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inosinteinosínteSpadj innocent
insayoinsáyoCebv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patmag-insáyov practice, rehearseNagainsayo ako san akon pagsurmaton.I am-practicing my speech.insayúhonv be practiced
insigidainsigídaSpadv immediately, urgentlyMag-uli ka insigida.You go home immediately.syntulosimmediatelydayon immediately
insinsoinsínsoSpn incense. This refers to the incense which is burnt in certain churches for its fragrant smell as part of the worship serviceAmbot kun nano an ginahimo na insinso.I do-not-know what the incense is-being-made-from.insinsuhánv [c3] MAG- act; -AN loc. burn incenseInsinsuhan naton an altar.Let us burn-incense-on the altar.
insinsuryoinsinsúryoSpn incense bowl, place to burn incenseWinara san sakristan an insinsuryo.The priest's-assistant lost the incense-bowl.cfinsinso incense
insistirinsistírSpv [c2] MAG- actmag-insistírv insist, demand, require
inspiksyoninspiksyónSpn inspectionMahimat an amon inspiksyon.Our-excl inspection was-carefully-done.mag-inspiksyónv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. inspect, investigateNagainspiksyon siya kun adi kita.He is-looking-to-see if we-incl are here.paràinspiksyónn inspectorIstrikto ina na parainspiksyon.That inspector is strict.
inspirasyoninspirasyónSpn inspiration
instansisínstansisEngn instancesIgwa siguro sin mga instansis na kadaka mapatawad.There-are probably instances when they might be-forgiven.synpangyayariincidents, instances
instrumintoinstrumíntoSpn instrument. Refers to any kind of instrument, not just musicalKuhiton an higko paagi san malinis na instruminto o yamit.Pick-out the dirt by-means of a clean instrument or cloth.
insultoinsúltoSpn insultMasakit masyado an iya insulto.His insult is very painful.makàinsúltov [c4] MAKA- act; -ON pat. insult, mockBaga ka an nakainsulto sa akon.You seem to-be-insulting me.paràinsúlton insulter, fond of insulting, mockerGinabadli ako san mga parainsulto san inda mga kaurupod.I dislike those who are fond-of-insulting their companions.synintrimis1 desecrate
intabladointabládoSpn stage, platform, rostrum, podium. Refers to a raised platform used by actors and others so the audience can see them above the crowdMakadto ako sa intablado.I will-go to-the stage.
intawonintáwonv [c14] be mercifulAn akon lang hangyo ayaw man intawon niyo pagrauta an kudal.My only request is please be-merciful by not destroying the fence.
intilihintiintilihíntiSpadj intelligentcfkalistuhanintelligencekadununganintelligencesynmautokintelligent
intirisíntirisintirisádoSpn interestintirisadoadj really interestedadv interestedIntirisado ako sa negosyo.I am-really-interested in business.Intirisado ako magbalhin sa iba na lugar.I am-interested in transferring to another place.
intirointíroSpadj 1whole, totalMasakit an intiro pamiliya.The whole family is sick.2allIntiro kami inuritan.All-of us-excl were-reprimanded.syntanan all
intonsisconj then
intraíntraSpv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal; MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON patmag-intrav intervene, interrupt, intrudeDili ka mag-intra san amon diskusyon.Do not interrupt our discussion.cfupod synbiyo joinsapi joinsika joinsumpay additiontakip adjoining partkalakipincluded thingmag-iríntrav plural actors joinMaayo an pakapraktis san tanan nga nag-irintra sa nasabi nga drama.All the actors of the afore-mentioned drama practiced well.intrádon participantIntrado si Juan sa sayaw ugaring kay masakit.Juan is a-participant in-the dance but he is sick.
intradointrádoSpadj enteredIntrado pirme ako sa tap fayv tsart.I was always entered on-the top five chart.cfintra Variantentrada
intriga1intrígaSpn payment, transmittalPira an imo intriga sa opisina?How-much is your remittance to-the office?màintrígav [c4] MA- ag; -ON pat. remitAdi siya maintriga san kwarta.He is here to-remit the money.
intriga2intrígaSpn intrigue, secret plan, schemeIntriga an dahilan san iya pagkatangkas sa trabaho.The cause of his firing from the job was intrigue.mag-intrígav [c9] MAG- act; -I acc. commit intrigueSiya an nag-intriga sa opisina kaya nauritan siya.He was-the-one-who committed-intrigue in-the office so he was-reprimanded.
intrigointrígoSpv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmag-intrígov hand over, remitAko mismo an makadto para mag-intrigo sani na mga papeles.I, myself, will-be-the-one to-go-there in-order-to hand-over these papers.
intrimis1intrímisSpv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patintrimísonv desecrate, marGinporbaran pa ngani niya na intrimison an eskwelahan.He indeed even tried to-desecrate the school.syninsulto insult
intrimis2intrímisSpn jokemag-intrímisv [c2] MAG- act. disparage, mocksynbasang-basangdisparage
intsikíntsikSpn Chinese