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San Jacintosan hasínton San Jacinto
San JuanSan Hwánn Saint John. A religious figure in the Christian churchmagsanhwánv [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat. celebrate St John's dayWara kami magSanJuan.We did-not celebrate-St-John's-day.
San Pascualsan paskwáln San Pascual. A town in Masbate Province
san-iinterr prn Variantsan-o when
san-osán-ointerr prn whenSan-o mo nawara?When did you lose it?Variantsan-ikun sán-orel prn whenDili ta masabi kun san-o mangyayari an aksidente.We cannot say when an accident will-occur.
sanasánàdeictic prn at that, to that, by that, in that. This pronoun substitutes for definite Genitive noun phrases whose reference is nearby in time or space. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.32.1Intirisado ako sana na balay.I am-interested in-that house.
sanagsanágn cheerful, bright outlookcfbanaagrays (of sun)
sanapv [c2] net
sanawsánawn rice soup, salted fish soup
sandalyassandályasSpn sandals, beach sandalsNagbakal siya sin sandalyas.He bought sandals.magsandályasv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON pat. put on sandalsMagsandalyas ka.You put-on-sandals.
sandigsándigv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsándigv lean on, lean against, prop againstDili ka magsandig dida.Do not lean-on there.magparasándigv be continually dependingDili ka na magparasandig sa akon.Do not be-continually-depending on me anymore.sandígann back support, backrest, seat backSira an sandigan san akon ingkudan.The seat-back of my chair is-broken.
sandiyasandíyaSpn watermelonWara niyan sin baligya na sandiya.There-are-no watermelon for-sale today.
sang-atsáng-atv [c3] MAG- ag; -AN goalmagsáng-atv place above. Refers to placing in an open, or in a higher or elevated, spacesang-atónv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. file a complaintDamo an ginsang-at na akusasyon san pinakapuno kontra sa iya.There-were-many accusations filed-against him by-the leaders.
sangasángan branch, bough, limb, twig, stemTulo lang an sanga sani na kahoy.The branches of-this tree are-only three.magsángav [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat. branch out, sprout branchesNagsanga na an akon kahoy.My tree has-sprouted-branches already.
sangal1sángalBklv [c9] MAG- act; I- accmagsángalv insert something, thrust into, push into, force into, drive into
sangal2sangáln chewed particlesmakasangálv [c4] MAG-, MAKA- ag; -ON pat. chew foodHalion mo an mga nakasangal.You remove the chewed-food-particles.
sangaysangáyn namesake. Refers to persons with same given namescftukayo male namesaketukayafemale namesake
sangga1sánggan deflector, baffle. Used to divert a flow into a container or to divert a stream of water or a flow of ricemagsánggav [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. barricade, bar, block
sangga2sánggàn game partner. Refers to teaming up with another in games of chancekasánggàn partner in game of chanceAn kasangga ko matibay.My game-of-chance-partner is smart.magsánggav [c2] MAG- act. team up with others
sanggisánggin plant cutting, harvested corn
sanggotsánggotCebn palm bud knife. Used for cutting coconut palm flower buds to get juice for coconut wineNasamad siya san sanggot.He was-injured by-the palm-bud-knife.parasánggotn gatherer of coconut palm but juiceWara didi sin parasanggot.There-is-no coconut-palm-bud-juice-gatherer here.Variantmananánggotmagsánggotv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. collect coconut palm bud juiceNagasanggot si Antonio.Antonio is-collecting-coconut-palm-bud-juice.
sangitsángitv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmagsángitv snag, hook. As clothing might snag on a nail, but not meaning a fishing with a hookcfsab-it
sangkap1sángkapn 1tool, utensil, ingredient, component. Refers to things used to accomplish a taskSiya an panday na wara'n sangkap.He is a carpenter who has-no tools.Ano an sangkap san imo putahi?What-are the ingredients of your recipe?magsángkapv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc/ben. provide utensils, provide toolsMagsangkap ka sin gamit sa kusina.You provide things-to-be-used in the kitchen.kasangkápann tools, utensils, instruments
sangkap2sángkapadj complete, fully equippedmagsángkapv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. complete something, fully finish, finish completely
sangkotsángkotTagv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accisángkotv include, involveWara ko ikaw isangkot sa kaso.I did-not involve you in-the case.kasángkotadj involved, included, participantKasangkot ka sa kaso.You are-involved in-the case.pagkasángkotn involvement, association, participation, connectionDili ko aram an iya pagkasangkot sa panulis.I did-not know his involvement in-the robbery.