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salatsálatCebv [c2] MAG- act; -UM- actmagsálatv catch by surroundingsumálatv entrap, bolsterMatuman an imo ginsabi sumalat sa imo pagsarig.Fulfill what you have-said bolstered by your faith.
salbabidasalbabídaSpn life jacket, life preserverNalumos an bata kay inagaw san tawo an iya salbabida.The child was-drowned because his life-jacket was-snatched by-a man.magsalbabídav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. wear a life jacketWara ako malumos kay nagsalbabida ako.I was-not drowned because I wore-a-life-jacket.
salbahisalbáhiSpadj wicked, cruel, devilish, evil, obstinate, naughty, prickly personalitySalbahi ina na Kastila.That Spaniard is wicked.magsalbáhiv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. vilify, malign, denigrate, speak ill of, defame, belittle, disparage, slanderDili magsalbahi sin tawo.Do not vilify a person.
salbarsalbárSpadj safe, saved, securekasalbaránn salvation, deliverance, rescueWara ka na sin kasalbaran.You have-no-more salvation now.Variantpagkasálbarparasálbarn savior, redeemer, rescuer, liberator, delivererSi Jesu-Kristo an aton parasalbar.Jesus Christ is our savior.masálbarv [c8] MAG- act; MA- exp; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. be saved, be rescued, be liberatedMasasalbar na kamo.You-pl will-be-saved.magpasálbarv cause to be savedMagpasalbar siya sa iya.Let him cause her to-be-saved.isálbarv be saved, be rescuedIsalbar na kami kay malulunod na kita.Let us-excl be-saved because we-incl are-sinking.salbarónv be savedPwede na salbaron an tawo?Can the person be-saved?
salisáliCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- accisáliv be performed, be acted, be staged, be put on, be presented. Refers to performing in a show or exhibitionIsali niyo an tinikling.Let the tinikling be-performed by-you.pasálin show, performance, programMatahom an pasali.The show is beautiful.synpalabasshow
salida1salídaSpn performance, show, programsynpalabasshow
salida2salídaadj fast, quicksyntulin fast
salida3salídaSpv [c14] -AN patsalidáhiv let something be changed obligatorilycfilis synsangli changebalyo islan
salidangsalidángCebn woven coconut frondsAn inda dingding salidang.Their walling is woven-coconut-fronds.parasalidángn coconut frond weaverMagsuhol ka sin parasalidang.You hire a coconut-frond-weaver.magsalídangv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc. weave coconut frondsMagsalidang ka sin tulo ka paklang.You weave-together three coconut fronds.
salikwaysalíkwayCebv [c9] MAG- ag; I- accmagsalíkwayv reject, cast out, disown, refuse, decline, disallowNagasalikway siya sani na katukduan.He is-rejecting this teaching.isalíkwayv be rejected, be disallowed, be refused, be disowned, be declinedIsasalikway san Dios an makasal-anon.The sinners will-be-rejected by God.sinalíkwayadj rejectedSa akon na ina na sinalikway na tutoy.That rejected puppy is now mine.
salimuotsalimùótadj MA-masalimùótconfused, perplexed, baffled, mystified, bewilderedAdi kita sa masalimuot na mundo.We are-here in-a confused world.synmungnan confuse
salipsálipn glance. Refers to an unintentional glancingsynsalip-at sid-atglance
salip-atsalíp-atv [c9] MAG- ag; I- acc; PAGPARAPA-..-AN goalpagparapasalip-atanv be continually glancing, take continuous quick looks, take continuous fleeting looks, take continuous peeksDili mo ako pagparapasalip-atan.Do not be-continually-glancing-at me.pagsalíp-atn glancingWara sin maraot na intinsyons an iya pagsalip-at sa imo.His glancing at you was-not with an evil intention.nasalip-átanadj glimpsed
salipitsalípitBklv [c9] MAG- ag; I- accmagsalípitv insert somethingcfsulod ipit claspdaisog dis-ok synkulikag insertsuksok susok singitspace between enclosing sidesisalípitv be insertedGinsalipit niya an inda mga tiil sa buho.Their feet were-inserted by-him into-the hole.
salipodsalipódn shield, protective armorNatahuban an inda dughan sin mga hingbis na baga'n pangsalipod.Their chests were-covered with scales which were-like shields.synpansagangshieldadj protectedNagpaagi kami sa salipod na parte san Ticao kay sungsungon an hangin.Because the wind was-against us-excl we-excl passed-by on-the protected parte of Ticao.
SalmoSálmoSpn Psalm. Refers to the Biblical poems called the PsalmsNaintindihan mo an gusto sabihon san Salmo 23?Did you understand what Psalm 23 means?
salmonsalmónSpn salmon can measure. An empty salmon can is commonly used as a measuring can for rice. The can measures about 1 3/4 cups dry measure and is commonly called a chupa Tulo ka salmon na bugas an imo sapnaon.Three chupas of rice are what will-be-cooked by-you.
salosalôv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accsalùónv be caughtSaluon mo an bola.Let the ball be-caught by-you.parasálòn regular catcherSiya an amon parasalo sa batiran.He is our regular-catcher in softball.pagsalôn catching, snaring, capturingPalso an iya pagsalo san bola.His effort-to-catch the ball failed.
salodsálodv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsálodv funnel something
salog1salógn floorNagturog sinda sa salog.They slept on-the floor.salúgonn lumber for flooringIgwa na kami sin salugon.We now have some lumber-for-flooring.magsalógv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. lay flooringNagasalog sinda san amon balay.They are-flooring our-excl house.
salog2sálogn river, watercoursesynsubariver
SalomeSálomeSpn Salome. A girl's name
salongsálongn resin
salsalsálsalv [c2] MAG- actmagsálsalv masturbate
saltasáltan shore, seashore, coast, beach. Refers to land by water's edgeWara pa sinda makalarga. Ada pa sa salta.They have-not left yet. They-are still there at-the beach.magsáltav [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. land something, dock something. Refers to landing on a beach, or offloading cargo from a boat to the shorepasaltahónv be put ashore, be landedPasaltahon ta si Juan para magkuha sin panggatong.Let Juan be-put-ashore by-us-incl in-order to-get firewood.