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luwasluwásadj outsideAdto siya sa luwas.He is there outside.antsulod 1insidesynguwa outsidelabas outsidemagluwásv [c7] 1MAG- exp; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. exit, step out, get outHabo siya magluwas sa kwarto.He does-not-want to-get-out of-the room.syngawas outside2appear, come outWara magluwas an adlaw sani na adlaw.The sun did not appear today.luwasánv exit throughAmo ini na buho an ginaluwasan sa miya.This is the hole through-which the cat exits.synlutaw 2appear
luy-alúy-aCebn ginger rootGinahimo na salabat an luy-a.The ginger is-made into-ginger-tea.
luyalúyaadj MA-malúyaadj 1adjweak, feeble, frail, slowMaluya an lawas ni Tia Maria.The body of Tia Maria is weak.synlupogweaklupogweak2advslowly, unsteadily, haltinglyMaluya siya maghiwag.He moves slowly.kalúyan weaknessAn iya kaluya pagbasa an dahilan san iya pagbagsak sa iksamin.His weakness in-reading is the cause of his failing the test.maglúyav [c7] MAG-, UM-, MANG- exp; -AN pat; I- acc. weaken, be feeble, be slowNagaluya na si Itay.Father is-weakening already.manlúyav feel weakKun may nanluluya nakidamay man ako sa iya.If there-is-anyone-who feels-weak I also empathize with him.panglúyan dizziness, wooziness, faintness, lightheadedness, unsteadiness, weaknessNakabatyag siya sin pangluya kag tikasukahon.He felt weakness and nauseous.luyáhanv be weakenedLinuyahan gayod ako sin kahanap sa iyo.I really was-weakened in searching for you-pl.ilúyav relaxIluya mo lang an imo kusog kay pas-anon ta ikaw.You just relax your strength because I will-carry you on-my-shoulder.ipalúyav slow somethingGinpaluya nakon an pagpaawas san gripo.I slowed the flow from the spigot.
luyatlúyatn immature. Refers to either fruit or leaves of plants
luyloylúyloyadj drooping, hanging down, bent downward. As for example, tree limbs or a person's head from drowsiness
luyolúyoCebn 1other side, at the back, opposite sideAdto siya sa luyo san aparador.He is there on-the other-side of-the cupboard.2as a resultGintesting kami san Ginoo kun magatalikod kami sa iya sa luyo san amon pagasakit.We-excl were-tested by-the Lord to-see-if we would-turn-away from him as-a-result of our-excl difficulties.paluyu-lúyoadj side by side, both sidesGuntingan an paluyu-luyo san ginpilo.Scissor-on both-sides of-the folded-piece.
luyoslúyosCebadj wiltluyósadj wiltedLuyos na an dahon sini na tanom.The leaves of-this plant are-wilted already.Luyos na si Petra.Petra is already drooped-from-age.maglúyosv [c4] MAG- exp; MA-..-ON pat. wilt, wither, droopNagaluyos na an tanom kay wara madilig.The plant is-wilting already because it was-not watered.maluyusónv wiltedMaluyuson an dahon sani na tanom.The leaves of-this plant will-have-wilted.
lyabilyábiSpn keyKinuha niya an lyabi san pwertahan.He took the key of-the door.