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lasoláson ribbon
lastikolástikoSpn rubber band, slingshot, strip of rubberButuka an imo buhok sin lastiko.Bundle your hair with a rubberband.
lasu-lasolasu-lasôn blisterDako kag halapad an mga lasu-laso san napaso.The blisters of-a burn are-large and wide.synlaptokblister
lat-anglat-ángCebv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmaglat-ángv miss, skip, overlook, fail to notice
lat-oklát-okn pustule, boil, pimple, furnucle, abscessMakikita sani na impeksyon an damu-damo na lat-ok.This infection shows very-many pustules.syntubig-tubiglittle blister
lata1latâHlgadj overcooked, tender. As meat gets tender from long boiling
lata2látaSpn tin canPuruta ina na mga lata.Pick up those tin-cans.linátaadj serving as a canDarahon mo didi an ulayan san linata na tubi.Bring the carrying-pole for the water cans.
latadlátadCebv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accVariantlatag spread outilátadv sun bleach. Means to bleach clothes by spreading them out on bushes in the sunIlatad mo an habol na puti.Sun-bleach the white blanket.synkula Variantlatag
lataglátagCeb; Hlgv [c4] MAG ag; -ON patVariantlatad sun bleach somethingmaglátagv spread, spread outVariantlatad
latak1látakn bleachmaglátakv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. bleach, blanch, remove the color
laták2v [c2] MAG- actmaglatákv strike the head with the hands, knock the head
lataylátayHlgv [c6] MAG-, MA- act; -ON pat; I- accmaglátayv cross over on a bridge, go across ; bridge something, crawl overHabo siya maglatay sa kawayan.He does-not-want to-cross-over on-the bamboo pole.malátayv will crossMalatay ako sa iya mga barahibo pakadto sa iya mata.I will-go-across his feathers to his eyes.latayánn bridgeNabali an latayan na kawayan.The bamboo bridge was-broken.
latilátin meadow
latigolatigón whip, lashHimuson mo an akon latigo para sa mga kabayo.You keep my whip for the horses.latigúhonv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. be whipped, be flogged, be lashed, be thrashedKun dili kamo magpuyo, latiguhon ko kamo.If you will not behave/be-quiet, I will-whip you.
latiklatíkCebn syrup. Refers to a syrup made from sugar and water or coconut milk. It is used to sweeten coffee and for pastries
latolátòCebn seaweed, gelatin. Eating this is said to be a remedy for goitersynlumotseaweed
latoblatóbCebv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patlatubónv whip, lash, flogKaya sadto nilatob lugod kuno si Manay Diola.So-then Manay Diola really was-whipped at-that-time, it-was-said.cfsuntok
latoylatóyn green beans, string beansAbunda sa portina an latoy.String-beans are-abundant in protein.
latundanlatúndann yellow banana. Refers to a six inch yellow banana which is one of the most important banana varieties in the Philippinessynaslumangreen banana specieskatundangreen banana species
law-ayláw-ayCebadj MA-maláw-ayadj lewd, obscene, lascivious, offensive to decency, indecent, immoral. Refers to thoughts, words, actions or picturesDili ka magsurumaton sin mga malaw-ay.Do not speak with obscene words.magláw-ayv [c2] MAG-exp. become obsceneNagaparalaw-ay an mga bado san mga babayi niyan.The dresses of the women today are becoming-obscene.
lawaláwàn spiderDamu-damo na klasi an lawa.There-are-many kinds of spiders.lawa-láwacobweb, spider webSilhigon mo an mga lawa-lawa.You sweep-out the cobwebs.
lawanitlawánitn particle board. Particle board is made from wood chips mixed with glue and rolled out in the form of a sheet like plywood. It is typically 4'x8' in sizeIaparador mo ini na lawanit.You use this particle-board to-make-a-closet.
lawasláwasCebn bodyAtamanon mo an imo lawas.Take-care-of your body.kalawásann entire body, physical health. Also refers to plural bodies and the health condition of themMasakit an akon kalawasan.My entire-body is aching.lawasnónadj bodily. Means pertaining to the bodysi Kristo may poder sa pag-ayo san aton sakit na lawasnon.Christ has power for healing our bodily sickness.
lawayláwayn salivaNagaturo an iya laway kun nakakita sin ribusado.His saliva drips when he sees fried-shrimp.magláwayv [c2] MAG- act. retch, vomit, lose one's cookiessynluda spitluwa suka1 vomitdigwa retchdul-ay vomit
lawilawíCebn fish hookVariantdawifish hookmanlawív [c4] MAGPAN-, MAN- act; -ON pat. fish with hook and lineNanlawi si Itay kagab-i.Father fished-with-a-hook-and-line last-night.pamalawín fishing rod, fishing polePira an gastos san imo pamalawi?How-much is the cost of your fishing-rod?magpamalawív [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. fish with a fishing rodNagapamalawi sinda sa pantalan.They are-fishing-with-a-fishing-rod on-the wharf.parapamalawín rod fisherman, pole fishermanBantayan mo an parapamalawi kay mabakal kita sin isda.You watch for the rod-fisherman because we will-buy some fish.synbalakwit fishhook