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sing-anosing-anóinterr prn what? how?Sing-ano kaharayo pakadto sa simbahan.What is the distance to-the church?cfano what?
singa-singasinga-singán web of skin between toes/fingers ; toes/fingers, web of skin between...An bitik nagaluho sa singa-singa san mga tudlo.The tick digs-a-hole in-the web-between the fingers.
singawsingáwn vapor, steam, mist, fog, spray, hazeGinasinghot niya an singaw sa nagakaladkad na tubig.He is-inhaling the steam of-the boiling water.
singgatsínggatadj MA-. shineypasinggátonv [c14] PA-..-ON pat. cause to shineGinpasinggat niya an salog.He caused the floor to-shine.synkintab brilliance
singgitsinggítCebv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- accmagsinggítv shout, shriek, scream, yell, holler, bawlDili ka magsinggit didi sa opisina.Do not shout here in-the office.synsiyak shoutsilyak shoutkurahaw shoutkurawang shoutkurag-it
singhotsínghotv [c9] MAG- ag; I- acc; IPA- patisínghotv inhale something, breathe in, gasp, gulpGinasinghot niya an singaw sa nagakaladkad na tubig.He is-inhaling the steam of-the boiling water.
singitsíngitTag; Tagn space between enclosing sides, crevice, crotch, groin, vagina (colloquial)An singit dili nakikita.The interior-space cannot be-seen.
singkamassíngkamasSpn turnip-like vegetablePachyrrizus erosus
singkitsíngkitadj MA-masíngkitslant eyed
singkosíngkoSpadj fiveIgwa siya sin singko pisos.He has five pesos.synlima five
singko-singkosingko-síngkoadj abnormal. Refers to a person who is mentally disturbedSingko-singko an iya anak.His child is abnormal.
singkwintasingkwíntaSpadj fiftySingkawinta na an iya edad pero sultiro lang gihapon.His age is already fifty but he is still a bachelor.singkwintáhonv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. be fifty, make fiftySingkwintahon ko an akon ambag.I will-make my contribution fifty.
singsingsingsíngn ring (jewelry)Nano kay winara mo an akon singsing?Why did you lose my ring?singsingánn ringfingerMay samad an iya singsingan.His ringfinger has a wound.magsingsíngv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. wear a ring, sport a ringMagsingsing ka sin dyamante.You wear a diamond ring.
sinisinídeictic prn This pronoun substitutes for the indefinite genitive sin marked noun phrases whose reference is close to the speaker in time or space. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.32.11of thisAn iba sa iyo wara makabati sini.Some of you have-not heard of-this.2about thisIkaw mismo an makasabat sini sa inda.You yourself will-be-the-one to-answer them about-this.cfsaniof this
sinklitassinklítasn thong slippermagsinklítasv [c2] MAG- act. wear thong slippers, put on thong slipperssyntsinilasthong slipper
sinselsinsélSpn wedge, chisel
sinsilyosinsílyoSpn coins, small change, moneyWara ako sin sinsilyo.I do-not-have any small-change.magsinsílyov [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc. exchange money, cash somethingNagasinsilyo sinda sin tsiki.They are-cashing a check.
sinsirosinsíroSpadj sincere, honestDili siya sinsiro sa imo.He is not sincere with you.magsinsírov [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc. be sincere, be earnest, be frank, be diligent. Means to sincerely do somethingMagsinsiro ka sa imo pag-adal.Be sincere in your studies.
sintabosintáboSpn centavo. Refers to the smallest unit of Philippine moneyKulang ka sin usad ka sintabo.You lack a centavo.Variantsintimoscentavo coin
sintassíntasSpn shoelace, bootlaceNautod an iya isad na sintas.His one shoe-lace was-cut.sintásanv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. lace up, tie upSintasan mo an sapatos ni Charlie.Lace Charlie's shoes.
sintidosintídoSpn 1temple of the headMasakit an akon sintido.The temple-of my head is painful.2mind, sense, wits, brainBaga ka an wara sin sintido.It is as-if you have-no mind.
sintimetrosintimétroSpn centimeterMaghimo ka sin bilog na dyis sintimitros an kadakmol na goma.You make a foam-rubber ring which is 10 centimeters in thickness.
sintimossíntimosSpn centavo coinMatipid kita sa kada sintimos.Let us-incl save every centavo.synsintabocentavoVariantsintabocentavoVariantsentimos
sintimyintosintimyíntoSpn sentiment, emotion, feeling, attitude
sintinsyasintínsyaSpn judgement, sentence, verdictNiyan, nano an iyo sintinsya?Now, what is your verdict?An sentensya sa iya pagkapriso.His sentence-of-judgment is imprisonment.Variantsentensyasintinsyáhanv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. judge, sentenceGinsintinsyahan siya sin bitay.He was-sentenced to-a hanging.