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manggahann Variantmangga mango grove
manghilotv Varianthilot 1be massaged
manghodmanghódn younger sibling. Refers to the younger sibling of an animate beingIkaduha ko siya na manghod.He is my second younger-sibling.magmanghódrelated siblingsMagmanghod kami.We-are brothers-and-sisters.kamanghódrelativeKamanghod namon an mga Olavides.The Olavides-are our relatives.igmanghódrelative, kin, blood relationIgmanghod pa namon an mga Moralez.The Moralezes are also our-excl relatives.kàigmanghúdankin group, sibling group, brothers and sisters collectively, ladies and gentlemen. Refers to both related siblings and unrelated people. Also used as a term of address for neighbors and town-mates by public speakersMga kaigmanghudan, nagapangamuyo ako sa iyo na botohan si Itay.Brothers-and-sisters, I am-pleading with you to-vote-for Father.pagmaranghódsiblinghood, brother and sister group. Refers to all the brothers and sisters of one familyIgwa kami sin malulot na pagmaranghod.We have a loyal siblinghood.antestrangherostrangersynkautodsibling
mangkomángkòn bowlPunua an mangko san sabaw.Fill the bowl with soup.
mangnomángnoCebv [c4] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON patmakamangnov able to notice, sense, notice, take note of, knowWara ako makamangno kagab-i na may nangawat.I was not able-to-notice that there-was-a theft last-night.synmalisya1 noticeipahimángnov inculcate, cause to noticeAn kahadlok sa mga istranghiro dapat ipahimangno sa mga bata.The fear of strangers should be-inculcated in children.kamángnon noticecftanda signsynpaaram noticeabiso noticepasabinoticepasabot noticenotisya newskamangnúhann knowledge, observationWara ako sin kamangnuhan san imo ginasabi.I do-not-have any knowledge of-what you are-saying.
manimanín peanutSyinto baynti niyan an sako san mani.A sack of peanuts is one hundred twenty pesos now.maníhanpeanut fieldHalapad an imo manihan.Your peanut-field is extensive.
manibilamanibílaSpn steering wheel, handle barsAko an pakaputa san manibila.I will-be-the-one to-handle the steering-wheel.
manidyern manager
manidyirmanidyírEngn managerKunsimido an manidyir san pagribildi san iya mga tawuhan.The manager is worried about his people's rebellion.cfsupirbisor supervisorsynnagapamahalamanagerparadumarasupervisor, managerinkargadomanagerkatiwalamanagermayordomomanager
manigab-imanigáb-iv MANG- act. eat supperNanigab-i kami kanda Marilou.We ate our supper with Marilou-and-her-family.Variantmanihaponeat supperVariantgab-i eat supperpanigáb-in supperAtab pa an iyo panigab-i.Your supper still is early.panigab-ihánn supper foodWara kami sin panigab-ihan.We have-nothing for supper.cfgab-i night
manihaponmaniháponv eat suppercfhapon2 fishing lineVariantmanigab-i eat supper
manihomaníhoSpv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- ben.magmaníhov 1drive a vehicle, steer a vehicleSiya an nagamaniho san trak san bumbiro.He is the-one-who is-driving the fire-truck.2maneuver, manipulate, manage, take advantage of othersMaski sa kakusugan san bagyo nagmaniho sinda na madara an barko sa libre na lugar.Despite the strength of the typhoon, they maneuvered to bring the ship to a safe/free place.manihûonv MAG- act; -ON pat. try hard, try your best. Also means to try by whatever means, including cheating if necessaryManihuon mo na makapasar sa test.Try your best to-pass the exam.manihùánv be drivenKanay tricycle an imo ginamanihuan?Whose tricycle is-being-driven by-you?paramaníhon driver, chauffeurMahimat an amon paramaniho.Our chauffeur is careful.pagmaníhon drivingMakusog an imo pagmaniho.Your driving is fast.
ManilaManílàn Manila city. Refers to Manila, formerly the capitol city of the PhilippinesNakamalita siya paManila.He carried-a-suitcase to-Manila.
maninaymanínaySpn godmotherSi Miling Lozaro? O, maninay ko siya.Miling Lozaro? Oh, she is my godmother.cfmaninoygodfathermanináyonn godmother-to-bemamanínayv address someone as godmotherMamaninay ka sa akon.You call me godmother.magmanínayv [c2] MAG- act. sponsor. May be for either a wedding or baptismal ceremonyNagmaninay ako sin kasal kahapon.I sponsored a wedding yesterday.
maninoymanínoySpn godfathercfmaninay godmother
manitomaníton secret friendAn akon manito kataas, maitom kag gwapo.My secret-friend is tall, dark and handsome.magmanítov [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. give gifts to secret friendsMagamaranito an akon mga iskwila buwas.My students will-be-giving-gifts-to-their-secret-friends tomorrow.
manlain-lainadj different kinds
manlulukomanlulúkoadj deceitfulcfluko male fool
manokmanókn chicken. Refers to both hens and roosters but not chicksNagpatay sinda sin manok.They dressed/butchered a chicken.cfsunoyroosterhigot1 fighting cockilahaswild roostermanúkanpoultry houseIsad ka gatos an paraitlog sa akon manukan.One hundred are the layers in my poultry-house.kamanukánchicken flock
manolmanóln stupid one, numskull, retardedAdi na an manol.Here comes the stupid-one.antmay ulosmart, intelligentanttali smartadj numskull, dull headed, stubbornAn imo mga sakop mga manol.Your subordinates are numskulls.magmanólv [c2] MAG- exp. deteriorate mentallySa akon pagmasid nagamanol ini na bata.Based-on my observation this child is-deteriorating-mentally.
manoymánoyterm of address elder brotherManoy, nano kay nagakanta ka kan Maria kun nagaila ka?Older-brother, why do you sing to Maria when you are-courting her?cfmanayelder sister
mansanasmansánasSpn appleParapukdi siya sin mansanas sa America.He is a picker of apples in America.
mansibadomansibádoSpv [c2] MAG- actmagmansibádov cohabit, live together as husband and wife though not married
mansománsoSpv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagmánsov tame, train
mantelmántelSpn table cloth