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hibihibîv [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON patmaghibîv cry softly. Means to wrinkle up face and begin to cryNagahibi siya kay mimi.She is-crying-softly because she cries-easily.pahibìónv make someone cry softlyGinapahibi mo an bata.Make the child cry-softly.cftangis
hidalihidalîadv quick, quicklycfdali quicklymaghidalîv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. hurry, rush, hasten, scurryNagahidali siya paglarga paCebu.He is-hurrying leaving for Cebu.paghidalîv do quickly, be quickIhatag ini na surat kan Parry, paghidali!Give this letter to Parry, be-quick!
hidalomhidalómadj deepcfdalom Variantlarom deepen
hidarahidárav [c4] MAG-, MAKA- ag; -ON pat; MA- pat.mahidárav 1persuade, influenceDili ina makawat na bata kaya lang kay nahidara san iya mga kaurupod.He is not a thieving child only that he was-influenced by his companions.2inciteSi Juan an makahidara sa imo sa karautan.It is Juan who will-be-able-to-incite you to evil.kahidáran persuasive companion, peerSin-o naman ini na mga kahidara mo?Who in-turn are these persuasive-companions of yours?cfbarkada companion
hidaromhidarómadj steepcfdalom Variantlarom deepen
higadhigádn 1side, edge, cornerSumakat siya sa paraw na nasa higad san danaw.He climbed-up into-the boat at-the edge of-the lake.2seashore, lake sideHamos sa higad san dagat.Let-us-go to-the shore of-the sea.ihigádv [c9] MAG- ag; I- pat. put at the sideIhigad mo sa kwarto ini na mga libro.Put these books at-the-side of-the room.magpanghigádv MAG- act; MAGPANG- act. go along the sideNagapanghigad sinda sa kamino.They are-going-along-the-side of-the street.
higantihigántiSpn giantWara sin higanti didi sa Pilipinas.There-are-not any giants here in-the Philippines.
higdahigdâv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goalmaghigdâv recline, lie down, lie back, stretch outGusto ka maghigda sa akon higdaan?Would you like to-recline on my bed?higdâann bed, place for lying downHain an imo higdaan?Where is your bed?
higirahigíraSpn fig. Refers to both the fig tree and the fruit of the treeWara pa ako makakita sin higira na kahoy.I have not yet seen a fig tree.
higkohigkôn dirt, filth, trash, debrisHalia ini na higko didi.Remove this trash from here.parahigkôn polluter, contaminator. Refers to one who regularly makes things dirtyAn parahigko sana na kwarto si Lucio.The-one-who makes that room dirty is Lucio.maghigkôv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN ben. make dirty, make filthyDili ka maghigko sa aton kwarto.Do not make our room dirty.mahigkôadj filthy, dirty, grimy, polluted, squalid, foulMahigko ini na lugar.This place is filthy.
higophígopn suctionmaghígopv MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. sip, suck, slurphigúponv be sucked upMay tawo na kun nagakaon san lugaw ginahigop lang.There-is-a person who when eating chicken-rice-soup it is just being-sucked-up by-him.synsuyop supsop suck
higoshigósn diligence, industriousnessAn imo tiyaga kag higos magahatag sa imo sin maayo na puturo.Your patience and diligence will give you a good future.Variantkahigósmahigósadj MA- pat, MA-..-ON pat. industrious, persevering, hard working, diligentMahigos ini na bata.This child is industrious.maghigósv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN ben. persevere, endure, cope, persistMaghigos ka agod magyaman.You persevere so-that you will-become-wealthy.
higot1higótn fighting cock. Refers to a cockfighting roosterDamo siya sin higot na tiksas.He has-a-lot of Texas cockfighting-roosters.cfsunoyroostermanok chickenilahaswild roosterparahigótrooster fancier, fond of roostersParahigot gad man ina si Lapito.That Lapito really is fond-of-roosters.
higot2higótn tie, tying materialBalagon an akon higot.My tying-material is vine.higutónv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. be tied tightly, be bound, be screwed in tightlyGinapos namon si Pedro tapos hinigot sa harigi.We bound Pedro's hands and feet then tied him tightly to-the post.higutánv be tiedHigutan naton sin maayo an alimango sa basket.We'll tie the crab well in-the basket.
higrayoadj Variantharayo far apart, plural
hikaghíkagv MAG- expmaghíkagv [c2] flare, spreadNagahikag an iya irong kun pagaginhawa.His nose flares when breathing.
hikaphíkapn touchAn iya hikap mistiryoso.His touch is mysterious.Variantpaghíkaphikáponv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. be touchedHikapon mo an iya liog.You touch his neck.syndutdot touch with a finger
hilahílav [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalhiláhonv pull, drag, tugHilaha lang an bangko, dili mo maalsa.Just drag the bench, you cannot lift-it-up.synbutong1
hilabahilabâadj longcflaba1 Varianthilagba lengthenVarianthilagba long (plural)
hilabâadj Variantlaba1 long
hilagbahilagbâadj long (plural)Varianthilabalonghirilagbâpl adj longHirilagba ini na posti.These posts are long.maghilagbâv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. lengthenNagahilagba na an bunga san upo.The fruit of-the white squash is-lengthening now.cflaba1 Varianthilabalong
hilapadhilapádadj wideVariantlapad wideVarianthalapadwide
hilawhiláwCebadj unripe, raw, uncookedNagakaon siya sin hilaw na bulinaw.He eats raw anchovies.anthinog anthinog become mature
hilighílign thing liked, hobby, penchantAn hilig gayod niya an manlit-ag kag mangayam.The thing he really liked was the snaring and hunting.adj favorite , chosen, preferredAn hilig ko na kanam pagguyod san turutrak.My favorite game was-pulling a toy-truck.mahíligv [c2] MA- act. desire, want, like, strong desireMahilig man ako mamati-bati san estorya.I also like to-listen-attentively to-a story.
hilikopterhilikópterEngn helicopterHuruhamubo la gayod an hilikopter.The helicopter really just hovered-low.