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rubarubâadj destroyedRuba na an tanan na mga balay sa amon baryo.All the houses in our-excl village are destroyed already.marubâadj MA- destroyed, broke down, wrecked, demolishedSani, po, na pagbagyo naruba an aton PTA building.Sirs, in-this past-typhoon our-incl PTA building was-destroyed.magrubâv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. destroy, ruin, devastatecfsirâdamagesynrumpag ragas destroyrangka gaba1 destroyedpagkarubân destruction, devastation, demolition, ruin, damageGrabi an pagkaruba san pantalan.The destruction of-the wharf is great.Variantpagrubârubàónv be destroyedRubaon mo ina na balay-balay.Destroy that dollhouse.ruba-rubâonv [c4] MAG- at; -ON pat. be completely destroyedBaga'n inruruba-ruba an iya dughan san tunog san makina san helicopter.It-was-as-though his chest was-being-completely-destroyed by-the sound of the helicopter's engine.
rubasrúbasn heartwood of tree, wood. This is the hardest part of tree
rubyarúbyaSpn tear, ripsynrabnit seizerabnot wrest
RufoRúfoSpn Rufus. The name of a person
rugaringrugáringn belongings, possessions, property, goods, belongings, assetssynsadiriproperty
rugdarúgdav [c4] MAG-, MA- ag; -ON pat; PA-..-ON patmarúgdav MA- act. cease, stopLima na ka tawo an nagloko sa imo kag wara ka lang gihapon marugda?There-are already five persons who fooled you and still you will-not cease?parugdahónv cause something to stopParugdahon ko si Jose pag-inom.I will-have-someone-stop Jose from drinking.cfudong1kind of noodles
rugmokrúgmokv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patVariantdugmok shattermagrugmokv demolish, pulverize, wreck, destroy completely, break into small piecessynruba destroygubadestroy
rugtoadj Variantpugtoover ripe
ruhaduharuhadúhav [c2] MAG- actmagruhadúhav doubt, be unsure, be insecurecfduha twosynduha-duha doubt
rulubngánpl. oflubong grave; cemetery
rulyorúlyon roll
rumbayrúmbayn alignmentcflinya linemarúmbayadj MA-. alignedmagrúmbayv [c2] MAG- act. line up
rumiromrumirómadj MA-marumirómadj 1gloomy, forebodingMarumirom an panahon.The weather is gloomy.2overcast, cloudysynmadampogcloudymagrumirómv [c2] MAG- exp. become gloomyNagarumirom an bayhon ni Lucila.Lucila's face is-becoming-gloomy.
rumpagrúmpagv [c8] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc; MA- patVariantumpag throw downmarúmpagv collapse, topple overNarumpag an inda balay.Their house collapsed.synruba destroyruros1 pagkarúmpagn collapsing, topplingAn pagkarumpag san "Ruby Tower" dahilan sa makusog na linog.The collapsing of-the "Ruby Tower-Apartments" was-due to-a strong earthquake.
rundarúndaSpn posse, deputized group. Refers to those deputized to help authorities maintain peace and order
ruros1rúrosSpv [c2] MAG- expcfhuros synrusdos collapserumpag collapsemagrúrosv collapse, cave in, crumple. As happens when one faints
ruros2rúrosv [c2] MAG- actmagrúrosv pay out line, unreel a line. Refers to paying out line for activities such as fishing or flying a kiteparúrosn patienceMay paruros ka.You have-patience.
rusdosrúsdosv [c2] MA- expmarúsdosv collapseNarusdos na an salog san balay.The flooring of-the house has already collapsed.synrumpag collapseruros1 collapse
ruskarúskan small nut, small screwmagrúskav [c3] MAG- act; -AN goal. thread a nut, thread a pipe or piece of metal. Refers to threading a piece of metal for a nut, or screw
rutarútan route, circuit. Refers to a route assigned to a business person who goes around to houses in a town to sell goods or collect on debts
ruwangruwángn hall, living roomsynsala2living room
ruyagrúyagv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagrúyagv desire, want, like, enjoymakakarúyagv able to desire, able to pleasekarúyagn desireKadaka nagapangayo kamo para lang sa iyo karuyag san iyo pag-ibog.Perhaps you are-requesting-it just for the desire of your lust.synkailayearning
ruydarúydaSpn tire, hoopsynguma rubber
rVinfix pluralizer. This affix is a syllable consisting of -r- plus a copy of the first vowel of the stem. The syllable is then infixed following the first vowel of the stem.mag- -rV- sakayv plural rideNagsarakay naman kami sa dyutay na baruto.We-all next rode in-a small boat.mag- -rV- tiponv plural gatherNaobserbaran ko na kun nano kalipay kag kasadya an mga batan-on kun nagatiripon.I observed how happy and joyful the teenagers were when they were-gathered-together.-rV- kaupodn plural companionNaglakat ako sa amon natad kaurupod ko an akon mga magurang.I walked in our-excl yard with-my older-siblings as my companions.