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manadv 1alsoKun buang ako, amo ka man.If I am foolish, you are also.2pleaseTagai man sin pagkaon.Please give me some food.
manamánaSpn inheritance
manabamanabán soursop tree/fruit, soursop tree, soursop fruit. Refers to a small cultivated tree which bears large, dark green, oval shaped, spiny, edible fruits with white flesh which is very juicy, soft and fibrousBarato an manaba sa Cawayan.Guyabano is cheap in Cawayan.syngwayabanosoursop tree/fruitguyabanosoursop tree/fruitVariantgwanabasoursop tree/fruitAnona muricata
manamitmanámitadj deliciousManamit an bunga sani na tanom.The fruit of-this plant is delicious.cfnamit synmananamdelicious
mananammananámadj delicious, scrumptioussynnamit delicious
manananggotmananánggotn gatherer of coconut palm bud juice. Refers to one who climbs coconut trees to collect coconut palm bud juice for making coconut wine called tuba cfsanggot palm bud knifesynmananggiti gatherer of coconut palm bud juice
mananánggotn Variantsanggot gatherer of coconut palm bud juice
mananggitimananggítin gatherer of coconut palm bud juice. Refers to one who collects the juice of the flower of the coconut palm in order to make coconut wine called tuba Si Juan mananggiti.Juan is a tuba-gatherer.magmananggítiv [c2] collect coconut palm bud juice, gather coconut palm bud juice for a livingHabo ako magmananggiti.I do-not-want to-gather-coconut-palm-bud-juice-for-a-living.synmanananggotgatherer of coconut palm bud juice
mananghilawmananghílawn predator. Refers to an animal preying on people or other animals
manatadmanátadn wild pigeon
manaymánayterm of address elder sisterBumangon dayon si Manay Diola.Elder-sister Diola arose quickly.cfmanoyelder brother
mandamándaSpn commandSundon ta an iya manda.We should obey his command.mandasyónn order, commandKadamo san imo mandasyon; dili ko na masunod tanan.You have plenty of orders; I can no-longer follow them all.paramándan commanderSiya an amon paramanda.He is our commander.magmándav [c7] MAG- act; -AN pat; I- ben. commandNagamanda siya pero dili nagahiwag.He is-commanding but he isn't moving.mandahanv be commandedGinmandahan ko na ina na bote pero wara man ako'n pagtuoda.That boat was-commanded by-me pero I did-not-have any obeyers.synsugo command
Mandaonmandâonn Mandaon. A town in Masbate Province
mandarinmándarinChn tangerine fruitMaaslom an prutas na mandarin.The tangerine fruit is tart.
mandasyonmandasyónSpn order, commandcfmanda command
mandaug-daogmand`áug-dâogadj unjust, oppressiven opressorHain na an mga nangdaug-daog?Where-are the oppressors?
mangmang-vb prefix distributive action not yet begun. Refers to performing the same action on a variety of objects or in a variety of ways. The mang- affix is replaced by nang- for action begunThe -ng of this affix assimilates to the nasal point of articulation of the initial consonant of the stem to which it is affixed and then replaces it. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, sec. sec. 5.33.
Assimilation of
ng = m before words beginning with p and b,
ng = n before words beginning with t, d and s,
ng = ng before words beginning with k, g and glottal.
mangadyîv pray for thingsDili pa ako maaram mangadyi.I did not yet know-how to-pray-for-things.mangítav search for things. That includes searching for various possibilitiesMangita kita na duha sin pangabuhay.We two will-search-for a livilhood.
mang-vb affixdistributive action not yet begun
manga1mangápart pluralizer. This word is usually abbreviated to mga
Compare sentences a and b following:
a. Hain an bata?
Where is the child?
b. Hain an mga bata?
Where-are the children?
manga2mangáadv approximately, about. This word is usually written mga. With this meaning it is used only with time designation or numbersMga unom ina ka dupa.That is approximately six streched-arms-lengths.
mangawatv Variantkawat Variantkawat steal habitually
mangayammangáyamv huntcfayam dogVariantmangayám
mangayámv Variantmangayamhunt
mangbalayimangbaláyiv serve bride's parentscfbalay housesynagad1
manggamanggán mango. Refers to both the mango tree and its fruitMagbakal ka sin lima na mangga.You buy five mangoes.Mangifera indicakamanggahánmango grove, mango orchardAdto sinda sa kamanggahan.They-are there at-the mango-grove.Variantmanggahan