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muramúraSpadj cheap, reduced price. Refers to the special sales in which prices have been reduced in order to sell the merchandise more quicklyMura an pakabakal ko san akon makanilya.The price I paid for my typewriter was-a-reduced-price.cfbaratilyobargain salesynbaratocheapmúros o múramore or lessSa sulod sin 17 anyos muros o mura an tawag sa akon.Within 17 years more or less was the call to me.
murawaymuráwayv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patmagmuráwayv rejoice, praiseMagmuraway kita sa ngaran san Dios.Let us rejoice in-the name of-the Lord.synkalipayhappinessmawotpraise
murtomúrtoHlgn ghost, apparition, phantom, ghoulcfmulto ghostVariantmulto ghost
murusdotmurusdótv [c2] MAG- act. frown, pout, sulk, glower, mope, scowlUrit-urit an babayi kaya siya murusdot.The woman was-very-angry so she was-frowning.synkusmod frowning
mus-ingmús-ingn dirt on facePahidon mo an imo mus-ing.Wipe-off the dirt on your face.mus-íngonadj has a dirty faceMus-ingon ini na bata.This child has-a-dirty-face.magmús-ingv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. become dirty facedNagamus-ing na an bayhon ni Jojo.Jojo's face is-becoming-dirty.
musamúsaSpn muse, beauty queenmagmúsav [c2] MAG- act. become a muse
muskitiromuskitíroSpn mosquito netHimusa an muskitiro.Store the moquito-net.muskitiruhónn mosquito net material, mosquito nettingMuskitiruhon ko ini.This is my mosquito-net-material.magmuskitírov [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc. hang a mosquito netMagmuskitiro kamo kay damo sin lamok.You hang-a-mosquito-net because there are plenty of mosquitoes.
mustasamustásaSpn mustard greens, mustard plant, mustard leavesNakakaon na ako sin mustasa.I have-eaten mustard-greens already.synlabanosradishBrassica integrifolia
mutamútàSpn mucus of the eye, mote, dirt particle in the eye
mutmotmútmotv [c2] MAG- actmagmútmotv hold a grudge, begrudgepagmútmotn grudge, gruding, resentment, rancor, ill will, bitternesssynhinanakit1 grudgepadumut-dumotgrudge
mutsatsamutsátsaSpn servant girlNano an pangaran san imo mutsatsa?What is the name of your servant-girl?mutsatsahónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. be treated as a servant girlDili mo ako mutsatsahon.Do not treat me like-a-servant-girl.magpamutsátsav MAGPA- act; IPA- acc; MAPA- pat. work as a servant girlNagapamutsatsa si Luisa kan Donya Mercedes.Luisa is-working-as-a-servant-girl of Donya Mercedes.cfmutsatso servant boy
mutsatsomutsátsoSpn servant boymagpamutsátsov [c2] MAG- act. work as a servant boycfmutsatsa servant girl
myimbromyímbroSpn member, associate, affiliate. Refers to being a member of a groupMyimbro siya san BSP.He is a member of-the BSP (Boy Scouts of the Philippines).pagpamyímbron membership, associationIgwa sin bayadan sa pagpamyimbro.There-is a membership fee.magmyímbrov [c3] MAG-, MAGPA- act; -AN goal. become a memberNagmyimbro si Jose sa isad na gangster.Jose became-a-member of a gangster-gang.myimbruhánv be inducted as a memberNano an pangaran san gang na imo ginmyimbruhan?What is the name of-the gang which you were-inducted-as-a-member-of?magpamyímbrov become a memberHabo siya magpamyimbro sa aton.He does-not-want to-become-a-member with us-incl.
myintrasmyíntrasSpconj meanwhile, whileMyintras nagasurat ka, makaon anay ako.While you are-writing, I will-eat first.