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misiasmisíasSpn messiahSi Jesu-Kristo kuno amo an Misias.Jesus Christ it-is-reported is the Messiah.
misitamisítaSpn coffee table. Refers to a part of the living room set of furniture
misklamísklaSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- accmiskláhanv mix togetherMisklaha an itlog kag san arina.Mix-together the egg and the flour.cfsagol1 mixtureukay1 synbati2 halo2 ukag masa mixsakot pagmísklan mixingAyuha an imo pagmiskla.Do your mixing well.pangmísklan mechanical mixer. Refers to a machineIgwa sinda sin pangmiskla san arina.They have a flour mixer.paramísklan mixer. Refers to a person whose job it is to mix ingredientsWara sin paramiskla san baybay kag siminto.There-is-no mixer of-the sand and cement.
mismomísmoSpprn self. This is a reflexive personal pronounSinda mismo an naghimo sini.They themselves are-the-ones-who made this.
mistiryomistíryoSpn mysteryDili ko aram kun diin maghali ina na mistiryo.I do not know where that mystery came-from.mistiryósaadj mysterious. Used with nouns representing feminine personsMistiryosa ina na babayi.That woman is mysterious.mistiryósoadj mysterious. Used with masculine nounsmagmistíryov [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. something mysterious happensMay nagmistiryo sinda.There-was-something mysterious-happened-to them.
mistiryosan Variantmistiryosomysterious
mistiryosomistiryóson mysterious. Used with nouns representing masculine personscfmistiryo mysteryVariantmistiryosa
mitromítroSpn meter. Refers to a measurement of 39.37 inchesMaduha ka mitro an kahadalom.The depth is about two meters.An lapad san amon lamisa usad ka mitro may tunga.The width of our table is one meter and a half.Variantmàunmítroadj about one meter
mitsamítsaSpn 1wick. Refers to the wick of a lamp or fuse for dynamite or firecrackersLiwani sin mitsa an ilawan.Change the wick on-the lamp.2instigator, causeSiya an mitsa sa araway.He is the instigator of-the quarrel.magmítsav [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. insert a wick, change a wick. Refers to inserting a new wick into a lamp or to change a wickNagamitsa siya san ilawan.He is-inserting-a-wick into-the lamp.imítsav be used for a wickMalinis na kamisita an imo imitsa dida sa mga ilawan.What will-be-used-for-a-wick by-you there in the lamps is a clean undershirt.mitsahánv be fitted with a wickMitsahan ko anay an mga ilawan kay mapawa pa.The lamps will first be-wicked by-me so-that they-will continue to-shine.
miyamíyàn catPakauna an miya.Have the cat eat.magpamiya-míyav [c2] MAG- act. act cat-likeNagapamiya-miya si Nino sa sini.Nino acted-like-a-cat in-the movie.synidingcat
miyabasmiyábasCebn guava fruit, guava treeMagbakal ka sin napulo na miyabas sa tyindahan.You buy ten guavas from the store.parapamiyábasn guava pickerMagbakal ka sin miyabas sa parapamiyabas.You buy some guavas from-the guava-pickers.magpamiyábasv [c5] MA-, MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat; PA-..-AN goal. pick guava, gather guavaNagapamiyabas sinda.They are-gathering-guavas.synmayabas guava fruitbayabas guava fruit
MiyirkolisMiyírkolisSpn Wednesday. Refers to the 4th day of the week in the Gregorian calendar
moprn 1you (singular). The 2nd person singular genitive pronoun which substitutes for the ni class personal noun phrase functioning as an out-of-focus agentGusto mo ina?Do you like that?2your (singular). In the following example mo functions as a possessorHain an manghod mo?Where is your younger-sibling?
modamódaSpn fashion in clothes, clothes style, clothes fashionNagasunod siya sa moda.She keeps-abreast of-the fashion-in-clothes.syntabas styleusostyle
modestamodéstaSpn seamstress, dressmaker
modilomodíloEngn modelIkaw an modilo san imo mga anak.You-are the model of your children.pagmodílon modellingAn iya pagmodilo an nagpaharayo sa iya san iya mga anak.Her modeling is what distanced her from her children.magmodílov [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. model, poseNagamodilo siya sa Rustans.She is-modelling at Rustans.
modirnomodírnoSpadj modern, currentDili gamit an gugtol sa modirno na pag-ani.A grain-harvesting-knife is not used in modern harvesting.
MoisesMóisesn Moises. A man's name
Molbugmólbugn Molbug. A town in Masbate Province
molidomolídoSpn a sweet confection. Made from mashed sweet potato and sugar
molinomolínoSpv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. mill, grindcfgiling magmolínov mill grainNagamolino kami sin humay, mais kag kapi.We are-milling rice, corn and coffee.molinohónv be milledMolinohon ta anay ini na kanda Mr. Azillo.This will-be-milled first by-us-incl for Mr. Azillo.ipamolínov MAGPA- ag; IPA- acc. cause to millIpamolino ko ini na mais.I will-have this corn milled.molinohánn milling machine, millNasira an inda molinohan.Their mill is-damaged.paramolínon miller, operator of a millSi Juan an amon paramolino.Juan is our miller.parapamolínon miller's customerDamo sin parapamolino sa Ruiz Corn & Rice Mill.There-are-plenty of milling-customers at-the Ruiz corn & rice mill.pagmolínon millingAn pagmolino matuna sa alas sais an aga.The milling begins at six o'clock in-the morning.
molistiyamolístiyaSpv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmagmolístiyav pester, disturb, bother, molestmolistiyahónv be disturbed, be pestered, be bothered, be molested. Means to pester someone by persistently wanting to borrow or ask favorsMolistiyahon ko ikaw sin madali.I will-disturb you for a momentpagmolístiyan pesterding, bothering, disturbingDili ako urit san imo pagmolistiya.I am-not angered by your pestering.molistiyadóran female nuisance, female pest, female irritant. Refers to a person who pesters by continually asking for or borrowing thingsSi Lucrecia molistiyadora sa iya katarakin.Lucrecia is a nuisance to her neigbors.molistiyadorn male nuisance
momintomomíntoSpn moment, instantNano an ginahimo mo niyan na mominto?What are you doing at-this moment?
monaymónayn egg bread. Refers to a particular kind of bread made with extra eggs and butter. It is considered a confectionsynpan breadtinapaybread
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