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hilo1híloSpn sewing threadE, may puti kamo na hilo?Eh, do you have white sewing-thread?
hilo2hilóCebn poisonMabakal ako sin hilo sa iraga.I will-buy some rat poison.parahilóadj poisoner. Refers to one who regularly uses poisonsSi Juan an parahilo san isda sa suba.Juan is the-one-who regularly-poisons the fish in-the river.magpanghilóv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. poison something, contaminate something, pollute something, taint somethingDili ka magpanghilo sa imo kapareho tawo.Do not poison your fellowmen.
hilo3hílov [c2] NA- expnahílov be dizzied, be dazed, be made giddy, be made light headed, be made groggyNahilo ako kahapon.I was-dizzied yesterday.pagkahílon dizziness, faintnessAda pa an iya pagkahilo.Her dizziness is still there.
hilothílotv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalhilútonv 1be massaged, be rubbedHiluton mo an akon likod.Massage my back.synmasahimassageVariantmanghilot2realign bones. Refers to joints or fractured bonesGinhilot niya an akon piang na abaga.He realigned-the-bones of my dislocated shoulder.parahilótn masseur, masseuse, midwife. This usually refers to one who practices massage as a medical treatment for a fee. A midwife's major contribution to birth is to considered to be to assist in the delivery of a child by massaging the mother's abdomenAda na an parahilot.Here comes the masseur/masseuse.parahilót sin piángn chiropractor, physical therapist. Refers to one who is considered to restore dislocations of bonesSi Juliana parahilot sin piang.Juliana is a chiropractor.
hilumhomhilumhómv [c2] MAG- actmaghilumhómv incubate. As a hen incubates eggs
hiluwasv pronounce
hilwashílwasCebv [c5] MAKA- act; -ON pat; -AN benmakahílwasv able to pronounceNano kay dili ka nakahilwas san roliks?Why can you not pronounce Rolex?synsangpot1 pronouncepagahílwasn pronunciationAn iya pagahilwas san roliks kay lolis.His pronunciation of rolex is lolis.
himasmashimásmasv [c12] -AN pat; I- acchimasmásanv revive someone, cause to regain consciousnessHimasmasan mo siya.You revive her.ihimásmasv revive with somethingIhimasmas mo ini sa iya.Use this to revive her.
himathímatCebv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN benmaghímatv be carefulMaghimat ka san imo pagsurumaton.Be-careful of your speaking.mahímatadj MA- act; -ON pat. careful, vigilant, cautious, watchfulMahimat siya sa iya trabaho.He is careful in his work.paghímatn carefulnessKinahanglan gayod ang paghimat agod dili ka masala.Carefulness really is necessary so-that you will not be-mistaken.
himatihimátiv [c2] MAG- actmaghimátiv ponder ; mull over, ruminate, contemplate. Refers to concentrated thinking about somethingNaghuruhimati siya kun nano an ginaistorya ninda.He pondered what they were-discussing.
himayhimáyv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmaghimáyv prepare something. As, for example, cleaning, sorting and cooking beans in preparation for a mealsynhanda prepareharos1 be preparedpreparar prepare
himayahimáyàCebn spiritual joy, bliss, raptureDidto naton mamatyagan an himaya sa langit.We will-feel spiritual-joy there in heaven.himayâonv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. worship, blessHimayaon naton an Dios.Let us worship God.mahimayàónadj MA-..-ON. blissfulIgwa ba kita sin mahimayaon na sosidad?Do we have a blissful society?
himbanahimbánav [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmaghimbánav baste. Refers to temporary stitching of clothsynilbana
himil1himílv [c2] MAG- agmaghimílv hold gentlycfbuknit gapot hawid huyot holdingkapot tagal1
himil2hímiln crispy bread, Italian bread, French bread
himnohímnoEng; Spn hymn, worshipful song, hymnalMasaulo mo kaya an sulod sana na himno?Can you really memorize the content of-that hymnal?
himohímòn deed, actionAn ugali san tawo nakikita sa iya mga himo.The character of-a person can-be-seen in his deeds.adj constructed, made, homemade, createdMga masarig an himo ko na paraw-paraw.My homemade toy-fishing-boats are durable.hinímòn made object, deedAn akon naman hinimo amo an magbulig sa kanda Itay kag Inay sa uma.My deed in-turn was-to-be-the-one to-help Father and Mother on-the farm.hímu-hímòadj concocted, made up (action), false (claim)Himu-himo lang an akusasyon sa akon.The accusation against me was just concocted.maghímòv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben. makeMagahimo na la ako sin kurukanaman.Now I will just make a plaything.himùánv make something for someoneHimuan ta na la siya kay kaluoy man.Now just let us make-something for him because he is-to-be-pitied.maghímu-hímòv concoct, falsify, make upNano kay nagahimu-himo ka sa akon sin kaso?Why are you concocting a case against me?
himoshímosv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pathimúsonv arrange something, save, put in order, put in proper place. As, for example, to tidy up a room by putting things in their proper placeHimuson agod dili magamit sa iba.Put-it-in-its-proper-place so-that it will not be-used for other-things.Ginhimos niya an iya kwarta.He put his money in a safe place.cfsaray tago secluded
himsahimsâBklv [c2] MAGPA- act; MAKA-makahimsâv can hatchsynpusa2 hatchmagpahimsâv make hatch, incubate
himu-himohímu-hímòn hearsay, simulated act, false claim, concocted storyPorbaran mo an mga ginasabi kun himu-himo o matuod.Test what is-being-said to-know-whether it is hearsay or is true.cfhimo deed
himubo1himubôCebadj 1shortHimubo siya na tawo.He is a short person.Varianthamubo 1short2lowHimubo an iya grado sini na tuig.His grades this year are low.maghimubôv [c5] 1MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. shorten, become shortNano kay nagahimubo ini na pisi?Why is this rope becoming-shorter?2decrease, lower, drop in valueNaghimubo an prisyo san kopra.The price of copra has-decreased.magpahimúbòv MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat; MAPA- pat. humble, submitMagpahimubo ka, ayaw paghinambog.You humble yourself, do not be-boasting.pagpahimúbòn humilityHanga ako sa iya pagpahimubo.I admired his humility.
himubo2<Not Sure>
himusodhimusódv [c2] tie umbilical cordpakahimusódv after umbilical cord is tiedPwede na paduduon dayon an bata sa iloy pakahimusod.After-the-umbilical-cord is-tied the baby can immediately nurse at-the mother.cfpusodumbilical cord
himuwahimúwàCebv [c3] MAG-, MANG- act; -AN goalmanghimúwàv deceive, lieNanghimuwa siya sa korty.He lied in court.
himyanghímyangadj comfortable. Refers to descriptions like living comfortably