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istriktoistríktoSpadj strict, stern, harsh, demanding, precise. Means one follows the law exactlyIstrikto ina na huwis.That judge is strict.syneksihidodemanding, strict
istudyanteistudyánteSpn studentsyniskwila student
istudyaristudyárSpv [c3] MAG- act; -AN patistudyaránv studyKaya himuon ko gihapon na ilustrasyon kag aton istudyaran.So I will-make an illustration and let-it-be-studied by-us-incl.synadal study
itaítan Aeta, Aboriginal people. Refers to the small, black, kinky haired people who are thought to be descendants of the earliest settlers to come to the Philippines
itayitáyterm of address Father!Itay, hain si Inay?Father, where is Mother?cfama fathersynpapa2fatherpa1 yetpapangFather!papayFather!payFather!mag-itáyv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. call someone fatherNano kay nagaitay ka kan tiyo Jose?Why are you calling uncle Jose father?
itikítikn ducklingWara kami'n itik kay wara'n tubig.We-excl do not have any ducks because there-is-no water here.itíkanv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. be made a duck breeding placeGinaitikan ninda ina na suba.That stream is-being-made-a-duck-breeding-place.
itlogitlógn egg, testicleIgwa ako didi sin pira na itlog.I have a few eggs here.paràitlógn egg layer, henIsad ka gatos an paraitlog sa akon manukan.The layers in my poultry-house number-one hundred.itlugánv [c14] make a nestitlúgann nestNagahimo siya sin itlugan san iya manok.He is-making a nest for his chicken.
itomitómadj blackMagbakal ka sin itom na laso.Buy a black ribbon.mag-itómv [c4] MAG- exp; MAGPA- act; -ON pat; PA-..-ON pat. become blackNano kay nagaitom na ini na akon sayal?Why is my skirt becoming-black now?itumónv be blackenedItumon mo an akon sapatos.Let my shoes be-blackened by-you.itúmann black, black peopleAn mga itom dili dapat magsulod sa kwarto.The blacks should not enter the room.Variantmàitóm
itotítotn intercourseNiyan na panahon an kabataan maaram na san itot.Today the young-people know-about intercourse.itutónv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. be copulated, be intercoursed, have coitus, be matedIna na babayi iituton na.That woman will-be-mated now.
itsaítsaSpv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accìítsav throw, hurl, toss. Implies someone will catch what is thrownIitsa didi an bola.Throw the ball here.synbuno throwlabay2
iwangíwangv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmag-íwangv clean the anus. Means to clean the anus after a bowel movement, whether with water or paperNagaiwang siya.He is-cleaning-his-anus.iwánganv someone's anus be wipedGin-iwangan mo an bata.Let the child's anus by-wiped by-you.synilo1 clean the anus
iwasíwasv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmag-íwasv avoid something, evadeKinahanglan mag-iwas kita sa ribok.We-incl need to-avoid trouble.pag-íwasn avoidanceDili malisod an pag-iwas sin pagbarkada.The avoiding of hanging-out-with-the-gang is not hard.synlikay ikmat
iwatíwatadj rare, difficultmàíwatadj MA- pat; MA-..-ON pat. scarce, uniqueMaiwat niyan an pagkaon.Food is scarce now.mag-íwatv [c4] MAG- exp; -ON pat. become scarce, become rareNagaiwat na niyan an orkids.Orchids are-now becoming-scarce.iníwatv be difficult, struggle, be strained, be exhaustedIniwat kami pagdakop san manok.We-excl were-exhausted catching the chicken.kàíwatn scarcityAn Pilipinas niyan na panahon nagabargo sin kaiwat sa kwarta.The Philippines at-the-present time is-experiencing a scarcity in money.
iwikiwíkn gruntmag-iwikv [c2] MAG- act. grunt, squeal. Means to grunt or squeal as a pig gruntsButangan sin asayti an imo motor kay nagaiwik.Put some oil on your motorcycle because it-squeals.
iyaíyapers prn 1him, her, it. This is the 3rd singular personal indirect referent pronoun of the Dative setIhatag ini sa iya.Give this to him.2its, his, her. The pronoun also functions as a possessor pronounNamimingaw siya sa iya nabayaan na mga amigo.He is lonely for his friends left-behind.3he ; it, she. This 3rd singular personal pronoun also occurs preceding a passive verb as its agentSa tanan na regalo an hatag ni Angelito an iya nailaan.Of all the gifts the-one which Angelito gave is the-one he liked-most.tag-íyan owner, of himSiya an tag-iya sini na libro.He is the owner of-this book.kinàíyan character, one's selfAmo na gayod ina an iya kinaiya.That really is his character.mag-iya-íyav [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. do something for one's selfNagaiya-iya si Jose sa pagluto.Jose is-cooking for-himself.
iyatoiyatôn mouse, baby ratAn iraga igwa sin unom na iyato.The rat has six baby-rats.synyatotmouse
iyawatiyawátv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmag-iyawátv 1make do, use wisely, use what is at hand, be resourceful. Means to accept or use what is available or use wiselyNagaiyawat ka naman san mga papel.You in-turn use the papers wisely.2take advantage. Means to take the opportunity to get something for free when occasion arisesiyawatónv be taken advantage ofIyawaton mo an imo oras.You take-advantage-of your time.synprobitsar ìiyawátv be frugal, be thrifty, be prudent, be economicalIiyawat mo an tubig.You conserve the water.màinayawátonadj frugalMainayawaton ini na tawo kay kun makita niya sa kalye an pako na bag-o ginasulod niya sa bulsa.This fellow is frugal because if he sees a new nail on the street he puts-it into-his pocket.
iyoíyopers prn 1your. This is the second person plural referent possessor pronounAn iyo bata nagkadi kahapon.Your child came here yesterday.2you pl. The second person plural referent pronoun also occurs as the head of a sa noun phraseAn kada isad sa iyo magdara sin sabon kag tubi.Each one of you should bring soap and water.3you. The second person plural referent pronoun occurs preceding a passive verb as its agent. See the Grammatical Sketch section 2.43.2 for more informationAn humay iyo bayuhon para mahimo na bugas.Pound the threshed-rice so it-will-become polished-rice.