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lagatiklagátikn clock tick
lagawlagáwCebn kind of fish
lagbaslágbasv [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal; PA-..-ON patmaglágbasv pierce, perforate, penetrateAn bala naglagbas sa inda dingding.The bullet pierced through their wall.synlapos 1piercelagom1
lagkitlágkitTagadj MA-malágkitsticky, tacky, gluey. Refers to stickiness in general, but also to a particular kind of rice which is very glutinous and therefore very stickyMalagkit an bugas.The rice is sticky.synpilit
lagolagôCebadj worn out, rotten, filthy
lagodlágodn sediment, dregs, residuemalágodadj full of sedimentAn tuba na ginainom niya malagod.The coconut-wine which he is-drinking is full-of-sediment.
lagom1lágomv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmaglágomv pierce the skin, puncture the skin. As from the bite of an insect or dogsynlagbas piercelapos 1pierce
lagom2lagómCebadj black and blue, discolored, bruisedLagom an bilog niya na lawas kay ginparabalbagan siya san iya ama.His entire body is black-and-blue because he was-badly-beaten by his father.synlanogbruised
lagoslagósCebn tooth gum, gum of toothHurubag an iya lagos.His gums are-swollen.
lagpaslágpasv [c2] MAKA- actmakalágpasv able to passNakalagpas na siya sa kamatayon pakadto sa buhay.He is-able-to-pass-by death to-go-on to life.synlayos lampas pass by
lagtoklagtókv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accilagtókv soakIlagtok mo an pilit na bugas.Soak the glutinous rice.nilagtókadj soaked, waterlogged, saturated, drenched, sopping wetLabahan mo an nilagtok na yamit.You wash the soaked clothes.
lagwirtalagwírtaSpn vegetable gardenGunahan mo an aton lagwirta.You weed our vegetable-garden.
lahiláhìCebn lineage, generation, race, clan, breed, origin, speciesHali siya sa lahi ni Adan.He came-from Adam's lineage.kaláhìdescendant, offspring, progeny, heirMga kalahi kamo ni Antonio.You-all-are descendents of Antonio.
lahidláhidTagv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc; MAGPA-magláhidv smear, wipe on, anoint. As for example, butter on bread or ointment on a woundNaglahid siya sin vicks.She smeared some vicks on herself.lahídanv greaseLahidan mo an karaha sin lana.Grease the fry-pan with oil.
lahodláhodv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmagláhodv cut thickly, slice thicklysyngiad slicegipad girisslicegurot 1slicetadtad tigbas
lain1lâinCebadj bad, poor, grievousmalâinadj unsatisfactory, poorNagkita sinda sin malain na palabas.They saw a poorly-performed show.maglâinv [c2] MAG- exp. worsen, deteriorate, degeneratel, get worseNagalain na an iya ugali.His attitude is-worsening already.
lain2làínCebadj differkalàinánn differenceAno an kalainan san bintahi kag kaayuhan?What is the difference between profit and goodness?manlàín-làínadj different kinds, various, diverse, assortedNakabagat na ako sin manlain-lain na tawo.I have already met different-kinds-of people.maglàínv [c2] 1v [c2]MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat. live apart, break away, secede, splitNaglain na sinda sa iya ugangan.They already have-separated-from his parents-in-law.synbulag separate2v [c8]MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. sort, separate, arrange, classify, organizeMagalain ako san pakas.I will-sort the dried-fish.
lain-lainadj various
lak-anglak-ángn step, strideMaghagan-hagan ka san imo mga lak-ang.Be-very-slow in your steps.maglak-ángv [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. step over, step acrossDili ka maglak-ang sa pagkaon.Do not step-over food.
lakatlakátCebv [c8] MAG-, MA- act; -ON pat; I- acc; -AN locmaglakátv 1walk, go away, leaveDili ka maglakat kay gab-i na.Don't leave because it is already night-time.synlakaw walk2run away from homeNaglakat si Juana kay ginbunal san iya iloy.Juana ran-away because she was-whipped by her mother.ipalakátv send awayPinalakat ko si Enrico.I sent Enrico away.maglakat-lakátv strollDida lang ako naglakat-lakat.I was just there strolling.paglakátn walking, running away, sending away, strollingDili ko aram an iya paglakat.I do-not know her departure-time.lakátanadj truantLakatan ini si Renerio.This Renerio is a-truant.synlakwatsérotruantpagpalákatn administration, management. Refers primarily to government administration
lakatanlakatánn lakatan bananaTagaan ko ikaw sin tinanok na lakatan.I will-give you a boiled lakatan-banana. cfsaging bananakandabacooking bananaMusa sapientum var. lacatan
lakawlákawBklv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accpaglákawn walkingMaghinay ka paglakaw.You walk slowly.synlakat 1walk
lakiplakípCebadj included, integrated, incorporated, insertedDili lakip an ministirio sa pagbulong.The ministery of healing is not included.kalakípn included thingmagkalakípv [c2] MAG- act. join, unitecfbiyo synintra sapi joinsika joinsumpay additiontakip adjoining partupod
laklakláklakv [c2] MAG- actmagláklakv lap up, lick up, slurp up. As an animal laps water
laknitlaknítCebv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patcfpaksi synlaksi1 maglaknítv rip off, pull off, tear off. Refers to ripping off with some force, as a label from a bottle or a scab from a wound