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sarigsárigadj MA-masárigadj firm, sturdy, secure, solid, durableMasarig ini na kamalig.This storeroom is sturdy.syntibay durablemagsárigv [c2] MAG- act. trust, have faith, believe, rely, dependMagsarig ka sa Dios.Have-faith in God.syntuod2 believepagsárign faith, trust, confidenceDako an iya pagsarig sa Dios.His faith in God is great.pasarígonv [c4] make sturdy, make dependable, make durableMAGPA- act; PA-..-ON pat. Pasarigon ko an akon balay.I will-make my house sturdy.pasárign promise, pledge, oath, assuranceDamo siya sin mga pasarig.He has-plenty of promises.masaríganadj dependableMasarigan ini na mga surmaton.These words are-dependable.
saringsingsaríngsingn bud, shoot, sproutDili mo pukdion an saringsing san mangga.Do not pick the bud of-the mango.magsaríngsingv [c2] MAG- exp; PA-..-ON pat. bud, sprout, grow, bloom, blossomNagasaringsing na an mga rosas.The roses are-budding already.
saroksarókv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc/ben; I- instmagsarókv fetch waterMagsarok ka.You fetch-water.synsadlok fetch wateralog fetch watersarukónv draw from a wellSarukon mo anay man mga ati antis ka magsarok san tubig.Please first draw-out the debris from-the-well before you draw-out the water.sarukív draw water for someone. This form is an alternate of sarukánSaruki man kami sin tulo ka lata kay tagaan ta sin kwarta.Please draw three cans of water for us-excl then we-incl will-give you money.isarókv use something to draw waterHala, isarok anay ini na lata.O.K., first use this can to-draw-water.sarúkann place for drawing water, wellKahuruharayo gali san iyo sarukan.How-very-far-away surprisingly is your place-for-drawing-water.parasárokn water carrierSi Isko an amon parasarok.Isko is our water-carrier.
saruksoksaruksókn splinter in the skinsynsalugsogsplinter
saruksukn splinter
sarumsonsarúmsonv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN soumagsarúmsonv absorb something
sarutsosárutsoSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsárutsov saw. Means to cut wood or metal with a sawcflagadi carpenter's saw
saruwalsáruwaln trousers, pantscfpantalon pants
sasasasáv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN sou; I- accmagsasáv strip nipa fronds. Refers to gathering and striping fronds from the nipa palm tree for making thatch
sastresástreSpn tailorDinuhol niya tulos sa sastre an pantalonon.He immediately took the pants-material to-the tailor.synparatahitailor
SatanasSátanasn Satan, devil, evil personSatanas ka.You-are an evil-person.
saulosàúlov [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- accsàulúhonv be memorized, commit to memory, remember, learn, learn by rote, learn by heartSauluhon mo an kanta.Memorize the song.sàuládov memorized. This is a fixed Spanishized form of the verbSaulado na niya an kanta.She has-memorized the song already.cfulo headsynsaisip memorizetuom memorizememoryaremember, memorize
sawa1sawán 1snake, reptileNakakita ako sin sawa sa sirong.I saw a snake under-the-house.cfahas1 ibinganpythonbabuyonblack snakekobracobra snake2traitorSiya an sawa sa amon grupo.He is the traitor in our group.cfahas1 ibinganpythonbabuyonblack snake
sawa2sáwàTagv [c8] magsáwàv MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. become surfeited, become satiated, lose interest. One is surfeited when he has too much of somethingDili kita magsawa sa pagsamba sa Dios.We should-not lose-interest in worshipping God.synsuya surfeitedmagpakasáwàv live luxuriously
sawaysawáyCebv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc/bensawayónv restrain, interrupt, scold, control, rebuke, disruptNano kay dili mo siya sawayon san maraot niya na mga himo?Why do you not restrain him from his evil deeds?magpasawáyv cause trouble, incite, pester, aggravate, be naughtyDili ka magpasaway.Do not cause-trouble.pagsawáyn restraining, stopping, hindering, annoyanceUrhi na an imo pagsaway sa iya.Your restraining him is too-late now.pinasawáyn repeated correction. As for a disobedient childparapasawáyn trouble maker, scalaway, agitator, pest, rabble-rouserParapasaway gayod ini na bata.This child is really a trouble-maker.sarawáyonadj mischievous, playful, naughty, roguish, ill-behavedSarawayon gayod ini si Angelito.This Angelito really was-mischievous.
sawsawsáwsawv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsáwsawv 1wash partially. Refers to a superficial dunking of something2dip, dunk, plunge, immerse, submerge. Refers specifically to dipping food into a sauce or drink at the tablesyntunlob suso3 buntog1 lublob immersetuslob isáwsawv be dipped, be immersedIsawsaw niya an pakas sa suka.The dried-fish will-be-dipped into-the vinegar by-him.
sayasáyaSpn skirt, dresscfpatadyongskirtsynpaldaskirtsayalskirt
sayalsayáln skirtNano kay nagaitom na ini na akon sayal?Why is my skirt becoming-black already?cfpatadyongskirtsynpaldaskirtsayaskirt
sayangsáyangTagv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accsayángonv be wasted, be squandered, be misused, be frittered away, be dissipatedDili mo sayangon an imo mga oras.Don't waste your time.
sayawsáyawv [c8] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON pat; -AN loc/ben; I- accmagsáyawv danceHabo siya magsayaw.She does-not-want to-dance.synbarayli dancemakasáyawv able to danceAn kada usad na sultero gusto makasayaw sa iya.Every young-batchelor wants to-be-able-to-dance with her.parasáyawn professional dancerIgwa sinda sin tulo na parasayaw sa klab.They have three professional-dancers at-the club.sayawánn dance hallDamo kami sin nakilala didto sa sayawan.We had-many acquaintances there at-the dance-hall.
sayodsayódadj clarified, explained. Refers to clarifying an explanation
sayonsáyonCebadj MA-masáyonadj easy, trouble-free, uncomplicated, simpleDili masayon an paglikay sani na sakit.The avoidance of-this illness is not easy.antsakit2 displeaseantmasákitdifficultmasayun-sáyonadj very easyMasayun-sayon an iksamin.The examination is very-easy.magsáyonv [c2] MAG- exp. become easy, become simple, become uncomplicatedNagasayon sa akon an inglis.English is-becoming-easy for me.
saysaysáysayv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accsaysáyanv tellSaysayan mo kami san imo mga nakaagi.You tell us-excl your experiences.synsabi istorya story
sayutisayútiSpn kind of vegetable. A pear shaped vegetable which is light green in color and with a somewhat fuzzy skin. It is cooked and eaten like squashSechium edule
segundaadj Variantsigundo second