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sigisígiSpv continue, go ahead, go on and on, proceed, persistPaglusad namon sigi la gihapon an uran.After we got-down the rain just continued again.magsígiv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN sou; I- acc. continue, go on and on, proceed, persist, keep on, prolongNagsigi siya pag-iskwila.He continued studying.sigíhonv be continuedSigihon lang an pag-inom san dili menus san usad ka litro san tubig.Let the drinking of not less than one liter of water be-continued.
sigidassigídasv [c2] MAG- actmagsigídasv do continuously, do without interruption, do incessantly, do ad infinitum, do infinitely ; do endlessly
siglosígloSpn 1century2era, epoch, periodmagsíglov [c2] MAG -act. predestine
sigluyosiglúyoadj MA-masiglúyoboth sides. Refers to objects of both sides of somethingAyuha an masigluyo mo na karga.Arrange your baggage on both-sides.synsigtimbang both sides
sigmasígmav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmagsígmav sneezeTahubi an imo ba-ba kun magsigma ka.Cover your mouth when you sneeze.synsikma sneezesunga sneezehatsing sneezepagsígman sneezing, sneezeAlpog an dahilan san iya pagsigma.Dust is the cause of her sneezing.
sigmitsigmítv [c4] MAG- act; -ON patsigmitónv be caught surreptitiously, be caught by craftiness, be caught sneakily, be caught slylyGinsigmit san paraataman an urig.The piglet was-caught-by-craftiness by-the caretaker.
signossígnosSpn fate
sigosígoadj packed full, packed well
sigonsigónSpadv accordingSigon sa barita, si Kennedy patay na.According to-the news, Kennedy is already dead.
sigpitsígpitadj MA-, PINAKA-masígpitadj narrowMasigpit an amon lamisa.Our table is narrow.anthalapadwideanthiwas cfsiot2 magsígpitv MAG- exp. become narrowNagsigpit an amon natad.Our-excl yard has-become-narrow.sumígpitv shrink, become smallerKabadli ko sani na bado kay sumigpit san akon pakalabhi.How-disgusted I-am with-this shirt because after my washing-it, it shrank.surusigpitáv [c11] -ON pat; -AN goal, I- acc. (from sigpiton) be narrowed, be squeezed togetherSurusigpita la niyo an iyo pagaingkod agod makaingkod man ako.Let your seating be just squeezed-together so-that I can sit-down also.isígpitv narrow something, make close-spacedIsigpit mo anay ina na usad ka kudal kay masigpit na ina tanan.Narrow-the-spacing-of that fence a-bit so-that all that will-be-close-spaced.synkipot1 narrow
sigtimbangsigtímbangadj both sidesSigtimbang an butang ko san bato.I placed stones on both-sides.masigtímbangeither side, both sidesPareho kabug-at an masigtimbang na kargaminto.The luggage on-both-sides is of-equal weight.synmasigluyoboth sidessigluyo both sides
sigundosigúndoSp; Spn second. Refers to time; the seconds in a minutePira na ka sigundo an nakaagi.How many seconds have past already.adj second. Refers to second in order of itemsSigundo lang siya kan Gil.He is second only to Gil.Variantsegundamagsigúndov [c7] MAG-, MAKA- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. become secondNagsigundo siya sa klasi.He ranked-second in-the class.sigúnda mánoadj used, second hand, old. Refers to equipment
siguradosigurádoSpadv surely, certainly, definitely, for sure, absolutely, without doubt, unquestionably, indisputable, indubitablySigurado siya na makapasan.He will surely pass.cfsiguro probablyVariantsegurado
sigurosigúroSpadv probably, maybe, almost certainly, most likely, in all probability, possiblyMakadto siguro siya buwas.He will probably go tomorrow.kasiguruhánn assurance, certainty, guarantee, promiseWara ako sin kasiguruhan na magyaman.I have-no assurance of becoming-rich.magsigúrov [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. assure, guarantee, promise, pledge, declareMagsiguro ka kun makadi ka o dili.You assure-us if you will-come or not.manigúrov be sure, be certain, make certainManiguro ka pagtrabaho sa opisina.Be-sure to-work in-the office.
sihisíhìn sihi shellfish. This is a generic name for several kinds of shellfishMasustansya an sihi.The sihi shellfish is nutritious-food.parapaníhìn sihi shellfish gathererWara pa an mga parapanihi.The sihi shellfish-gatherers are-not-here yet.magpaníhìv [c2] MAG- act. gather sihi shellfishMagpanihi kita buwas.We will-gather sihi shellfish tomorrow.cfbukawilseashellsikad2seashellsuso1mollusktagunhasanseashelltulya clam
sikasíkàv [c2] MAG- actmagsíkàv joinsynsapi joinintra biyo join
sikad1sikádCebn kickMahinay an iya sikad.His kick is weak.synsipa 1kickmagsikádv [c7] MAG- act; -AN pat; I- loc/ben. strive hard, try hard, go all out, do your utmost, do your best, make every effort, struggle, endeavorHala, sikad agod magyaman dayon.Come-on, strive-hard so-that you will-get-rich quickly.sikadánv kick, pedal, push with feet. Also used of fighting roostersSikadan mo an bisiklita.You pedal the bicycle.pasikádn brace, stay, support, buttress, prop, bracket, strut
sikad2síkadn seashellcfsihi sihi shellfishsuso1mollusktulya clamsynbukawilseashelltagunhasanseashell
sikaiyotsikaiyótadj acting importantly, putting on airs, acting haughtilyBaga ka sikaiyot.You are-acting as-if you are-important.cfsikat ostentatious
sikatsikátTagadj ostentatiousSikat si Pedro kay mayaman.Pedro is ostentatious because he is rich.cfsiga1 flamemagsikátv [c2] MAG- act; MAGPA- exp; PA-..-ON pat. become ostentatious, act importantly, show off, become pretentious, become flamboyant, act in a grandiose wayNagasikat an amon katakin.Our neighbor is-becoming-ostentatious.
sikdosikdóv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- accmagsikdóv nudge with elbow, nudgecfsiko elbow
siklosíklòv [c2] MAG- actmagsíklòv hiccupNagsiklo siya despwes napatay.He hicupped before he-died.
sikmasíkmav [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsíkmav sneezePag-abot sa balay nagsikma siya.When he reached the house he sneezed.isíkmav sneeze, blow the noseMasinghot mo anay an tubig na may asin tagdyutay-dyutay, tapos isikma an sip-on.First you inhale-into-the-nose the water which has-a small-amount-of salt, then sneeze-out the phlegm.synsigma sneezesunga sneezehatsing sneeze
sikmitsíkmitv [c2] MAG- actmagsíkmitv catch, grab foot or leg by surprisesynsigmit
sikosíkon elbowNasamad an iya siko.His elbow is injured.sikuhónv [c13] -ON pat; I- acc/ben. be elbowed, be hit with an elbow, be nudged with an elbowSikuhon mo si Cleofe sa bayhon.Elbow Cleofe in-the face.cfsikdo