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pakpak1pakpákCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- accipakpákv 1clap, applaud, give a round of applause, put your hands together, give a standing ovationIpakpak an imo mga kamot.Clap your hands.2be beaten, be hit, be thrashed, be pounded, be battered, be pummeled, be buffetedGinapakpak ko an bistida.The dress is-being-beaten by-me (in washing it).pagpakpákn clapping, applause, ovationWara ako kabati san iyo pagpakpak.I did-not hear your applause.syndayupak clap
pakpak2pákpakn wingMay duha na pakpak an agila.The eagle has two wings.synpako2 1wing
pakraspákrasv [c3] MAG- ag; NA-...-AN patmagpákrasv scratchnapakrásanv was scratchedSi Mang Kulas napakrasan kay nahulog siya sa traysikol.Mang Kulas was-scratched because he fell-off a tricycle.
pakropákròv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagpákròv cook with coconut oil. Refers to cooking with the oil squeezed from the meat of a coconut
paksipaksîv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN sou; I- benVariantpáksìmagpaksîv tear off, rip offMagpaksi ka sin dyutay na tinabas kag ibutok mo dida sa imo samad.Tear-off a small piece and wrap-it there-on your wound.cflaksi1 syngisi tornlaknit paksìónv be torn offPaksion ko an imo papil.Your paper will-be-torn-off by-me.paksìánv be torn fromPinaksian ni Ruben an inda bag-o na kalindaryo.A-piece-was-torn-from their new calendar by Ruben.paraksîadj torn, raggedParaksi an iya bado.Her dress is torn/ragged.
páksìv [c8] Variantpaksi
paksiwpaksíwn fish/meat stew. Refers to a dish of fish or meat cooked with vinegar and spicesmagpaksíwv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. prepare fish/meat stewpinaksíwn cooked fish/meat stewGinbutang ko an aslom sa pinaksiw.The tart-spice was-put into-the cooked-fish/meat-stew by-me.
paktoripáktorin factoryNakasulod sinda sin trabaho sa paktori san bado.They were-able-to-enter into-a job in-a shirt factory.
pakul-awpakúl-awn broiled dried fish. Refers to leftover fish sauteed with coconut milk, leaves of malunggay and other spices then broiled
pakyaw1pakyáwv [c7] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmagpakyáwv buy wholesaleSi Mr. Toledo an nagpakyaw san akon baligya na latoy.Si Mr. Toledo is the-one-who bought-wholesale my green-beans for-sale.pakyawónv be bought wholesalePakyawon mo an amon isda.Our-excl fish will-be-bought-wholesale by-you.ipakyáwv something be bought wholesaleIpapakyaw ko na lang ini na akon baligya kan Mr. Toledo.I will just buy-wholesale this that I will-sell to Mr. Toledo.
pakyaw2pákyawCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagpákyawv hire, rent, lease, charterpakyáwanadj contractGusto ko an pakyawan na trabaho.I like contract work.
pal-atpal-átv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goal; PA-..-ON patmagpal-átv 1miss, skip, avoid, fail to attendNagpal-at siya sin usad na kaon.He missed one meal.2be absent, miss, not be presentHabo siya magpal-at sa klasi.He does-not-like to-be-absent from class.pal-at-pal-átv alternateipal-at-pal-átv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/loc; I- acc. place things alternatelyIpal-at-pal-at mo pagtanom an ubi kag san balinghoy.Place the yam and the cassava alternately in-planting.pagpal-átn absenceWara maarami ni Mrs. Reyes an akon pagpal-at sa klasi.My absence-from the class was-not-known by Mrs. Reyes.
pal-aypál-ayn dry coconut frondsynpaklang frondpalwafrond
pal-itpal-ítn jellyfish speciesAn pal-it digdyutay, maitom kag wara'n gaway.The pal-it-species-of-jellyfish are-small, black and have-no tentacles.cfbukya jellyfishsalabay
pal-okpál-okn callus, corn, hard skin. Refers especially to a corn of hardened skin on the foot, frequently on the toes, due to friction or pressure on them
pala1pálaSpn shovel, spade, scoopPaghuram sin pala kan Gil.Borrow a shovel from Gil.parapalán shovelerWara kami kakuha sin parapala san baybay.We have-not gotten a sand shoveler.magpálav [c8] shovel, scoop, dig; MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- ben. shovel somethingNagapala siya san baybay.He is-shoveling the sand.ipálav shovel for someoneIpala man ako sana na ati dida sa sirong.Shovel that trash for me from-there in-the underside-of-the-house.palahánv shovel to some placePalahan mo sin baybay an aton sirong kay may lapok.Shovel some sand onto-the ground-under-our-incl-house because it is muddy.
pala2pálan 1paddlecfpakang laundry paddlebugsay paddlesynpalo1 paddlemagpálav [c2] MAG- act. paddle, row, scull
palaadonpalàádonv ignite, kindlecflaad flame
palabaspalabásn show, play, performance. Refers to something performed for an audiencecflabas outsidesynsalida1performance
palabasonpalabasónv show somethingcflabas outside
palabipalabíCebadj favorite (person), favored, preferredSi Floramar an iya palabi na anak.His favorite child is Floramar.cflabi even more so
palabi-labihonpalabi-labihónadj proudcflabi-labi
palabtikpalábtikv [c2] MAG- actmagpalábtikv hint, infer, allude tocflabtik
paladpáladn 1palm of the handMadakmol an iya palad.His palm is thick.2fate, fortune, destiny, luckAmo ina an iya palad.That is his fate.Naaram ka na san akon palad tuna sa didto pa ako sa sulod san tiyan san akon iloy.You already knew my fate beginning-when I was-still there in-the inside of-the womb of my mother.kapós-páladadj unlucky, poorDili mo pagdaug-daugon an mga kapos-palad.Do not belittle the poor people.synswertelucky
Palanaspálanasn Palanas. A town in Masbate Province