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lugilúgìTagv [c2] MA- expmalúgìv lose, fail, go bankruptadj losingNalulugi an inda tyindahan.Their store is-going-bankrupt.Gin-udong ninda an inda nalulugi na negosyo.They stopped their losing business.
lugitlúgitn copracflukad coconut meatmaglúgitv [c2] MAG- act. make copra. This involves gathering coconuts, extracting the coconut meat from the husk, then drying the meat
lugov shake
lugod1lugódBkllex part 1probably, maybe, perhapsDili na lang lugod ako maintra.I probably will not join any-more.2hopefullyMatuman lugod ini susog sa iyo pagtuod.Hopefully this will-be-fulfilled according to your faith.3reallyTumurog lugod gihapon ako.I really slept again.4insteadDili maayo na kuhaon an pagkaon sa kabataan kag ibahog lugod sa kaiduan.It is not good to-take the food from-the children and feed-it instead to-the dogs.
lugod2lúgodCebn scrub brush. Refers to something like a sponge, stone or hand towel with which to rub off dirt or the likeBato an iya ginagamit na lugod.He is-using a stone as a-scrub-brush.lugúdonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/loc; I- acc. rub off, scrub offLugudon mo an imo buring sa bitiis.Rub-off the dirt on your leg.cfhaplos synbag-id bagnos
lugomlúgomv [c14] I- accilúgomv soakAmo ini an twalya na ginlugom sa malabinhod na tubig.This is the towel which has-been-soaked in warm water.
lugoslúgosv [c2] MAG- ag;maglúgosv force , compel, rapepanlúgosn rape, grabbing, usurping, forcingPanlugos an dimanda kuntra kan Juan.The case against Juan is rape.paralúgosn rapist, usurperAn bitay sa mga paralugos hihimuon buwas.The hanging of-the rapists will-be-done tomorrow.
luha1lúhàn tearsPinahid niya an akon luha.He wiped-off my tears.Variantluhâluhàánadj tearyPirme lang luhaan an iya mga mata.Her eyes are-always teary.maglúhàv [c7] MAG-, UM-, MANG-, exp; -ON, pat; I-, acc. shed tears, move or dissipate by tearsNano kay nagaluha ka?Why-are you shedding-tears?cfmagtangiscryluhâonv dissipate something by tearsGinluha ko na lang an akon kaurit sa iya.My anger towards her was just dissipated-by-tears.ilúhav remove by tearsIluha mo ina na puling sa imo mata.You remove that speck in your eye with-tears.
luha2luháadj dizzysynlula liga
luhân Variantluha1 tears
luholuhôn hole, aperture. May be in the ground or elsewhereIgwa dida sin luho.There-is a hole there.synlusatholebuho holelusbot1 holemagluhôv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc; I-ben. make a hole, dig a holen digging a holeDili ka dida magluho.Do not dig-a-hole there.Dili masayon na trabaho an magluho.The digging-of-holes is not easy work.iluhôv make a hole for someoneIluho anay ako sani na tabla kay butangan ko la sin tubo.Please make-a-hole in-the board for me because I will just put a pipe in-it.luhùánv make a holeNano kay ginluhuan mo an amon dingding?Why was-a-hole-made by-you in our wall?
luhodluhódv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goalmagluhódv kneelNagluhod siya sa atubang san iya ginikanan.He knelt in front of his parents.luhúdanv be kneeled onGinaluhudan san karaslon ina na ulunan.That pillow is-being-kneeled-on by-the couple-to-be-married.paluhudónv make to kneelPaluhudon an tawo na may kulog.Have the person having pain to-kneel.luhúdann kneeling cushionMagluhod ka sa luhudan.You kneel on-the kneeling-cushion.
lukalúkaSpadj foolish womanAy, naawa ka la, luka na babayi.Ay, you are just jealous, foolish woman.synluko male fool
lukadlúkadTagn coconut meat. Refers to the coconut meat after it has been extracted from the shellsynlugit copramaglúkadv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. extract coconut meat. This is done by using a special knife to pry the coconut meat from the shellNagalukad sinda kada bulan.They are-extracting-coconut-meat every month.lukadónn coconuts to be shelledAn amon lukadon subra lima na libo.Our coconuts-to-be-shelled are-more-than five thousand.paralúkadn coconut sheller. Refers to a person who prys out the coconut meat from the shellMaghanap ka sin paralukad.You look-for a coconut-sheller.
lukat1lukátCebn ransomsyntubos ransommaglukátv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN sou; I- ben. pay for a license, pay for a ticket, pay a ransomMaglukat ka sin lisensiya basi makamaniho ka na.Pay-for a license then maybe you can-drive.lukatónv redeem, buy back a mortgageLukaton mo an imo prindado na duta.You redeem your mortgaged land.lukatánv redeem fromSin-o an ginlukatan mo sani na akon relo?From-whom did you redeem this watch of mine?
lukat2lúkatv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmaglúkatv dig, excavate, tunnel, hollow out
lukaylukáyCebn young unopened coconut frond
lukbanlúkbann grapefruit pumelo. Refers to a citrus fruit much like grapefruit. The word refers to both fruit and the tree itselfMatam-is ini na lukban.This pumelo is sweet.Citrus grandis
lukitlúkitCebn one eyedSinuntok siya san lukit.He was-boxed by-the one-eyed-one.synpikitone eyedadj one eyedSi Nilo lukit.Nilo is one-eyed.lukítonv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. gougeDili mo lukiton an mata san manok.Do not gouge-out the eye of-the chicken.
lukloklúklokv [c3] MAG act; -AN goalmaglúklokv hide, concealNagluklok siya sa higad.He hid in-the corner.
lukolúkoSpn male foolDiin magtago an luko?Where did the fool hide?kalukuhánn foolishness, evil, delusionNano an hinimo mo na kalukuhan?What foolishness have you done?panlulúkon deceit, trickery, falseness, deceitfulnessDili ako kompormi san imo panluluko.I do not agree with your decitfulness.parapanlúkon trickeryadj deceitfulDili ako mauyon sa imo parapanluko.I am-not in-agreement with your trickery.Ginahanap ninda an parapanluko na tawo.They were-searching-for the deceitful person.manlulúkoadj deceitful, insane, nonsensical, crazy, foolishHabo ako san manluluko na tawo.I dislike a deceitful person.maglúkov [c2] MAG- act. become foolishNagaluko na ina na tawo.That man is now becoming-foolish.lukúhonv [c13] -ON pat; I- acc. trick, deceive, cheatDili mo lukuhon an imo mga ginikanan.Do not deceive your parents.ilúkov something be used to cheat withNiyan sa gab-i iluko ta ini na kwarta na dili ginbaton.Tonight this money will-be-used-to-cheat by-us saying that it was not received.cflukafoolish woman
lukonlukónn prawn, lobsterMamira niyan an kilo san lukon?How-much is a kilo of prawns now?cfhiponsmall shrimpurang crayfishpasayonlarge shrimplagasakmedium-sized shrimpmalukónadj MA- . lots of prawns, prawnfulMalukon ina na suba.That river has-lots-of-prawns.
lukop1lukópCebv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat.maglukópv spread, diffuse, disseminateNagalukop an maayo na barita.The good news is-spreading.lukupónv be disseminatedLukupon niyo an Masbate wara sin may elevator.Let-it-be-disseminated by-you-pl that Masbate has-no-place with an elevator.
lukop2lúkopadj full, satiated. Refers to a person's feeling after eatingsynbusog satiated
lukotlúkotCebv [c6] MAG- exp; -ON pat; I- accmaglúkotv roll upNagalukot an balod.The waves are-rolling-up.Maglukot sin baga'n sigarilyo san duha na dyutay na uga na dahon san talumpunay.Roll-up as-though a cigarette two small, dry, leaves of-the thorn-apple tree.