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tatsadortatsadórSpn fault findercftatsar synparatatsarfault finder
tatsartatsárSpv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN pat; I- acctatsaránv criticize, find fault, censure, deprecate, disparageGintatsaran niya an imo irong.She criticized your nose.synlibak criticizeyubit criticizepagtatsárn criticismAn iya pagtatsar wara sa oras.His criticism was untimely.paratatsárn fault finderParatatsar ina na babayi.That woman is a fault-finder.tatsadórn fault finder
taud-taodtàúd-tàódadv later on, a bit laterMagkadi ka taudtaod.Come here later-on.patàud-tàudónv [c6] MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat; IPA- acc. delay for awhilePataudtaudon mo an paghatag san rigalo.You delay the giving of-the gift for-awhile.
tauyontàuyónadj rustycftaoy rustsynkalawang rust
tawatawáTagv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc; PA-..-ON patmagtawáv laughDili ka magtawa sa kamalian san iba.Do not laugh at-the mistakes of others.tinawán laughterNabatian ko an iya tinawa.I heard her laughter.pataraw-ánn comic. Also refers to a humorous person like a clownpatawáadj laughable, humorous'Mapas-an ba an duta?' an patawa na hunga ni Banoy.'Can land be-carried-off?' was the humorous question of Banoy.
tawad1táwadTag; Bkln discountmagtáwadv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN goal; I- acc. bargain, haggle, request a discountNagatawad siya san akon tyinda.She is-bargaining-for my goods.magpatáwadv MAGPA- ag; PA-..-ON pat. sell at a lower price
tawad2táwadTag; Bklv [c4] MAGPA- act; PA-..-ON patmagpatáwadv forgiveSin-o an nagpatawad sa imo sala?Who is the-one-who forgave your transgression?patáwadn forgivenessGinaayo ko an imo patawad.I am-begging your forgiveness.
tawagtáwagv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- benmagtáwagv call, summon, hailtawagónv be called, be summoned, be hailedTawagon mo si Carlos, dali!Let Carlos be-called by-you, quick!pagtáwagn callingNagapamati an Dios san aton pagtawag.God listens to our calling.panawágann invitationsynimbitasyoninvitationparatawágn callerSin-o an imo paratawag sa telepono?Who is your caller on-the telephone?
tawastáwasn alum crystals. Used as a medicine for pyorrhea and as a gargletawásonv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. be divine, be deduced, be discovered, be discerned, be perceived. Refers to burning alum crystals together with some small things of a patient to determine his sickness
taway1tawáyv [c2] MAG- actmagtawáyv break in, adapt, become accustomed, adjust to
taway2tawáyn gas lamp for fishing. Used to attract fish at night
tawgitáwgìChn sprouted mongo beans
tawotáwon person, man, human beingSin-o ina na tawo?Who is that person?tawúhann tenant, people, followersTawagon mo an tanan naton na tawuhan.Call all our-incl tenants.tawuhánv [c14] -AN goal. place chips. Refers to placing chips in the checkers gamepagkatáwon birthmagpakatáwov [c2] MAG- act. be a gentlemanMalisod magpakatawo.It is hard to-be-a-gentleman.
tawo-tawo1tawo-táwoCebn pupil of the eyeNatuslok san dagom an iya tawo-tawo.His pupil-of-the-eye was-pricked by-the needle.
tawo-tawo2tawo-táwoCebn 1puppet, scarecrowDili ako tawo-tawo kaya igalang man niyo.I am-not a puppet so please respect me.2imitation man, statute of a manAn tawo-tawo haros dako pa sa akon.The statute-of-a-man was-almost bigger than I.
tawtawtawtáwv [c6] MAG- agmagtawtáwv MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc. cool liquid. Refers to cooling a liquid by the use of laddle or spoon or anything else available, or to stir so as not to curdle or coagulate
tawuhantawúhann tenant, people, followersTawagon mo an tanan naton na tawuhan.Call all our-incl tenants.cftawo person
tawyotawyòn soy sauce
tayatayân bet
tayangawtayangáwn rice weevilDamo sin tayangaw an akon humay.My rice-plants have-plenty-of rice-weevils.
tayoktáyokCebn coconut flower budAn tuba hali sa tayok.Coconut-wine comes-from the coconut-flower-buds.magtáyokv [c2] MAG- act; PA-..-ON pat. produce coconut flower budsNagatayok na an amon mga lubi.Our coconut-trees are already producing-flower-buds.
tehirastehírasSpn cot
teksastéksasn fighting rooster. Refers to fighting roosters which are supposedly descended from ones originally brought from TexasAmo ini an manok na nakapatay sin lima na teksas na mga manok.This is the rooster/chicken which was-able-to-kill five texas roosters.
telatélaSpn clothMahalon ini na tela.This cloth is expensive.
telegramatelegrámaSpn telegramWara ko mabaton an imo telegrama.I did-not receive your telegram.magtelegrámav [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc/ben; PA-..-ON pat. telegraphMagtelegrama ka lang kun may imirdyinsi.Just send-a-telegram if there-is an emergency.syntelegrapotelegraph