.She is the-one supervising the lowest section (of school).pagháwidn hold, graspSiguruha an imo paghawid agod dili ka mahulog.Make-sure-of your hold so-that you will not fall.parahawídn holder. Refers to one in charge of holding somethingAn parahawid sa ilawan nawawara.The one-in-charge-of-holding the lamp is-missing.
hayagháyagCebn illumination, lightMadulom an hayag san lampara.The illumination of-the lamp is dim.cfpawa pagpaháyagn 1explanation, clarification, definitionMatahum-tahom an iya pagpahayag.His explanation was-superb.2revealing, revelation, exposéAn pagpahayag san matuod na kriminal pagahimuon buwas.The revealing of-the real criminal will-be-made tomorrow.Malisod an pagpahayag san aton mga namamatyagan.The revealing of our feelings is difficult.synpaliwanag explanationpahayágonv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal; PA-..-ON pat. be made clearly visible, shine brightly. Means to cause light to shine brightlyPahayagon mo an ilawan.Let the lamp shine-brightly.synpapawaonshine brightlyipaháyagv [c7] MAGPA- act; PA-..-AN goal; IPA- acc. explain, preach, make known, enlighten, exposeIpahayag mo sa amon an imo gusto sabihon.Explain to us what you mean.magpaháyagv preach, explain, clarifyDidto sinda nagpahayag san barita.There they explained the news.synbalangibog 2preachpaliwanag explainisplikar paintyindiexplain
hayahayhayáhayadj relaxedpahayaháyanv [c2] MAG- ag; PA-...-AN pat. hang upPahayahayan mo an imo yamit kay mabasa agod magmara.You hang-up your clothes because they are-wet so-that they-will-dry.
hayanghayángv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmaghayángv lie on the back, fall backwardAda siya nagahayang sa katri.He is there lying-on his back on-the bed.
hayigpithayigpítadj narrowHayigpit an agihan paMobo.The pathway to-Mobo is narrow.maghayigpítv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; PA-..-ON pat. become narrowAn kahalapad san iya palda nagahayigpit.The width of her skirt is-becoming-narrow.pahayigpitónv make narrowDili mo masyado pahayigpiton an sukol san ikahatag mo na agihan sa amon.Don't make the measurement of-the pathway that you will-give us narrow.synsigpit narrow
hayopháyopn 1animal, beastDamo sin makaharadlok na hayop sa mga kadlagan san Aprica.There-are-many ferocious animals in-the forests of Africa.2insectAn alibangbang hayop.The butterfly is an insect.
HentilHéntiln Gentile, non-JewMga Hentil kita kay dili kita mga Hudiyo.We-incl are Gentiles because we-incl are not Jews.
herbularyoherbuláryoSpn herb doctor, healer, shamanSi Mang Juan maayo na herbularyo.Mang Juan is a good herb-doctor.synalbularyo herb doctor
hihi-prefix Descriptive prefix. This prefix marks the stem to which it is attached as a descriptive adjective. For more information see Grammatical Sketch, sec. 3.3.hi(dalom)adj deepAdto na siya sa hidalom na dagat.She was there in-the deep sea.synhadescriptive prefix
hi-adj prefixdescriptive