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liku-likoliku-likôadj winding, twisting, zigzagingcfliko
likuanlikûann curve, bend, turn. Refers to a bend in a path or roadcfliko
lilalílaSpadj purple, light violetPaborito niya an kolor na lila.Her favorite is the purple color.maglílav [c2] MAG- exp. become purpleNaglila an iya bado na asul.Her blue dress has become-purple.magpalílav [c6] MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- acc. dye purpleSi Marian nagapalila san iya palda na puti.Marian is-dying her white skirt purple.synmagpatinadye purple
lim-awlím-awn puddle, water hole
limalimáadj fiveLima na ka tawo an nagloko sa imo.There are already five persons who deceived you.maglimáv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. become fiveMagalima na kami sa balay tuna buwas.We will-become-five in-the house beginning tomorrow.ikalimáadj fifthQuiapo an ikalima na estasyon.The fifth station is Quiapo.limáhanadj suitable for five
limaslimásv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmaglimásv bail water, remove waterlimasónv be bailed outLinimas ni Jose an tubi sa baruto.The water in-the fishing-canoe was-bailed-out by Jose.
limbaonglimbàóngn potholes. Refers to holes in the street paving
limbaslímbasv [c4] MAG-, MA- ag; -ON patmalímbasv pan wash. Refers to sloshing gravel in a pan to reveal any gold or other mineral nuggets mixed in itMalimbas kami sin oro.We will-pan for gold.
limitadolimitádoSpadj limitedLimitado ba an poder san gobyirno?Is the power of-the government limited?
limonlimónSpn lemonPugai sin limon an imo irok agod mawara an baho.Squeeze lemon on your armpit in-order to-take-away the foul-odor.
limoslimósSpn almsNaghatag ako sin limos sa mga ilo.I gave some alms to-the orphans.Variantlímosmakililímosn beggarParasugal ina na makililimos.That beggar is a gambler.maglimósv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. give alms, make a contributionMaglimos kita sa napatyan.Let us give-alms to-the bereaved-family.magpalimósv MAGPA- act; PA-..-AN goal. beg, solicit, ask for, request, supplicateAn mag-asawa na buta nagapalimos sin pagkaon.The blind couple is-begging for food.parapalimósn beggar, vagabond, tramp, hobo, drifterMakaluluoy an hitsura san parapalimos.The appearance of-the beggar is pityful.
límosn Variantlimos alms
limotlímotCebv [c8] MAKA- ag; MAKA-..-AN goal; -ON pat; -AN goal; KA-..-AN pat; I- acckalimtív forget, overlookPedro, ayaw ini kalimti.Pedro, do-not forget this.pagkalímotn forgetfulness, absent mindedness, amnesiaGrabe gayod an akon pagkalimot, kaya wara ako makakadi.My forgetfulness was-very great, so I failed to-come.synpagkalipatforgetfulnessmalimtánonadj forgetful, absent-minded, day dreaming, scatterbrainedMalimtanon ini na bata.This child is forgetful.
limpoyadj Variantlampoy shady
limpyav [c8] Variantlimpyo clean something
limpyolímpyoSpadj clean, spotless, dirt freeLimpyo an inda kosina.Their kitchen is clean.Variantmalimpyoparalímpyon cleaner, janitorKamo niyan an paralimpyo.You-plural are the cleaners today.paglímpyon cleaningDili maayo an imo paglimpyo.Your cleaning is not good.limpyuhánv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. clean somethingLimpyuhi sin maayo an balay.Clean the house very-well.cflinis Variantlimpya
limugmoglimugmógCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- accmaglimugmógv gargle somethingMaglimugmog ka sin Bactidol agod magkupos an imo tonsil.You gargle-with some Bactidol so-that your tonsils will-shrink/deflate.pagalimugmógn garglingUruadlaw an iya pagalimugmog sin suka.His gargling-with vinegar is daily.panglimugmógn mouthwashListerine an iya panglimugmog.His mouthwash is Listerine.
liná-gàadj Variantla-ga stewed
linabhanlinabhánn laundered clothescflaba1
linaw1línawCebv [c2] MAG- exp; PA-..-ON patmaglínawv become calm, become tranquil, become sereneNagalinaw na an dagat.The sea is-becoming-calm now.kalínawn peace, calmness, tranquility, serenityWara siya sin kalinaw sa buhay.He has no peace in life.malínawadj 1calm. Refers to the weatherMalinaw an panahon.The weather is calm.
linaw2línawTagadj clear. Refers to clear liquid like watermalínawclearMalinaw ini na tubi.This water is clear.malínaw an mátacan see clearlyGurang-gurang na an akon lolo pero malinaw pa an mata.My grandfather is already very-old but he can still see-clearly.
linderolindéroSpn border, boundary, edge, rim, perimeter. Refers to the borders of landIna an lindero san aton duta.That is the boundary of our-incl land.
lingatlingátCebv [c2] MAG- actmaglingátv muse, look around, day dream. Means not paying attention, distractedNano kay nagalingat ka?Why-are you day-dreaming?lingatánadj MA-, -AN. ill behaved, unruly, aimlessLingatan gad man ina na bata.That child really is not-well-behaved.cfkiataimless
lingat-lingatlingat-lingátCebv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accmaglingat-lingátv look all around, look in all directionsMaglingat-lingat ka kay basi may nagatago na makawat.You look-around for there might be a thief hiding.cflingi-lingiturn
lingatanlingátanadj ill behaved, unruly, aimlesscflingat