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malipunganmalipúnganadj puzzledcflipong1 wonderful
malisodmalisódadj difficultcflisod
malisya1malísyaSpv [c8] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmakamalísyav notice, observeWara ako makamalisya na si Pedro makawat.I did not notice that Pedro was-a-thief.magpamalísyav MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- acc. signal, notifyNagpamalisya siya na mauna na siya pag-uli.He signaled that he would-go-home ahead-of-me.pamalísyan omen, sign, portent, warning, premonitionsynmangno notice
malisya2malisyáSpn maliceAn kabataan wara pa sin malisya.Children have no malice yet.magmalisyáv [c2] MAG- act. resentNagamalisya ako san inda rilasyon.I resent their relationship.malisyúsaadj spiteful. Refers to an attitude of a womanMalisyusa ini na babayi.This woman is spiteful.
malitamalítaSpn suitcaseWara ako sin malita.I have no suitcase.Variantmaletamakamalítav [c2] MAG-, MAKA- act. use a suitcase, carry a suitcaseNakamalita siya paManila.He carried-a-suitcase to-Manila.
maliwanmaliwánadj fond of changing clothescfliwan1
malmalmálmaln mormor fishsynmormormormor fish
malubimalubíadj lots of coconut treescflubi coconut
malukonmalukónadj lots of prawnscflukon prawn
maluluy-onadj Variantmaluuyonmerciful
malumlommalúmlomadj gloomy, cloudy, mistysynmadampogcloudy
malunggaymalúnggayn horse radish treeHaruson mo an kamalunggay.Prepare the horse-radish-leaves for cooking.Variantkamalunggayhorse radish treeMoringa oleifera
malusotmalúsotadj clevercflusot
maluuyonmalùuyónadj mercifulcfluoy Variantmaluluy-onVariantluoy merciful
maluyamalúyaadj weak, slow, feeblecfhinay synlupogweak
mama1mámaEngterm of address 'Mama!', 'Mother!', 'Mommy!'Mama, adi an akon maestra.Mother, here is my lady-teacher.magmámav [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. call someone mother, address someone as motherMagmama ka sa akon.You call me mother.Variantmamay
mama2mamân betel nut chew. Refers to a chew consisting of betel nut, buyo leaves, lime and tobaccomagmamâv [c2] MAG- act. chew betel nutHabo ako magmama.I do-not-like to-chew-betel-nut.paramamân betel nut chewerIgwa ako sin kaklasi na paramama.I have a classmate who is a betel-nut-chewer.mamàónn something to chew with betel nut. It is usually buyo leaf and limeWara na ako sin mamaon.I do-not-have any stuff-to-chew-with-the-betel-nut.mamàánn betel nut chew pouch, container for chewing supplies. Usually containing betel nut, buyo leaves, lime and dried tobacco leavesHanapa an akon mamaan.Look for my betel-nut-chew-pouch.
mamatmámatv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagmámatv 1cross breed. It may be an animal or plant. May also refer to humans with the meaning of "to breed"2acquire a hybrid plantpagmámatn cross breeding
mamayv [c4] Variantmama1 call someone mother
mambabayimambabáyiv have intercourse with women, have mistressescfbabayi have promiscuous sexual relations with women
mamimámiChn Chinese noodle. Refers to a long, wide, noodle used with meat in soup
maminaymaymamináymayadj fond of advisingcfmaymay
mamonmamónChn sponge cake. Made from a Chinese recipe into either a cup cake or pound cake.
mamsamamsân cavalla fish. Refers to a large, banded, highly-valued food fish. It has white meat but is somewhat oilyCaranx