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rekisav search for
reklamov complain
rekomendarv [c4] Variantrikomindar
remalasoadj accident
remaláson Variantrimalaso accident
renkan creel basket
retraton Variantritrato picture
ribentadorn Variantlibentador firecracker
ribilderibíldeSpn rebelMay nadakop na duha na ribildi.There-were two rebels who were-caught.adj rebelliousSi Loreto ribildi na bata.Loreto is a rebellious child.magribíldev [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc PA-..-ON pat. rebel, revolt, resist, mutiny, rise up againstHabo ako magribilde.I do-not-want to-rebel.cfsuhay suay argumentsynsutil rebellious
ribildiadj rebel
ribintadorribintadórSpn firecrackerlólo rebintadórhuge firecracker, giant firecracher
ribokribókn noise, racket, clamor, din, clatter, brawl, riotHabo ako magbati sin ribok.I do-not-want to-hear any noise.synsaba1 noisemaribókadj MA-, MA-..-ON. noisy, loud, rowdyMaribok ini na mga kabataan.These children are noisy.maribok-ríbokadj raucous ; strident ; boisterousNano kay maribok-ribok kamo?Why-are you raucous?magribókv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. become noisy, become boisterousDili kamo magribok.Do not become-noisy.synlangas2 make noise
riboltoribóltoSpn image, figure, representation, likeness. Usually refers to a carved image in a churchsynimahinimage
ribongríbongadj wonderful, breathtaking, astonishing, amazing, puzzling, fantastic, brilliant, superbsynlipong1 wonderfulmakabuburongwonderful
ribusadoribusádoSpn fried shrimpNagaturo an iya laway kun nakakita sin ribusado.His saliva drips when he sees fried-shrimp.
rigalorigáloSpn giftIgwa ako sin rigalo sa imo.I have a gift for you.pararigálon gift giver. Refers to one who regularly gives giftsDili ko aram an pararigalo sa akon.I do not know my gift-giver.magrigálov [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc/ben; PA-..-ON pat. give a giftNagrigalo siya sa akon kahapon.He gave me a gift yesterday.
rigla1ríglav [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN benmagríglav regulate, order in sequence, line up. As plants in a row
rigla2ríglaSpn menstration, menstrual period. Refers to the blood and tissue which is discharged by a female primate after her pregnant condition is finished. This occurs approximately monthly during the years when she is able to conceiveIgwa siya sin rigla.She has some menstration.magríglav [c2] MAG- exp. menstrate, having her periodNagarigla na si Lucia.Lucia is-menstrating already.
riglamintoriglamíntoSpn regulationsynrigulasyonregulationlayilaw
rigorígòv [c8] MAG- ag, -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. This verb is a bound stem which always occurs with an affixVariantrígosmagrígòv bathe someone.Nagarigo ako kan Jojo.I am-bathing Jojo.magkarígòv bathe one's self, shower one's selfMagkarigo ka.Bathe yourself.karigûonv be bathed, be washed. Refers to washing persons or animalsKariguon siya adlaw-adlaw.Let him be-bathed daily.pangarígòn bathing, swimming. Refers to playing in water for fun and not for washing off dirt and grimeMasadya an amon pangarigo sa dagat.Our bathing in-the sea was-delightful.Variantpagkarígò
rigodon de onorn national dance. Translated literally it means, 'formal dance of honor', but it refers to the national dance of the Philippines
rígosv [c8] Variantrigo
rigulasyonrigulasyónSpn regulation, rule, directive, guideline, instructionMagsunod kita sa rigulasyon san iskwilahan.We should follow school regulations.synriglamintoregulationVariantregulasyón
rikadorikádoSpn spices, pepper
rikisarikísaSpv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagrikísav search for, look forsynhanap searchkita1