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madre de kakawmádre de kakáwSpn Mother of Cacao tree.Dunuton kag tadtadon an mga pira na dahon san Madre de Cacao.Chop-up and crush a few leaves of-the Mother of Cacao-tree. Refers to a deciduous tree planted as shade for the cacao trees. It has many pink or lavendar blossoms. Also known as the kakawati tree.synkakawatiMadre de Kakaw treeGliciricidia sepium
madudahonmadudahónadj faultfindercfduda
madugamadúgàadj juicycfduga juice
madunongmadúnongadj intelligentcfdunong knowledge
madutlanmadutlánv harmcfdulot1consequence
madyongmádyongn Mahjong game. A Chinese game played with domino-like tablets which have Chinese characters inscribed on the sides. It is a common gambling game among lowland Filipinos
maestramaéstraSpn female teacherIstricta an akon maestra.My female-teacher is strict.cfmaestromale teacherparatukdoteachermagmaéstrav [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. teach, serve as a female teacherNagamaestra siya sa amon baryo.She is-serving-as-female-teacher in our barrio.maestrahánv be taughtNano na grado an ginamaestrahan ni Ofelia?What grade is-being-taught by Ofelia?maestrahónadj female teacher to beMaestrahon na an anak ni Meding.Meding's child is a female-teacher-to-be.
maestromaéstroSpn male teacherSin-o an imo maestro?Who is your male-teacher?cfmaestra female teacherparatukdoteacher
mag<Not Sure>
mag-1vb prefixsubjective action. This affix marks a verb for subjective action, with actor or agent as Topic of the clause, and the not begun, or contemplated, aspect. It is also used by many speakers on verbs expressing natural phenomena, e.g. rain rains, wind blows, dawn bursts. Past form: nag-. Nominal form: pag-. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. 5.31.mag-(sagkâ)vascendGinaisip ko na magsagka sa amon uma.I am-thinking to-ascend to our farm.nag-(istár)vlivedMay isad na gurang na may kagamhanan nag-istar sa bukid na kweba.There-was an old-person with power who lived in a mountain cave.
mag-2Nounnominal derivational affix. This mag- derives nominals from verb stemsmag-(babáboy)pig dealer. The word comes from baboy 'pig'An magbababoy...The pig-dealer...mag-(amá)father and son. This word comes from ama 'father'An mag-ama...The father-and-son...
magdabokv [c4] Variantdabok ignite
MagdalenaMagdalénaSpn Magdalena. A woman's name
maggurukodmaggurukódn pursurercfgukod
maghalapítv [c8] Variantlapit be nearing
maghaponmagháponadj all daycfhapon2 fishing line
maghinakotv loiter
maginalangonmaginalángonadj courteous, respectfulcfgalang respect
magkalain-lainmagkalâin-lâinadj different, variedMagkalain-lain an tawo didi sa Masbate.The people here in Masbate are-varied.cflain1 bad
magkukuronmagkukúronn pot maker, pottercfkuron clay pot
maglabasv appear, go out
maglolamaglólan grandmother and grandchildcflola grandmother
magluwasv appear, go out
magmanghodmagmanghódn related siblingscfmanghod younger siblingsynbugto2sibling