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sungasungáCebn sneezemagsungáv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- acc; -AN goal. sneezesynsikma sneezesigma sneezehatsing sneezeisungáv sneeze out. Refers to sneezing to dislodge some foreign object in the noseIsunga an mumho sa sulod san imo irong.Sneeze-out the crumb in-the inside of your nose.
sungaysúngayn horns. Refers to horns of animalsHalagba an sungay sana na baka.The horns of-that cow are-long.sungáyanadj 1hornedAn amon kanding dili sungayan.Our goat is not horned.2mischievousSungayan ina na bata.That child is mischievous.magsúngayv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. gore, pierce, spear. Refers to goring by an animal with horns
sunggosunggóv [c2] MAG- expmagsunggóv nose bleeds. Refers to bleeding from the nosePan-o an pag-ataman san tawo na nagasunggo?How-does-one take-care of-a person whose nose-is-bleeding?pagsunggón nose bleedPisliton an irong hasta maudong an pagsunggo.Pinch the nose until the nose-bleed stops.
sungkasúngkàn shell game. A game played on a board with 8 scooped out hollows. A fixed number of small shells are placed in all but one of the hollows. Players take turns moving the shells one at a time in consecutive order from one hollow to the nextmagsúngkàv [c2] MAG- act. play a game of sungka sungkàánn sungka game board
sungotsungótadj pungent. A smell or smoke odor that makes someone sneeze or cough
sungsong1súngsongCebv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accmagsúngsongv go against, contrary toNagasungsong an barko sa hangin.The ship is-going-against the wind.
sungsong2súngsongCebv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN loc; I- accmagsúngsongv plug, stop, cork, block, plug up, bungSiya an nagsungsong sin papil sa buho.She-was the-one-who plugged-up the hole with paper.
sunlogsunlógv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsunlugónv tease, mock, pestersunlugónv be teased, be mocked, be pesteredSunlugon ta si Bingbing.Let us-incl tease Bingbing.masinunlógadj fond of teasingSi Julian masinunlog sa akon.Julian is fond-of-teasing me.parasunlógn constant teaserAda na an parasunlog.The teaser is there already.
sunosunóv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagsunóv shelter with an umprella
sunodsúnodadj next, followingSa sunod na bulan Setyembre na.The next month will-be-September already.magsúnodv [c8] MAG-, MA-, UM-, MANG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. followNagasunod gayod sinda sin maayo.They really are-following well.sundiv obey someone (from sunudan)Sundi la niyo an gusto sana na bata.You-pl just obey what that child wants.sunúdonv 1be followedSunudon mo an kabataan sa iskwelahan.Follow the children to school.2obeySunudon mo an iya sugo.Obey his command.pasunúdonv tame. Animals can be tamed to obeyPasunudon mo an bwaya.You tame the crocodile.makasúnodv emulate, copy, try to imitateSin-o an makasunod san pagdusa ni Kristo sa krus?Who can emulate Christ's suffering on-the cross?parasúnodn follower, heirDamo siya sin parasunod.He has-plenty of followers.VariantsumurunodVarianttagasunodsurúndonn instructions ; guidelines, standardspanurúndonn regulation, rule, ruling, directive, bylaw, law, decreesurúndann unexpected event. An event which occurs earlier than planned as, for example, a woman who gives birth soon after marriage because of no family planningsunud-súnodadj subservient, servile, submissive, compliant, docile, meek
sunog1súnogn burningDidto natapos an sunog.The burning ended there.adj burntDamo sinda sin sunog na sim.They have-plenty of burnt galvanized-tin-roofing.surunúgann conflagrationsNano an huna-huna mo sani na surunugan?What is your opinion about-these conflagrations?pagpansúnogn arson, deliberately set fireNasilutan siya sin pagpansunog.He was-convicted of arson.sunúgonv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. be burnedGinsunog niya an kamposanto.The cemetery was-burned by-him.
sunog2sunógn empty hole on the sungka game board. Holes usually have small seashells in them. Players pick up the shells from each hole in turn and redistribute them to the other holes in consecutive order. When a player comes to an empty hole and he cannot pick up any more shells he loses the game. So the hole is called sunog, probably meaning the player is 'burned', or the loser
sunoysunóyCebn roostercfmanok chickenbulang1 cockfighting roosterhigot1 fighting cockilahaswild rooster
sunsonsúnsonadv often, frequently
suntoksuntókv [c6] MAG- act; -ON pat; I- accmagsuntókv punch, boxNagsuntok an duha na tawo.The two men are-boxing-each-other.suntukónv be punched, be boxedSinuntok niya an iya budos na asawa.His pregnant wife was-punched by-him.
suoksûokn cornersynkantocorner
suonsùónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagsùónv place on top, put on top, stack against other thingscftungtong suknong sùon-sùónadj stacked up against, piled on top
suongsùóngv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagsùóngv eat with fingers. Refers to eating from a pot or plate with the fingers
sup-aysúp-ayBklv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsúp-ayv overflowAn pagkamuot sa aton san Dios nagasup-ay.God's love to us is-overflowing.cfsulwak synsul-ay overflow
supasupâCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accsupàónv chew something, masticate, chomp, gnawSupaon mo an karni sin maayo.Chew the meat very-well.
supaksúpakCebv [c6] MAG- act; -ON goal; I- accmagsúpakv oppose, contradict, disobeyNagsupak sinda sa Dios kaya sinda ginkastigo.They disobeyed God so they were-punished.cfsuay argumentsynsupil opposeparasúpakn rebel, constant opposercfsutil rebellious
supangsúpangadj physically matured. Refers to the time of physical development of teenager
supilsúpilv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagsúpilv oppose, rebel, be in opposition tosynsupak
supirbisorsúpirbisorEngn supervisorNamatay an inda supirbisor.Their supervisor died.synparadumarasupervisor, managermagsúpirbisorv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. become supervisorNagsupirbisor siya sa San Pascual.He became-supervisor in San Pascual.cfmanidyirmanagernagapamahalamanagerinkargadomanagerkatiwalamanagermayordomomanager
supladosupládoSpadj snobbish, rude, insolentSuplado an amon bisita.Our visitor is snobbish.supladúhanv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. snub, ignore, cold shoulder, slight, look right throughGinsupladuhan niya an amon bisita.He snubbed our visitor.