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kulipatkulípatv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -I accmagkulípatv twist someone's earkulipátav twist the earAyaw ako pagkulipata.Do not twist my ears.parakulípatn ear twisterSiya an parakulipat san amon talinga.He is the twister-of our-excl ears.
kulon breadfruit
kulogkulógn painBaga'n dili ko na matios an kulog san akon ngipon.It is as-if I could no-longer endure the pain of my tooth.synsakit1 painmagkulógv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. acheNagakulog an akon ngipon.My tooth is-aching.pagkulúgonv be pained, be hurt, be beatenDili mo pagkulugon an bata.Do not hurt the child.
kulongkulóngv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagkulóngv surroundkulúngonv 1be surrouded. Refers to surrounding something with a fishnet or fence or the likeKulungon ta an mga isda sin pukot.Let the fishes be-surrounded with a fishnet.2be imprisoned, be confinedKulungon mo si Jose kay lakatan.Let Jose be-confined because he is prone-to-walking-off.kulungánn 1enclosure, corral, penKaguwa man sana na imo manok sa iya kulungan.That chicken of-yours always-gets-out of its enclosure.2prisonAdto si Jose sa kulungan.Jose is there in-the prison.synprisohanprison
kultsitiskultsítisSpn clothing snapsWara na sin kultsitis an imo bistida.Your dress has-no snaps.kultsitísanv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal. attach snaps to somethingKultsitisan mo an imo bado.Attach-snaps on your clothing.
kulumpyokulúmpyoSpn rocking chairMagbakal ka sin kulumpyo.You buy a rocking-chair.magkulúmpyov [c2] MAG- act. rock in a rocking chairNakita ko siya na nagakulumpyo.I saw him rocking-in-a-rocking-chair.
kulungankulungánn enclosurecfkulong
kumanderkumánderSpn commanderAko an batalyon kumander.I am the battalion commander.
kumbinsirkumbinsírSpv [c5] MAG- ag; MA- pat; -ON pat; -AN benmagkumbinsírv convince, persuade, sway, influence, win over, convertsynhidara 1persuademakumbinsírv be convinced, be persuaded, be influenced, be convertedWara namon makumbinsir an mga tawo na matuod ina.We were not able-to-convince the people that that was-true.pagkumbinsírn convincing
kumbirakumbíraCebn banquetMakadto ba ako sa kumbira?Shall I go to-the banquet?synpunsiya banquethandaanbanquet
kumo1kúmoSpconj reason for, becauseKumo wara ka matagai sin kwarta, matangis ka.For-the-reason-that you were-not given money, you will-cry.synkay becausetungod1 because
kumo2kúmòn fistNakikita mo an akon kumo? Tamaan ka sani.Can you see my fist? You will-be-hit by this.kumùónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. be controlled. Refers to being forcibly controlled by someoneDili siya gusto na kumuon san kapareho niya na tawo.He did not want to-be-forcibly-controlled by-his fellow man.pakúmòn giftAko mismo an nakabaton san pakumo san akon mga maninoy.I myself am the one who has-received the gift of my godfathers.cfregalogift
kumoskumósadj wrinkled, crumpledKumos an iya bistida.Her dress is crumpled.kumusónv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. be crumpledKumuson ko an imo papil kun dili ka magpuyo.Your paper will-be-crumpled by-me if you will not be-quiet.cfkunot wrinkledkuyunot wrinkledkuyunot wrinkled
kumpararkumparárSpv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmagkumparárv compare, contrast, evaluateDili masayon magkumparar sin duha ka tawo.It is not easy to-compare two persons.pagkumparárn comparing, evaluating, contrastingDili tama an imo pagkomparar.Your comparing is not correct.kumparasyónn comparison, evaluation, contrastAn iya kumparasyon dili insakto.His comparison is not accurate.
kumpirmakumpírmaSpn confirm. Refers to a religious rite in the Roman Catholic Church in which young people are initiated into the church as full membersnakumpirmahánv [c14] MA-..-AN pat. be confirmedSa siyudad na ako nakumpirmahan san Obispo.In-the city I was-confirmed by the Bishop.kumpirmádoadj confirmed
kumpisalkumpisálSpn 1confession. Refers to a Roman Catholic religious ceremony in which a person confesses sin to a priest and receives forgivenessSige ko an kumpisal kag komunyon.I continued the (practices of) confession and communion.2confession of a crime
kumplianyokumplìányoSpn birthdayKumplianyo buwas san akon anak.Tomorrow is my child's birthday.magkumplìányov [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. celebrate a birthdayBag-o an bado san nagakumplianyo.The dress of-the-one celebrating-her-birthday is new.kumplìanyúhiv birthday be celebratedKumplianyuhi niyo si Bethlehem.Let Bethlehem's birthday be-celebrated by-you-pl.synkaadlawanbirthday
kumplianyosn birthday
kumplitokumplítoSpadj completeKumplito an iya sabat.His answer is complete.kumplitúhonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. be completedKumplituhon mo an imo ginasabi.Make your sentence complete.
kumplotkúmplotv [c2] MAG- actmagkúmplotv conspire, connive. Means to agree secretly to do something together (good or bad)synkunsabo conspirekutsabaconspire
kumpormikumpormíSpv [c3] MAG- act; -AN patmagkumpormív 1agree, concurDili ako magkumpormi sa imo sinabi.I will not agree to-what you said.2conform, comply with, match, coincideNagatrabaho ako kumpormi sa sugo san akon hipi.I am-working in-compliance-with the command of my chief.pagkumpormín agreement, accord, concord, concurrence, harmonyKontra sa iya buot an iya pagkumpormi sa akon.His agreement with me was against his will.
kumpyansakumpyánsaCebn confidence, trustNawara an akon kumpyansa sa iyo.My trust in you is gone.magkumpyánsav [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. trust, confide, have confidenceNagakumpyansa ako sa imo kaayo.I am-trusting in your goodness.
kumuluyokumulúyon citizenDamo-damo na tawo, mga estudyante kag mga kumuluyo san lungsod, an nagsugat sa iya.Many, many people, students and citizens of-the town, met him.cfpublikopublicsynpumuluyocitizen
kumustakumustáSpInterr part how is?Kumusta an imo pag-adal?What is-the-condition-of your studying?pangumustán greetingsWara makaabot sa amon an imo pangumusta.Your greetings did not reach us-excl.magpangumustáv [c6] MAG-, MAGPANG- act; -ON pat; -I acc. greetNagapangumusta kami sa iyo tanan dida.We-excl are-greeting all of you there.
kunconj 1if, when, wheneverMaiskwila ako kun dili mag-uran.I will-go-to-school if it-does not rain.2during, atAn kabug dili nagalabas kun adlaw.Bats do not come-out during daytime.kun nánoindef prn whateverKun nano an disisyon mo sunudon ko.Whatever your decision I will-follow-it.