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ripikeripíkeSpn tolling bells, ringing bellsNagapakadto na sa simbahan an mga tawo pag nabatian an ripike.The people go to-the church when they-hear the tolling-bells.synbagtingringing of bells
ripolyoripólyoSpn cabbageMagbakal ka sin ripolyo.You buy a cabbage.ripolyohánv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. mix cabbage intoRipolyohan mo an nilaga na karni.Mix cabbage-into the stewed meat.karipolyohánn cabbage garden, place of many cabbagesNagalinis siya san iya karipolyohan.He is-cleaning his cabbage-garden.
ripotrípotadj completely finished. Means nothing was left unfinished in a construction jobsyntapos finished
riprisintarriprisintárSp; Spv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc; PA--ON patmagriprisintárv representNagariprisintar siya san probinsya san Sorsogon.He is-representing the province of Sorsogon.riprisintasyónn representation ; request; representation, requestNaghimo na kami sin riprisintasyon sa opisina san gobirnador.We have already made a representation to-the office of-the governor.
riringríringEngv [c2] MAG- actmagkaríringv ringNagakariring an telepono.The telephone is-ringing.
risangrísangv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accsynlisang magrísangv confuseNano kay nagarisang ka?Why-are you confused?pagkarísangn confusionTiribli an iya pagkarisang.His confusion is terrible.
risibadorisibádoSpadj receiptedcfrisibi
risibirisibíSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accrisibihónv receive, acceptRisibiha ini na surat.Receive this letter.pagrisibín welcoming, acceptance, receivingDili sinsiro an iya pagrisibi san mga bisita.His welcoming of-the visitor was-not sincere.risibádoadj receiptedBinawi na san warden an mga risibado na mga priso.Receipted prisoners have-been-recalled by-the warden.
risiborisíboSpn receiptAdi an bilang risibo san nabaton ko sa iyo.Here is the as-though receipt for-what I received of you.
risikorisíkoSpn weight reduction, weight loss, decrease in measurement. A weight loss in copra and rice due to evaporation of moisture when they are driedDako an risiko san kopra.The weight-reduction of-the copra is immense.magrisíkov [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc/ben. decrease weightNagrisiko an bugas.The rice decreased-in-weight.
risipirísipiEngn recipesynputahirecipe
risitarisítaSpn prescriptionmagrisítav [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben. prescribe. Refers to prescribing medicine
rispitarrispitárSpv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON patsynrispítorespectgalang respectmagrispitárv respectMagrispitar ka sa mga gurang.Respect the elderly-people.pagrispitárn respectfulnessAn pagrispitar maayo na kaugalian san mga Pilipino.Respectfulness is a good characteristic of-the Filipinos.
rispitorispítoSpv [c2] MAG- actmagrispítov respectsyngalang respectrispitar respect
rispítov [c7] respect
risponderispóndeSpn sponsor, one in charge of helping, sponsoringmagrispóndev [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. respond to need, react tosynsabat1 1answer
ristawranristawránEngn restaurant
risultarisúltaSpn result, outcome, consequence, effectNano an risulta san imbistigasyon?What is the result of-the investigation?magrisúltav [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. result, lead to, develop intoAn iya sinabi nagrisulta sin araway.What she said resulted in-a quarrel.
ritasoritásoSpn remnant, scrap, residue. Refers to the leftover remnants of clothsynpidasopiece
ritirítìadj 1stunted, undersized, underdevelopedRiti ini na bata.This child is stunted.2needy, deprived, disadvantaged, poor, in need. May refer to those times when food is scarce due to weather damage to the cropscfiwat rarekulang lackingkalisoddifficultykakurianhardshipmagrítìv [c2] MAG- exp. become stuntedNagriti ini na bata kay wara sin pagkaon.This child became-stunted because he has-no food.
ritobadoritobádoSpadj stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, balky, refusing to follow advicesynsutil rebellious
ritratoritrátoSpn pictureGintagaan niya ako sin ritrato.He gave me a picture.Variantretratopararitráton photographerMagtawag ka sin pararitrato.You call-for a photographer.pangritráton photographyPangritrato an iya hanapbuhay.His occupation is photography.Variantpagritrátoritratuhónv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc. photographRitratuhon ko ikaw.I will-photograph you.
ritukiritúkiSpn retouching, fixing, adjustingDyutay na rituki an kinahanglan san imo trabaho.Your work needs a little retouching.cfpagbag-orenewingmagritúkiv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. retouch, redevelop, edit, fix, correct, adjustNagarituki siya san imo ritrato.He is-retouching your picture.ritukihónn something to be retouched, something to be redone, something to be adjustedSeguro may mga retukihon pa kita dida.Perhaps we still have some-things to-be-adjusted there.
RomaRómaSpn RomeRománoRoman. Refers to citizens of RomeRománo KatólikoRoman Catholic religionAn naandan ko pan-o na pangadyi sa Katoliko Romano puro memoryado.The way I used to pray in-the Roman Catholic-religion was-entirely by-memory.
rosasrósasSpn rosesNagaburak na an akon rosas.My roses are-blooming already.