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sanglisánglìv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON patmagsánglìv change, exchange, swap, substitute, replace, switchMagsangli ka sin bado.Change your clothes.cfbalyo synislan exchangeilis exchangesalida1performancekasánglìn replacement, stand-in, substituteAdi na an kasangli ni Cherry.Cherry's replacement is here already.
sangodsangódn amulet, fetish, charm, talisman. Refers to something supposed to have extraordinary ability or power to protect from evil or harmful acts of otherssynanting-antingcharmbirtodcharmbugnamascothapin amulet
sangpot1sángpotv [c4] MAG-, MAKA- act; -ON patVariantsampot makasángpotv can pronounce clearly, can speak clearlyv pronounceAn akon dosi anyos na apo dili na nakasangpot sin maayo.My 12 year old grandchild cannot pronounce very clearly.Dili siya nakasangpot san th.He could not pronounce the th.sangpútonv be pronounced clearlyIna na bata kun nagasurmaton ginasangpot gayod niya.When that child speaks it really is-being-pronounced-clearly by-him.pagsángpotn pronunciation, articulation, elocution, accentSala an imo pagsangpot.Your pronunciation is wrong.
sangpot2sángpotn outsider, stranger, foreigner, interloper. Refers to an outsider to a groupmagsángpotv [c2] MAG-, MAKI- act. arrive unannounced, arrive uninvited. This usually refers to uninvited people like beggars but may also refer to friends who show up unannouncedIna na tawo na nag-abot nagsangpot la didi.That person who arrived just came-here unannounced-and-uninvited.nakisángpotv stay temporarily uninvitedNakisangpot lang si Lita kanda Joselinda.Lita just stayed-temporarily-uninvited with Joselinda and her family.
sangyawsángyawv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goalmagsángyawv disseminate, circulate, spread news, distribute, publicize
sanisanídeictic prn of this, by this. This pronoun substitutes for the genitive noun phrases marked by san (common NP) or ni (personal NP) which refers to something closer to the hearer than the speaker in space or time. For more information see the Grammatical Sketch, section 2.32.1Sinampadong ako sani na tawo.I was-slapped by-this person.
sankistsánkistEngn orange citrus fruitMaduga ini na sankist.This orange is juicy.
sankosánkov [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagsánkov block, obstruct, impede, hinder, blockade, bar
sanlagsanlágv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- accmagsanlágv pop corn, roast riceNagasanlag siya sin mais.She is-popping corn.sanlágonv be roasted, be roasted. Refers only to roasting grain to make a coffee-like beverageSanlagon mo an bahaw.The left-over-rice will-be-roasted by-you.sinanlágn fried rice, popped cornGusto ko an sinanlag na luto.I like fried rice.Tagai ako sin sinanlag na mais.Give me some popped corn.sanlagónn grain to be roastedIgwa ako sin sanlagon.I have some grain-to-be-roasted.
sanosanôadj ignorant, uninformed, unaware
santasántaSpn female saintNano, santa ka?What-about-it, are you a female-saint?cfsantomale saintbanal holy
santan1sántann santan bush. A bush with beautiful clustered flowers. There are red, pink, and yellow varietiesGintagaan ako ni Lazaro sin santan.I was-given a santan-bush by Lazaro.Ixora stricta
santan2sántann coconut syrup. Refers to a syrup made from the juice of the coconut and brown sugarAn santan matahom na pandulsi.Coconut-syrup is a-good dessert.magsántanv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc. make coconut syrupNagasantan si Ning. Maayo ako sin dyutay.Ning is-cooking-coconut-syrup. I will-ask for some.
santermosantérmoSpn firey sparks. Hot charcoal gives off sparks when hit by drizzling rain. It is mostly seen at night while drizzling. The sparks can change color
SantiagoSantiágoSpn James. A man's name
santosánton male saint, holy oneKadamo na santo an akon ginaampuan.There-were-many saints to-which I was-praying.cfsantafemale saintbanal holysan1
santolsántoln santol fruit, santol treeMatam-is an bunga sana na santol.The fruit of-that santol-tree is sweet.Sandoricum koetjape
saogsâogv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patmagsâogv drag a boatpagasàúgonv drag away, pull awayDarhon namon an karabaw kay pagasaugan san humay.The water-buffalo will-be-taken by-us-excl because it-will-drag-away the unhusked-rice.
sapasápàCebn stream, creek, watercourseDidto ka manlaba sa sapa.You wash-clothes there at-the brook.sapa-sápàsmall stream, brook, rivulet, creek
sapadsápadn hand of bananasTinagaan ko siya sin duha ka sapad na saging.I gave him two hands of bananas.magsápadv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- acc. separate hands of bananas from stalk. Means to do it by removing a whole hand at a timesapádonv bananas be separated by hands from the stalkSapadon mo an saging.Let the bananas be-separated-by-hands-from-the-stalk by-you.
sapalsápaln coconut meat dregs. Refers to what is left after wringing out the juice from the copraIpilak an sapal.Let the coconut-meat-dregs be thrown-away.
sapat1sapátn birdAn pangaran sana na sapat banog.The name of-that bird is hawk.
sapat2sápatn insectMatahom ini na sapat.This insect is beautiful.
sapaterosapatéroSpn shoe maker, boot makercfsapatos shoes
sapatilyasapatílyaSpn panties, step-ins